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A huge thanks needs to go to Zuly for just getting swept up in this RP and rolling with it like a champ. Also to @Chakrasul for picking up where the story left off and being super awesome.

This is a continuation of the 'Bene Corruption Logs' in The Chronicles of Benedicto

You have emoted: Benedicto inclines his head to Zuly. "Well met. I recognize the Templar weaponry. Are you a new page?" He asks politely.

She is a hardy Tsol'aa standing at a modest height of 5' tall. Strangely long Tsol'aa ears poke prominently through thick, straight, powder blue hair that frames her face delicately and reaches her ankles in length. Her face is soft and heart shaped with a small natural frown on her petal pink lips just below a straight nose. Perhaps the most noticeable feature on her face is her eyes, almond shaped and two-toned. Her left eye is a clear blue, remniscent of clear, shallow water. Her right eye, however, is a startlingly brilliant pupilless clash of gold and acid green. The skin covering her body is faintly tanned, giving a sun kissed look to an otherwise fair complection. Her body is delicate with curves proportionate to her small size. She walks with the boon of Damariel.
(worn on the back) : a plain grey pack
(covering the body) : a plain grey robe
(hanging from the shoulders) : a white cloak trimmed in gold
(covering the body) : a suit of academy full plate armour

Zuly looks quickly over to you, clearly not having been paying you attention. "Oh! I-I am. Y-yes." She offers a small wave in greeting.

You have emoted: Benedicto returns the wave with an idle flip of his hand. "I am Benedicto Silverain, a Knight in the Templar." He offers Zuly a small smile. "I did not mean to disturb you, I just wished to introduce myself." He slides his hands into the pockets of his layered, midnight-blue surcoat. "If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask me."

Zuly nods, her oddly coloured eyes looking you over. "N-no, it's okay. I am gl-glad to meet you."

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation swiftly fades.

Zuly asks you, "How long have you been a kn-knight?"

You have emoted: Benedicto looks at Zuly for a moment in consideration, his pearl-white eyes gauging her. "I have been a Knight for longer than I can remember." He responds kindly. "Back before we were called the Templar. The guild was once known as the Paladin guild." His eyes glaze slightly with the recollection, lost in some apparent thought.

What is this that I feel?

A probing thought, sent questing throughout his mind, exploring, sweeping through feelings, memories, thoughts. "What is that feeling?"

Shaking his head to stir himself back to the present, you ask, "How do you find the Templar so far?"

Zuly considers the answer for a moment, then nods slowly. She looks back up at you in response to the new question. "W-well, I haven't seen m-many yet. Um.." She shakes her head as if to clear it, then looks back at you. Her voice far more assertive, she says, "It's boring, quite honestly. No one talks. The first person who talked to me was Kalak, and he's not even in the guild."

"Hmm." He muses. "I must just be out of sorts."

You have emoted: Benedicto's scaled brow furrows at this, his expression turning flat. "I see. I am very sorry to hear that is your first impression of us." He seems about to say something before seemingly thinking better of it. "I hope you have not judged us too harshly and that you remain open-minded. I have been absent for a few weeks, however, I am not just a Knight. I am also one of the leaders of our guild and I will endeavor to act upon your feedback." He sighs softly. "We Knights have just as much of a duty to you, the Pages, as you do to us."

Zuly watches you, gaze moving over your face. "I'm surprised you didn't try to defend it." She looks contemplative, no elaborating.

You have emoted: "I'm not a liar" Benedicto responds softly, a wearily amused expression crossing his features. He draws his hands free of the surcoats pockets and holds his webbed hands apart helplessly. "I was promoted to address the issue a few weeks back. I then had some other business to take care of, so I have not had the opportunity to begin work on it."

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

You have emoted: Benedicto draws a sudden, heavy breath and his pearlescent eyes slip out of a focus. He reaches out to steady himself on a nearby wall as a slow breath escapes him. "Dhar's Balls, what is going on...?" He mutters to himself.

Zuly frowns, "A-are you okay?"

You have emoted: Benedicto takes another steadying breath and straightens, a faint flush of embarrassment decorating the tops of his cheeks. "How unsightly that I should stagger in the presence of a Page." He chuckles awkwardly. "It is nothing, I seem to be slightly out of sorts at present."

Sibatti arrives from the west.

Sibatti says something unintelligible in a language of muted syllables.

