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    Thank you to the Babadook for being the real gay icon.
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    Runas said:

    Thank you to the Babadook for being the real gay icon.

    I just read about this yesterday and can't get enough of it. The Twitter and Tumblr convos happening right now are simply amazing.

    "He made a pop-up book about his struggles. Draaaama."

    EDIT: I'm including pictures because dear lord.

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    I was GONNA wait and post a "thanks so much to @Tedrunai and @tuir for being so easy to work with both creating my ridiculously nerdy music game and just making the game a wonderfully - admin'ed place to be" a few days later so that you could have a bigger spotlight, but fiiiine, you can have it now. Also: thanks to everyone who helped me oocly on the project as well! Highlights include:
    @Drestyn @Emelle @Karhast @Mariena @Mephistoles @maizin
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    The list of people I should be thanking was getting larger and larger, it was about time.

    @Mariena : Favourite cat. Lady Mariena. The fortune teller. Sometimes partner in crime. Never dull a moment with this one.

    @Cardie : Professor has been kind of an interesting figure all the time for Kalak. Personally I find him like Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect 2, makes me expect that he will say "Let us be goddamn heroes!" and then we will blow some unicorns up.

    @Teani : Characters are generally headbutting to high-heavens and sometimes you make me feel like some kind of Aetolian Donald Trump, but that does not mean I do not appreciate occurring things.

    @Atarah : The story shifts a lot and I can never be sure where it will lead to. Just one day I fear Kalak will muck things up for good.

    @Magnhild : Possibly one of the few Mages who truly see eye to eye on matters of magic with Kalak, she is always great to RP with.

    @Oisynne : If Harley Quinn was playing Aetolia, possibly she would name her character as Oisynne.

    @Tekias : If he was a PvPer possibly he could play a cold-blooded killer. Instead he is a professional bureaucrat who is hellbent on collecting titles!

    @Arbre : Second favourite cat. Apologies!

    @Xavin : Third favourite cat. Discussions among characters on arcane and mundane matters really help a lot.

    @Tiur : For not exploding me yet. That means I should be either doing everything right or...extremely wrong.

    Now possibly I could go on and on but exhaustion takes its toll. I may have forgotten some names, please humor me.

    @Fezzix @Alathesia @Daishin @Amarita @Ellenia @Rasani @Sibatti @Zuly
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    Kalak said:

    sometimes you make me feel like some kind of Aetolian Donald Trump

    Not wanting to start anything here...but Kalak IS a human supremacist who has zero experience in the field he ran for, won via weighted votes even though he (likely) lost the popular vote, and strives to make Shadow great again...pretty apt analogy, actually. >.>

    Now, onto the actual topic at hand...

    @Teani - For helping Tekias get to where he is, both in rank and in personality. I make each character as a blank slate with formal, polite leanings, and let RP go from there, and playing with Teani has been invaluable to his current character.

    @Amarita - For putting up with me and Tek when Tek goes stupid.

    @Kanivara - Despite the very rocky start (to put it lightly), having a friend to talk to and confide in.

    @Tiur - You know why, you beautiful unicorn you.

    I know I missed a lot of people. I suck at these list things. Plz take no offense.
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    Thanks to ALL of you for being a consistently fun community to be apart of. Even if I don't RP with all of you, I'm fairly certain I RP with someone who stays at least in part because of RP with you, because the community is interconnected like that.

    Also a special thanks to @Tiur for general awesomeness, doing what he says he'll do, and for tolerating my apparently infinite well of questions. <3<3<3

    Happy Midsummer!
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    Thank you @Ingram, @Seyka and @Justus for making the game fun enough to stick around.

    Also, @Zaila, we need to rp more.
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    @Arbre - We have been playing together for so long now. You are such a big part of Mariena's life that I can't imagine a game without you in it. Thank you

    @Xavin - You are another constant in Mariena's life. Even though Mari and Xav go through growing pains, they always seem to find each other in the end.

    @Nahuaque - My favorite Archivist. You challenge Mariena, you make her think and make her work and I very much enjoy that. I love watching their story grow.

    @Zaila - You are bold, blunt, and have such depth. I am so happy that Mariena's her go to shopkeeper because playing with you is a joy. You also let me indulge in being a stylist and I love that too.

    @Kalak - You certainly stir pots, sir. Despite the large amount of drama that your coup caused, I have enjoyed watching it. I also love the Gazette.

    @Neoma and @Zenobia - Joining Bouchard again is like coming home. Mariena has been on a journey that has come full circle, back into the Blood and back into Bouchard. You two have made it seamless and fun. Thank you both for being wonderful and for allowing me to badger you as much as I do.

    @Estheld - You're Mariena's first child in two hundred years. I am so glad you were the first, too. You're smart, you've a love for crafting, and your rp is stellar. Thank you.

    @Siaern - I do not understand Siaern but I do enjoy your rp. You are a zealous follower to a level that isn't often seen in Orders and while Mariena might have my general reaction to being so into -anything- at that degree (skepticism), please know that I very much like watching it.

    Sciomancer Speed Round:
    @Nibos - You are a new novice and your rp is interesting. I want to see more!

