Consumed by Shadow

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Featuring: myself, @Amarita, @Tekias, @Oisynne, @Kalak, and (briefly) @Annabeth

Some background:
The recent election within the Sciomancer guild caused some complications. Before responsibilities could be handed over properly, the new Shadow Warden disappeared. The Shadow Mark was acting out, slowly beginning to consume Teani, since she no longer held the position of authority and could not maintain the same level of control as she used to. She still had hopes that she would be able to hand over the burden, before it was too late. Kelliara and Amarita assisted her when the effects first made themselves known, stabilizing things a little. However, when she woke up next, the pain had almost become too much to bear. In an effort to stabilize herself, she made her way towards the guildhall. This is what happened:

You feel the need to pass the Shadow Mark on, or forfeit your life to the shadows.

(Tells): You tell Tekias, "Rock..."

(Tells): Tekias tells you, "Yes, Teani?"

(Tells): You tell Tekias, "Help."

Tekias arrives from the down.
He is followed by an inky shadeling.

A figure wrapped in darkness stumbles towards the fountain, one hand clasped to her neck, the other reaching out in search for support. Shadow is seeping out between her fingers and her face is locked in an expression of pure agony. She stumbles before reaching her destination, collapsing to the ground.

It is now dusk on Quensday, the 5th of Lleian, year 466 of the Midnight Age.

Annabeth enters from the down, riding a large snow leopard.

Annabeth inclines her head politely to those around her.

Tekias frowns some as he sees you, rushing over to you, turning you over to lay on your back as he crouches nearby. "Teani? What's wrong?" He looks you over, gently pressing a hand to your neck, shadows wreathing around his own hand as he channels his energies.

Annabeth slowly eases into the room. She crosses her arms over her breasts, leaning against the fountain to stare down at Teani with big eyes now. She idly brushes her hair from her face before she murmurs in a low childish voice "Can I be of help?"

A figure wrapped in darkness gasps in pain as she is moved, mouth opening and closing as if she is trying to speak, but getting no comprehensive words out. "Sh-sh-sh-sh.. W-w-w-w..." she stutters, simultaneously trying to push Tekias' hand away from her neck and holding on to it for support. The dark-pattered Idreth manages to turn her head just enough to glance towards the Spire of Magic, then back at him again.

Annabeth looks over at Tekias before back at Teani now. She chews idly on her bottom lip before she lets out a soft sigh "Looks like she needs some life in her."

Annabeth focuses her will, extending a hand. The air begins to ripple and distort, the sure sign of a planar anomaly in the making.

The air cleaves open, and shadow looms, grasping, tangling, around the creatures of the Shadow Plane.

Relief flickers across Kalak's features as he is shoved from the inky tendrils of the shadowy wall to stand before you, a brief shiver appearing to brush up his spine.

Amarita gives Tekias a peck on the cheek.

Kalak offers a curt nod at you and Tekias then licks his lips in a contemplating demeanor.

Tekias frowns some, looking up at the Spire, then back down to you. "What are you trying to say, Teani?" He moves his hand from your neck to your hand, squeezing it, cradling you against him as he crouches nearby.

(Tells): Amarita tells you, "How are you feeling mother."

Annabeth murmurs something softly to Kalak.

Amarita chews thoughtfully on her lip.

Amarita frowns slightly as she turns to Kalak. "You need to help her."

The beginnings of a scream seems to rise from within a figure wrapped in darkness's throat, but she does her best to temper it, hold it back, to compose herself. The effort to endure the pain causes her to shut her eyes and grimace. She doesn't seem to notice the new presences around her, so focused is she.

(Tells): You tell Amarita, "Can't..."

Kalak purses his lips and then nods at Amarita taking firm steps towards the woman in pain. "Get a hold of yourself, Teani, you carried it for that long and you have the strength to endure more" pauses a moment as if trying to calculate his words "I am here to relieve you, but you hold the knowledge of this process".

Amarita creases her brow in a frown.

Amarita murmurs something softly to Tekias.

Tekias nods his head at Amarita.

