The Price of a Voice

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So I don't post these because I think they're kinda show-offy/give things away that's more fun to learn about IG, but I'm like... stupidly excited about this so I just wanted to share this little blurb. Thanks @Chakrasul, this is so cool.

After reforming, Chakrasul drops Herself into the seat of Her throne. Although Her overall expression is one of boredom, there is interest in the jade of Her eyes as She looks down at you expectantly.

You say, "M-my voice. I w-was going to offer... my voice. It's... stupid, b-but it's one of the few things I have that's... mine."

Chakrasul's eyebrow arches curiously and She leans forward in Her throne, which, in turn drags Her wings forward to drape around Her small frame, "Usually, I will not give a warning when something is offered to, Me. I am inclined to just take what is Mine," She flattens Her hands on Her knees and Her eyes narrow, "If you give Me your voice, you are inviting Me, in essence, unto yourself. Think hard, Jaymi, this will be the only opportunity you have to turn and leave."

You have emoted: Jaymi bites at her lower lip, squirming about as she stares at her feet. "Inviting You... in? I... I was, I was thinking You would take the... my voice from me. I'm not sure... I w-wasn't..." She gives a soft whimper as she squirms. "I'm not sure what You mean, Lady Chakrasul."

"Taking from you leaves My taint. It is never a clean claim," Chakrasul explains as She leans back in Her throne. Her wings fan away from Her sides to save them from being crushed behind Her, "If I take your voice, not only will you be silenced until I return it - if I return it - but, in My wake, there will be a piece of My essence to fester." A slow grin blooms across the Goddess' mouth, "I always come back to reclaim what is Mine."

You have emoted: Jaymi wriggles about, fingers clinging to her skirt. "I... I accept."

Chakrasul's alluring laugh echoes across the throne room, "So be it, My little Illuminai," She croons and, using the arms of Her seat, She pushes Herself to her feet, "I will claim it when I decide and then I, personally, will show the rest of the Isle."

You say, "Y-You're not... taking it now?"

A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "Where is the fun in that? We did not place a timeline. Specifics are important when bartering with Me or My Siblings. Consider it a lesson."



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    That is just great by the both off you - albeit a short snippet - but it totally looks like you've got some fun in store and I hope to see what happens with this (or at least the logs later!!!) 
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    Excuse me, I'm busy foaming at the mouth over this little snippet.

    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    Dang, this log was super creepy in that awesome kind of way.

    I think you played the hesitant/nervous/excited emotions really well.

    I am with team @Kelliara here, more please!
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