You have emoted: Benedicto looks at Sibatti with a bemused smile. "Once more in Aetolian?" He asks.

Zuly walks up to you and folds her arms, looking you up and down.

Sibatti comes up to you and gives you an affectionate hug from behind, her arms wrapping around the much taller man's waist. "I just said hi, was all. Just passing through."

You have emoted: Benedicto chortles awkwardly, the faint blush that was already pricking his cheeks turning into something altogether deeper. "Ha ha!" He laughs, his pearl-white eyes flitting to Zuly. "Yes, this is my good friend Sibatti, one of the Speakers for Duiran." He tries to keep his voice formal as he introduces Sibatti to Zuly, his cheeks a dark crimson.

You have emoted: Benedicto clears his throat, glancing from Sibatti to Zuly.

Zuly watches your face, then has to stifle a laugh with her hand. "I see."

Oh Lords....I hope she doesn't think me some sort of womanizer. Although...I've never known Sibatti to be this affectionate.

Sibatti releases you, not seeming to notice your flush, and offers Zuly a brilliant smile, teeth flashing white. "Hello," she says to her.

Zuly offers Sibatti a small wave of greeting. Once she gets her laughter under control, she says, "H-hello."

You have emoted: Benedicto smacks his forehead with the heel of his hand. "Dhar's Balls! Where are my manners? I have not even asked you your name!" He exclaims to Zuly. "Here I am, referring to you as 'Page'!"

Zuly looks up at you again, then smiles. "I-I thought that w-was what knights do. It's what R-Rasani does."

You have emoted: Benedicto shakes his head. "Whilst I absolutely adore formality and acting like I've got a stick up my backside, I think that we should always introduce ourselves at least once." He mulls on this for a moment. "It also helps if I ever get asked who you are in the future."

The faint scent of a flowery perfume drifts past your senses, though it doesn't seem to be from anyone in your immediate vicinity.

Sibatti slips away from the conversing pair, continuing about her alleged business.

Sibatti leaves to the east.

Zuly giggles a little. "I am Zuly." She tilts her head, her expression shifts, and adds, "Xen."

You have emoted: Benedicto watches the other woman slip away before he directs his attention back towards Zuly. "Zuly Xen? Is Xen a family name?" He raises one of his brows quizzically.

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

You have emoted: Benedicto's eyes unfocus once more and he slumps against the wall. "What in the world is wrong with me?" He asks of the surroundings in general as he fights to stay upright.

Zuly shakes her head, then rushes forward to try to help in spite of her size. "H-here. Let's go
somewhere to sit."

You have emoted: Benedicto resists at first before he acquiesces and places an arm around Zuly's slender frame. His weight is heavy as he leans upon her. "I think that might be a good idea." He mumbles.

What in the Pit is going on with me?

Zuly puts an arm around your waist as much as she can, her small frame surprisingly strong. "Come on."

You begin to follow Zuly.

The Black Flagon Inn.
A black lacquered baby grand piano with a matching bench sits here. Resembling the rear deck of a ship, a massive wooden bar rests here. Hurriedly making her way between patrons, Rispina busies herself nearby. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading north, east, southeast, south, west, up, and down (hidden).

Zuly walks you over to a chair. "Here." She does her best to support you into the chair.

You have emoted: Benedicto more or less collapses into the proffered chair, slumping onto the
piece of furniture. "Thank you." He offers Zuly a weary, though worried smile. "I can tell that you
are the sort that we Templar need. You have already proven your character to me and I shall be
sure to inform the Pentarch."

Zuly waves the comment away and puts a hand under your chin. She lifts your head and
examines your face and eyes. "What are you feeling that makes you want to fall?"

You have emoted: Benedicto attempts to straighten in his seat, his pearlescent eyes slightly
glazed. "Displacement. Shortage of breath. I feel heavy and not myself. Then it passes."

Zuly watches you as you responds and moves. "What do you mean, not yourself?"

A comely barmaid expertly weaves between the various patrons of the inn holding a rather large platter of food aloft. Reaching the table, she places the dishes upon it with a smile, the
delicious aroma of the food able to be smelled even from where you are.

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a slight roll of his shoulders, his eyes glazing even further as
he tries to think. "Just...vacant. I think?" His gaze comes somewhat back into focus as he
finishes. "What delightful eyes you have." He murmurs softly as he meets Zuly's stare.

Zuly looks at you with a worried look. "Have you eaten or drank anything strange?"