Amarita glances worriedly around before nodding her head at Tekias. "Please look after her."

Hearing Kalak's voice, a figure wrapped in darkness doesn't look straight at him, but instead shifts an arm to point towards the guildhall. Her entire body trembles as she is wracked by another fit of pain. "Off..." She doesn't even manage to squeeze out the complete word before having to clench her teeth together again, ending it with something more akin to a hiss.

Annabeth continues her watch from the fountain now. Her eyes fluttering idly with flickers of chaos. She suckles idly on her bottom lip before she glances over at Kalak "Should I help you move her into the guildhall?"

Tekias squeezes your hand, tighter as Kalak speaks. Clenching his jaw, he looks up to Kalak, snapping. "She is dying, and all you can do is-" He stops at your voice, squeezing your hand again. "Shadow Warden, help me get her into the Spire." He looks to Annabeth, shaking his head. "This is something for us."

Kalak turns his face to Tekias and then murmurs "We should drag her to the Office" and then turns at Annabeth "That would be inappropriate for you, but much appreciated my lady. We shall take care of her from here" says with a soft smile. Then barks at Tekias "I am here to relieve her!" before attempting to carry you by placing an arm beneath her legs and an arm on her back.

Annabeth nods softly as she stands up straight and turns her back towards the men "You know where to find me." She waves as she snaps her fingers and vanishes from sight.

Tekias helps Kalak lift you up, remaining close by. "And I will make sure she is alright, Shadow Warden." He speaks through a clenched jaw, following closely.

Kalak pulls the pained woman upwards with all his might and step by step approaches the shadowy wall, finally managing to touch it.

A figure wrapped in darkness grunts as she is lifted, her body heavy due to the tension shifting through it. Shadow continues to spill through the mark on her neck, seeping between her fingers in a way it has not done before.

Tekias follows along, holding your hand as he walks with Kalak. "Teani, try to focus. What do we need to do?" He squeezes your hand as he speaks.

Kalak does not leave the woman off from his embrace yet and tries to glance at her face as if that would give him some ideas about what to do "Speak to us, Teani, what should we do?" asks in a soft tone paying no mind to the shadows around her neck and fingers.

You feel the need to pass the Shadow Mark on, or forfeit your life to the shadows.

The journey up the stairs seems difficult on a figure wrapped in darkness's body, and the Idreth pales with each step. She only lets out a cursed hiss now and then, however, seemingly determined to cope. Once through the door, she focuses her eyes, as best as she can, on the desk. "Desk," she manages to grunt out. On top of the desk is a black crystal warding token, seemingly insignificant, but obviously quite important to her.

Kalak offers a curt nod at Tekias "That crystal must be important, Tekias..." murmurs while trying to keep his balance, shifts his weight from one foot to another.

Tekias reluctantly lets go of your hand to move to the desk, picking up the token. Returning to you and Kalak, he looks at you. "What do we do with this, Teani?"

Kalak grits his teeth audibly and rasps "You still owe me a...hmph...we shall not end it like this, Teani. Do you hear me?" then pauses to regain his composure and then adds "Tell us what to do".

A figure wrapped in darkness's tenses up in another paroxysm of agony. The shadows underneath her skin undulates ominously for the duration, which seems to last for a full minute at least. At the end she is shaking uncontrollably, jaws clenched to hold back another scream. Then, suddenly, she falls limp, eyes rolled back, completely unresponsive.

Tekias frowns some, squeezing your hand before looking at the black crystal warding token in his hand. " we do with this?" He looks to Kalak, yellow eyes glowing intensely.

Kalak lets out a soft sigh and then kneels lightly before allowing the limp body of the woman lie on the ground. The bald mage allows his hand to act as a cushion under her head, lifting it slightly in order to prevent tongue from falling back which could choke the woman.

Kalak wrests his attention away from the face of knocked out woman and then looks at Tekias "Perhaps bring it closer to her...after all that must be...necessary for something, maybe it will help... maybe it will not" pausing a moment the man adds "We have not much time left".