    @Magnhild - I don't know how to read Magnhild but your rp is absolutely solid and I like that she brings a different perspective to anything and everything.

    @Kodaza - You let me indulge my inner Stylist too, thank you. Rping with you is fun.

    @Evastiana - I haven't rp'd with you yet, I'm sorry, we should. You're doing great though!

    @Oisynne - You've not been on as much and that's a shame. You are so bright and a little crazy. I love making candies for her.

    @Cardie - You've not been on as much either. I really adore Cardie.

    @Emir - EMIR! You're fun, I wish you'd come around more.

    @Tekias - You have the coolest Idreth form now and your administration skills are stellar

    @Amarita - You sweetheart, I'm glad you've come back to the Scios.

    @Teani - You've had a lot of challenging rp thrown at you recently and your posts have been composed and beautifully done. It's impressive and I commend you for it.

    @everyone else in Scios that I may have missed: <3 you all

    Spinesreach Speed Round:

    @Fezzix - Thank you for liking my shop and for indulging my tarot readings

    @Kelliara - Thank you for coming around my shop more! I like getting to know you a little better.

    @Xenia - Thank you for coming around my shop more! I like getting to know you a little better, too.

    @Eydis - Thank you for selling my shop to me years ago and for being a continual solid source of friendship.

    @Kanivara - Our characters have bickered and have had misunderstandings in the past but I still very much admire you and the work you do in Spinesreach as a Senator. Thank you for indulging my tarot readings.

    @Anyone that I'm missing: <3

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    People on the death vigil of Kalak truly made my day, some thanks (no-spoilers):

    Thanks to @Magnhild @Evastiana and @Fezzix for making this a very unique experience.

    And thanks to @Sciomancers for the buildup (whether you wanted or not, you are all a part of this experience and deserving of thanks)

    @Tiur You the man! Enough said!
  • KodazaKodaza Los AngelesMember Posts: 115 ✭✭✭
    Gosh dang it @Spinesreach, I've made 5% endgame experience off esteem alone, y'all are really nice.

  • RasaniRasani Member Posts: 219 ✭✭✭✭
    I want to thank @Kyna and whoever our new Ethne is for the rp I just got, it was incredible and I'm so excited about it!

    Also, there's so many people I've rp'd with that I owe thanks to, and when it's not 2am, I'll mak another post.
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    @Trager @Chakrasul @Iriden and many others, including Neron and Raixen, thank you so much. You've made a very harrowing and difficult time (full of difficult, gut-twisting RP) so much better, and turned moments where I legitimately didn't want to log into the game into ones where I wanted very much to stick around. If it weren't all so political, I'd desperately want to post some logs, but know that these folks are S-Rank and help make the game worth playing.

    Seriously, thanks so much. And with all the recent dialogue about volunteering being a thankless job, @Chakrasul , let me go out of my way to shower you with praise and thanks. The way you handle things is so stylish, so mysterious, and so delightful. Even when you just send ambient messages or vague phrases, you leave so much room for me to interpret them and devour them hungrily. You seriously rock so hard. @Tiur you lucked out. But you deserve some thanks, too, even if you haven't killed unicorns yet.
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    Kelliara said:

    Rijetta said:

    ...even if you haven't killed unicorns yet.

    Coming unicorns: The death of unicorns.
    They're registering the trademark.
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    @Xenia for further contributions to the delinquency of Vash. One more vice to scratch off his list ;)
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    Thanks to everyone who voluntarily and involuntarily participated in the series of stories which I name as "After-Mark Party" :

    @Mariena @Atarah @Magnhild @Evastiana @Deandra @Kanivara @Tekias @Cardie @Rurthina @Fezzix @Tina and anyone I might have forgotten.

    A special thanks to @Eowyn for being awesome.
  • KodazaKodaza Los AngelesMember Posts: 115 ✭✭✭
    @Rijetta I don't know how coincidentally bashing the same area at the same time led to so much. But even after we parted, things continued as Kodaza tried to explain what had happened to people back home. All told, I feel like I was roleplaying a single continuous scene for something like 12 hours? Thank you for taking an inch and running a marathon, and for understanding all the AFK breaks for food, article-writing, and sister-management.

  • SigmundSigmund The highest spire in SpinesreachMember Posts: 57 ✭✭✭
    @Fezzix - Thank you.

    IG - You treat Sigmund with respect, and it comes back in spades to you via how Sigmund perceives the old Spirean. You only speak to him in really brief intervals, and the content of whats said is exactly what it should be. Fezzix also gives Sigmund enough rope required to hang himself in regards to his actions, and that screams proper leadership.

    OOC - We dont speak OOC, or engage in idle chit chat. I cant thank you enough for that.

    Thank you for taking my character on as a pupil. Sigmund will be sticking around for years to come.
  • RijettaRijetta Nowhere ImportantMember Posts: 242 ✭✭✭✭
    @Jaymi Every time you send me a tell I get a little smile.
    A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "I look forward to seeing your descent."
  • JaymiJaymi Member Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    Rijetta said:

    @Jaymi Every time you send me a tell I get a little smile.

    I'll send more then. <3 I love talking to you, I just worried I bugged you too much.

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