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Apparently this is a thing I found when I just joined. Figured I'd say hi.



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    Hey! Its a Jaymi! Awesome! First off, welcome to the forums!

    On to the point, interacting you Jaymi has always been a lot of fun. Its been a little while since we've been able to meet up, and so if I'm a little out of date now from my understanding I apologize. I know she's been through some changes in the last few months (game time) or so, but here goes. Between the shyness and occasional bouts of playfulness the character gives off this really fun, almost innocent persona. Or maybe its the addiction to cookie cups (which is apparently contagious). It can be a bit awkward for Paz as he's not exactly super social and bold himself, but despite the potential problems we've managed to have a few really cool and interesting conversations. I really hope we get some more in the future. You have a pretty awesome character and portray her very well.

    Speaking of which, my compliments on how you handle her shyness. Playing a shy or reserved character can be very challenging as it is easy to fade into the background of any encounters (at least in my experience). But I've never really gotten that impression from Jaymi. She /is/ shy and reserved, but you always managed to stay in conversations and relevant to whatever is going on around her. It very impressive.
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    I've only run into Jaymi once or twice, but you've always seemed great and believable in your RP with her. And, the chances you'd have that corpse.. I about died laughing.
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    Zaila said:

    I've only run into Jaymi once or twice, but you've always seemed great and believable in your RP with her. And, the chances you'd have that corpse.. I about died laughing.

    Trust me, I picked it up earlier because I see corpses, I try and revive them. It's part of her thing. But he was alive already. And it took me that entire time before I brought it to realise 'wait, I could get paid'. It was amazing.

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    I really enjoy the softer side of Jaymi, she really brings out a side of Elliana that only one or two others ever see. The shy side is what pushes Elliana to speak with her more, and I cant help but want to squeeze her to make her feel all safe.

    That being said, its a new challenge for Elliana because she is used to highly vocal and head strong, so this new interaction is reminding her of her own roots. I look forward to more interactions with her and seeing her grow!
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    Jaymi had such a commitment to her character arc that I could tell from the very start that the Syssin might not have been her permanent home without a dramatic change in her personality.

    Good on you for sticking to your guns and going where the character fit; it's something a lot of players won't want to acknowledge.
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    I have consistently enjoyed Melantha's interactions with Jaymi. Ever since first snatching her out of @Mephistoles' nefarious company (heh, sorry man), it was a remarkably natural choice for Mel to take her under her wing. I'm excited to see where she goes as a person and happy to be tagging along for the trip. Keep it up!
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    You made lose a bet because I was convinced you were actually the darkest and most sinister person in private. But that resolution was still rewarding!

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    Tacitus likes Jaymi and is quite friendly towards her, indeed. Her shy manner makes her endearing and squirrel like. Tacitus has no complaints, just warm feelings towards her :D

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    Nola said:

    While she's still as easily flustered as every, and so so shy, I've noticed a gradual change in Jaymi since she came to the Illuminai that's been so subtle you might miss it, but speaks to a steady build in confidence. Not fully in herself, but it's clear her trust in others has gained some support! I really want to see how Jaymi keeps growing, and the kind of person she continues to become. It's always a pleasure!

    Honestly the best thing about Jaymi is that everyone sees this and says this, no matter how long or how briefly they've known her! As shy as she is, I think a lot of Enorian would be surprised at how she used to shrink even more when Kodaza and Phoenecia first met her.

    It's a gradual growth but it's been just so steady that it really is amazing to see, and I think everyone who comes into contact with her, even briefly, gets to experience that together.

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    Today we play the game 'how can we avoid making Jaymi blush?'

    It is dreadfully difficult, and no one has yet succeeded to the best of our knowledge.

    Jaymi is amusing, but I can't say much beyond that for now. ;P
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    Eliadon said:

    Jaymi is amusing, but I can't say much beyond that for now. ;P

    Your fault, you're always hiding in your haven so I can't play with you ;P

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    Yes, I'm aware that I'm way late in posting to this thread, but I'm here now...

    What can I say about Jaymi? She's adorable, well-rounded, and is one of the few people Nia actually completely trusts. Good job on creating a character that is shy and reserved yet intriguing and always involved!

    I'm excited to see how Jaymi will continue to grow.
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    You might think Jaymi is all sweet and innocent now, but just wait until she pulls out the verbal whip and you get -singed- .. @Jami knows all too well of this unexpected feat.
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    Hey! In Jaymi's defense, that was me and not the little sweet and innocent girl :P

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    Jaymi said:

    Hey! In Jaymi's defense, that was me and not the little sweet and innocent girl :P

    i don't quite believe this... i've experienced the Word Whip ic on more than one occasion...
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    So I feel like this was buried enough and I've been playing for quite a bit now that I can like, totally bump this and not feel like a self-conscious jerk. Playing with all you has been really fun and I've been trying to do a lot more cross-tether stuff of late. I hope it's been paying off!

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    I think her skiddish, shy manner is downright adorable and I love it without reservation. The way Jaymi wriggle-scooted away from Sigmund when he sat down next to her on the bench gave me a genuine laugh OOC. Keep up the character development! :D
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    Jaymi is sweet, Rasani feels really protective, considering she was one of the first people (maybe the only?) to speak to her about conversion.
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