Tekias looks at a black crystal warding token again before giving it to Kalak. "You will make it work, Kalak, or you won't leave this office." He speaks in a slow, even tone, eyes almost blazing in the crystalline orbs.

Kalak caresses the warding token with his thumb for a moment he murmurs "With this rate, none of us may" Having no clue the man tries to trace a line over shadows invading the body of you with the token, hoping they might affect shadows in one way or another.

Someone knocks on the door to the south.

Kalak says to Tekias, "Bring her in."

Despite the state of unconsciousness, the shadows continue to seep out of a figure wrapped in darkness's neck, as if it were an open gate. Inside her, the darkness seems to continue spreading, causing her previously lusterous burgundy skin to turn into a matte black marbled pattern. As the warding token comes closer, some of the flow seems to stabilize, though not stop completely. The lack of conscious effort is preventing full control.

Tekias looks back to you after letting Oisynne in, watching Kalak over you.

Oisynne's cheeks puff out a bit as she sucks in a noisy breath, not releasing it.

Kalak glances at the token and narrows his eyes to a slit "Watch the flows on the shadows, Tekias, how the token affects it" says the bald mage as he makes a few more traces across the troubled woman's body. "This is not enough...though a wild idea....could be to embed this into her body" says with an agitated tone then asks "What would be your assessment?"

"You stay away from her," Oisynne insists to Kalak, all of the air rushing out of her at once, "You're not even worthy of having that mark, you barely know anything."

Tekias watches on with a clenched jaw, though he shakes his head at Kalak's idea. "No, I have one that doesn't involve shoving crystals into her helpless body." He walks over towards the pair, before glancing back at Oisynne. "Sister, how is your control of Shadow?" He places a hand on your shoulder, his own hand wreathed in shadow once more, the Shadow within his own form stirring and thrashing about as he channels it towards you.

It's stubbornness that Oisynne shows off, her arms folding across her chest. "My control is fine, because I know things," she answers, "But I don't want to help him. I only came so I could say I wanted to resign."

Kalak glares at Oisynne "This is not the time and place Oisynne. She is dying! And we should help her. If you wish to resign, that will have to wait after this" and then turns at Tekias "We shall try your method first, and if that does not work out, I shall channel through token and try to force it out of her body. Frankly herself being alive is more important to me then keeping her pretty body intact" says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Tekias glances back at Oisynne again. "Oisynne. Don't do it to help him. Do it to help Teani." He looks back to Kalak, his hand still on your shoulder. "You think I prefer her being intact over alive?"

"...fine," Oisynne mumbles, but only after Tekias speaks to her. With the sulking sullenness of a child, she nears you, crouching and reaching out to grasp you arm. Her silver brands cast a glimmer from under the tenebrous shroud.

Kalak lets out a soft sigh "Proceed with your method, Tekias".

A figure wrapped in darkness appears almost lifeless on the floor. Her skin feels cold to the touch, as if the Shadows are truly consuming her from the inside out, leaving her bereft of the normal warmth of a living, breathing person. Darkness trickles out from her Brand, despite the presence of the warding token.

Tekias frowns some, nodding at Oisynne. channelling his Shadow through you. Clenching your shoulder tightly, he watches you closely, before looking up at Kalak. "Press it against her Brand. See if that helps any."

Like Tekias, Oisynne channels Shadow into you, while trying to warm her by moving her hands around quickly. "She needs a blanket."

Kalak plays with the token within his palm idly for a moment and then reaches towards the Brand of you with a skeptical expression. At first he presses the token lightly on the shadowy mass and then does that more insistently.

For a good while, nothing seems to happen. The shadows continue to move restlessly underneath a figure wrapped in darkness's skin. However, after some time, the trickle of darkness pouring out from her seems to slow a little.

Tekias looks up to Kalak as he starts to tremble from channelling. "Channel your Shadow through the Token."

"It's very tight in here," Oisynne murmurs to you, even as they work to tend to you health. "I bet the Shadows don't like it in here either...""

You feel the need to pass the Shadow Mark on, or forfeit your life to the shadows.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" a figure wrapped in darkness is startled into consciousness with a scream on her lips, her entire body curling up into a tense ball. She remains like this, eyes tightly shut, fists clenched, screaming, until she runs out of air. Then she turns to gasping, hyperventilating really, body shaking.

Kalak raises a gentle eyebrow but then decides nods determinedly as his eyes turn from indigo to irisless black as he channels through Plane of Shadow towards you.

Tekias presses his hand down on your shoulder, trying to keep you still. "Teani! Try to focus! We need you right now!" He shudders with exertion as he focuses his Shadow, eyes blazing yellow while the Shadow within him dominates the Air.

Oisynne's cheeks hollow, likely from her biting them as she persists.

Kalak grits his teeth audibly as he continues to channel through the Shadow Plane and presses the token on the Brand harder then before "You know, Teani, if you do not wake up RIGHT NOW, I shall do something VERY VERY RECKLESS and that will definitely PISS YOU OFF!" barks in his musical accent.

A figure wrapped in darkness continues panting for air, nostrils flaring as she doesn't seem to be able to use her mouth to begin with. Raising a fist, she slowly tries to straighten her fingers and reach for Kalak. Finally a few words slip from her mouth, soft and quiet, like a mantra she's repeating to herself. "Trying, trying, trying, trying..." She moves as if every inch is a struggle, as if she is attemping to press through something solid. Her jade eyes have taken on a black-ish tint, and seems to struggle to gain focus.

"If you don't wake up, we're stuck with Kalak!" Oisynne laments at you, clearly accepting this as the correct method of waking you.

Kalak glances at Oisynne with a surprised expression and then a glint of mischief passes through the eyes of the bald mage as he turns to look at you "YES! They shall be stuck with me and you will not be remembered fondly, for dooming them to such a future!" hoping that might stir something within the woman.

You feel the need to pass the Shadow Mark on, or forfeit your life to the shadows.

Tekias growls some at Kalak's words, his entire crystalline form swarmed with Shadow inside. Gripping your shoulder, he watches you carefully, looking at the door when the knocks come.

Seemingly emerging from the shadows, Amarita's ebon-furred frame stalks in from the south.

Amarita inclines her head politely to those around her.

Oisynne leans closer to you, murmuring to the shadow-encased woman that, "I'd never think of you badly. It's not your fault we're stuck with him -- it's stupid people who vote for stupid people."

Kalak turns at Oisynne with a soft smirk "You really do not miss any chance, my dear" murmurs lightly.

"I don't like you," Oisynne retorts a bit ... huffily.

Amarita smirks.

Kalak raises a gentle eyebrow "For now" adds duly "But we should focus on Teani for the time being".

Amarita says to Kalak, "How is she?"

Amarita glances about with a concerned look upon her face.

Kalak says to Amarita, "She appears to be stabilizing for the time being, but we cannot be sure with could be a remission."

Amarita creases her brow in a frown.

A figure wrapped in darkness's eyes momentarily locks on Kalak and she grits her teeth. "Shut...up," she grunts, using her fury to press her arm enough to show that her aim is his neck. The motion is paused for a moment as a shudder rushes through her body. She blinks, slowly, closing her mouth to breathe through her nose as she works to regain control.

Amarita kneels down next to her mother as she looks her over. "Were you not able to do the

"Probably because he doesn't deserve it," Oisynne mutters.

Tekias watches Teani, then his eyes widen. Taking your wrist, he presses your hand to Kalak's neck, matching where your own brand is.

Amarita smiles slyly at Oisynne before returning her attention to Teani. She sighs as she looks up at Tekias for reassurance. "She will be okay wont she?"

The Shadow Mark upon your forehead glows impossibly bright, searing against your skin. You know deep down that you have failed your duty to pass the Mark along, and your mind is suddenly consumed by the ever changing darkness - the pure energies of the shadows.
You have been slain by the Shadow Mark.

<<Might have missed some things here, because I was dead!>>

"Terrible, terrible, power-hungry person," Oisynne huffs, touching the floor where the previous Shadow Warden was.

Kalak kneels on the spot where Teani used to be and then closes his eyes in concentration as the shadows start to run rampant in the office. "This does not bode we..." unable to finish his words the slivers of shadows start to lash on the body of the bald mage.

Tekias looks down at where Teani once was. His entire figure is darkened, infused with Shadow, only the red and yellow ylem visible otherwise. Looking up to Kalak, he growls again. "Good."

Amarita backs away slightly as she tries to control herself. She watches on as the shadows latch to Kalak.

"Can we kill him now?" Oisynne wonders to Amarita and Tekias, brushing her hands against her knees as she gets to her feet.

Kalak gets thrown to the other side of the office with a loud "THUD!" as the slivers converge over him and disperse at erratic intervals. As the warding stone slips away from his hand the man starts to let out gurgling noises as if someone is choking the life out of the man.

Amarita grins almost sadistically as she watches. "Yes you wanted this Kalak. Now you will see what my mother went through first hand."

Clearly disappointed, Oisynne mumbles, "It'd be more fun if we killed him ourselves."

Amarita smirks at Oisynne.

Kalak tries to reach forward the where token is, but the shadows wrap themselves on his ankles firmly as if they have a mind of their own, as if consuming one Shadow Warden was not enough. "I am too old for th..." a sliver of shadow barges into her mouth and two other through his nostrils malevolently cutting his speech short.

Tekias gathers the warding token up, placing it upon the desk once again, his eyes watching Kalak. "You are not too old for this, Kalak. You are a mockery of those who have the wisdom you claim."

"He thinks he's better than the rest of us," Oisynne comments, "And more special. He thinks much too highly of himself for someone who has very few notable achievements beyond the simple ones."

Sullenly, Oisynne says, "He's only a citizen, too. Isn't that silly? He barely knows Spinesreach."

Struggling to stand up once again, Kalak makes his way towards the desk adding while shadows opening older wounds upon his face one by one, leaving a trail of blood on the ground. He spits out a shadeling which allows him a respite from the choking shadows "DO NOT PRESUME YOU KNOW M...!" the voice comes out alien and commanding instead of his usual musical accent but the sound dies as the shadows converge upon him heavier then before.

A figure wrapped in darkness's body on the floor seems to stir, though it is most likely a trick of the eyes. Shadows swirl underneath her skin, streaming towards the brand on her neck, flowing outwards in a shadowy swathe towards Kalak.

As Kalak approaches the desk, Oisynne reaches to take the warding token from it, trying to effectively keep it from the man. "That's just it -- we know you," she counters, "We had to be in
charge of you when you were a little small mage, thinking you were greater than you were. Did You even pass Provings? You certainly didn't complete any paths..."

Idly, Oisynne says, "All because you think you're special and attuned just to Shadow. But you're not. Because we're Sciomancers, and we're made of more than just power."

" brains," Oisynne adds wistfully. "I like brains..."

Tekias watches Kalak, making his way to the token as well, pulling his arm back when Oisynne beats him to it. "I was your Mentor. I admit I failed as one, but you were my Protege. If anyone knows you, Kalak, it's me."

Kalak with a final push makes a run for the token before he is denied the opportunity "Foolish gir.." he does not care for the choking shadows and the mocking words of his peers. He grabs out a disc crystal and spins it on the air, then with another hand drinks a whole vial of speed potion before manipulating the time.

Tekias watches Kalak, eyes widening as he realizes too late which vibration would be used. "You would str-iiiiike oooouuuuttt aaaatttt uuuussssss rrraaattthhheeerrr ttthhhaaannn aacccccceeepppttt ttthhheee tttrrruuuttthhh ooofff yyyooouuurrrssseeelllfff?"

Everything in the room seems to slow down, the flow of Shadow almost freezing in the air, which only makes a figure wrapped in darkness look even more still in death.

Oisynne's features curve downward into a frown, with thoughtfulness entering her eyes. When she thinks, it's not a good sign.

Oisynne leaves to the south.

Kalak grabs the token before the effect of the speed potion wears off and then turns to look at still body of you with an understanding demeanor. Inch by inch he approaches before her and suddenly the effect of the vibration disappears. The shadows converge on both where the body lies and upon him.

Tekias's body speeds up again as the vibration dies, watching Kalak. "You shove us away, Kalak, and you weaken the supports the Shadow Warden has to make the Sciomancers strong. You do this." He looks down at your form on the floor, a darkened crystalline hand clenching into a fist.

Shadows swirl around both Kalak and the body on the floor. With the warding token in his hand, he settles with closed eyes next to a figure wrapped in darkness and ever so slowly, the streams of darkness seem to become less chaotic, more purposeful in their movements. Streaming away from the still body, they seem to converge on the token for a moment.

Illusion for Kalak:>> You can sense the Shadows coursing through your body, using your veins as passage and making their way towards your head.

Illusion for Kalak:>> The closer they get, the more the pressure build, and you feel a need to curb their progress. Pain starts flaring behind your eyes.

A Brand of Shadow begins to appear on Kalak's neck, as the energies become visible within the veins underneath the skin.

Kalak's face contorts in pain as the scars upon his face starts to undulate ominously.

Tekias watches on passively, his eyes shifting from you to Kalak and back. Slowly, within his form, the Shadow starts to thin, Air making its presence known once more.

Once the shadows retreat completely, Teani begins to stir, eyelids fluttering as she slowly returns to life.

Amarita remains by Tekias' side as she simply watches the new Warden suffer. "You wanted you will have to suffer the price for such power."

Kalak licks his lips lightly and then turns to Amarita "You assume I did this for power, she knows my reasons better. Whether she likes it or not" in an almost growling tone.

Amarita says, "Perhaps. Doesnt mean I like it or how my mother had to die for this."

Tekias looks down at you as your eyes open. Moving to you, he crouches down, taking your hand in his. "Teani, can you hear me?"

Teani finally opens her eyes, drawing a deep breath. It takes a moment for her to regain her
bearings, but as she does, she settles for staring at the ceiling, seeming completely drained of
energy. "I tried, I'm sorry," she mumbles.

Kalak rubs his neck and then walks towards you crouching on the other side, looking at the weary woman, but the bald mage remains silent for the time being.

Amarita kneels down next to Teani, a look of relief crossing her features. "You have nothing to be sorry for, mother. Just rest now." She smiles softly as she squeezes her hand.

Tekias glances back to Amarita, his eyes returning to you. "Here..." He releases your hand to slip his arms under you, attempting to lift you much as Kalak had earlier. "Let's get you home to rest... you've earned it, Teani."

Teani makes a small move to halt Tekias for a moment, her eyes turning to Kalak. "Be careful," shesays, a look of concern in her eyes. "Now you know what it can do." Rather than allowing herself to be lifted, she motions for Tekias and Amarita to help her stand up. Pausing, she glances at Kalak again, no audible communication passing between them, though the look holds a lot of meaning.

(Tells): You tell Kalak, "Thank you for reviving me. Keep the token close."

(Tells): Kalak tells you, "I shall do so, and we shall talk about this when you recover."

Tekias shifts his arms to instead slip himself under your right arm, motioning for Amarita to help with the left side. Slowly lifting you up to your feet, he helps keep the woman steady.

Amarita gently helps her mother to her feet as she glances at Tekias. "Take it slow, mother."

Kalak purses his lips still choosing to remain silent as the man gazes into the eyes of you.

Amarita says to Tekias, "Lets get her home."



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    Tekias reporting in, posting what was missed!

    Amarita blinks.

    Oisynne peers at Kalak now, her eyes full of silent accusations.

    Amarita watches as the shadows consume Teani. She blinks several moments before turning towards Kalak. "What have you done."

    Kalak remains silent for a moment and then looks at the place where Teani used to remain "One way or another, she was set free".

    Amarita clenches her fists as she narrows her eyes. She takes several deep breaths as she glares at Kalak.

    "Terrible, terrible, power-hungry person," Oisynne huffs, touching the floor where the previous Shadow Warden was.
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