A comely barmaid deftly approaches a rather rambunctious table whose yelling and
cantankerous hollering can easily be heard from anywhere in the inn wielding four flagons by
the handles in each hand. "Another round?" she asks with a grin before supplying the hollering
lot with their alcohol.

You have emoted: Benedicto shakes his head from side to side, his tentacles slapping softly
together with the motion. "I had not long woken before we met each other. I felt this way once
whilst I was still in Enorian shopping. Then we met each other and I've experienced the
sensation twice since."

Zuly places a hand on your shoulder, her grip surprisingly firm in an attempt to still your
movement. "In Enorian? Was there anything weird there? Did you notice anything?"

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

You have emoted: Benedicto slumps in his chair once more as his breathing comes hard and
fast. His eyelids flutter shut as he attempts to weather another bout of whatever it is that ails

Spying a table void of patrons, a comely barmaid approaches it with a small bucket and a
washrag. With practiced agility, she scrubs its surface with the rag before stepping back into
the kitchen and returning without the bucket.

Zuly uses her full weight and strength to hold on to you, wrapping her arms around you as she
does. "Benedicto! Damnit. Can you hear me?"

Gather yourself Bene. Come on, old man. Breathe. Breathe.

You have emoted: Benedicto draws a deeper breath, his lungs expanding suddenly with the
inhaled air. He sighs it back out as his eyes open slowly, fixing on Zuly in confusion. "I'm here.
I'm back. What happened?" He asks croakily.

You feel a gentle, breeze enveloping you like a pair of arms embracing you around your
shoulders, suffusing you with a rush of energy.

Zuly keeps ahold of you, steadying you. "You all but passed out. Listen, did you see anything
weird while you were shopping? Anything out of place?"

You have emoted: Benedicto straightens more fully in his seat, gently moving within the
confines of Zuly's arms. "I saw nothing, I ate nothing and I drank nothing." The corner of one lip
quirks. "My apologies that I have no information to offer you."

This is getting disconcerting now. The feeling is occurring often enough to
mean that something is clearly wrong with me.

The scent of floral perfume lingers around you like a wispy, almost sentient presence.

Zuly gives a small snort, her hands coming to rest on your upper arms. "Okay, you need to rest.
I have no idea what's happening, but I won't chance you falling and getting hurt even worse.
Come on." She slides an arm around your waist and looks at you, waiting for you to stand.

You have emoted: "How demeaning that a Knight, such as I, has to be carried about like a
doddering old man--" Benedicto looks down at Zuly with an amused expression as he stands.
"--by a Page. How embarrassing." Nonetheless, he wraps his arm about Zuly's shoulder once
more and allows himself to be guided by her.

Ingram cocks his head mildly, lips to his drink at his spot in a corner table, eyes on you both with interest.

You have emoted: Benedicto sighs. "unicorns." He grunts upon spying Ingram.

Zuly rolls her eyes. "Oh, shove your pride." She holds tightly onto you, taking on the weight of
you. "Come on."

Ingram lips out, "Hello Bene."

A comely barmaid deftly approaches a rather rambunctious table whose yelling and
cantankerous hollering can easily be heard from anywhere in the inn wielding four flagons by
the handles in each hand. "Another round?" she asks with a grin before supplying the hollering
lot with their alcohol.

Zuly looks over at Ingram, then back at you.

You have emoted: "He isn't a threat." Benedicto states softly to Zuly, though he still leans
heavily upon her. His pearl-white eyes do not leave Ingram all the while.

Zuly says, "Then come on."

You follow Zuly to the south.

Within a quiet, dim dormitory.
----------- v4584 -----------

[ ]-[ ]-[ ]
/ |
[ ] [ ]
| / | \
[ ]-[ ]-[ ]-[L]-
| \ | x
[+] [ ] \
| \
[ ]-[ ]-[ ]

--------- -14:17:0 ----------
A doorway leads off into a tidy bathing chamber, gently illuminated within. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil.
You see a single exit leading north.

Zuly walks over to a bed and helps you sit down on it.

You have emoted: "Thank you Zuly." Benedicto smiles wearily at her as he lowers himself onto a
bed. "I hope you do think badly of me upon our first meeting. What an impression you must
have of our guild at this point in time." He snorts bitterly.

You find yourself humming imperceptibly under your breath, your thoughts distant and alien in
the moments before you recover your composure.

Zuly pushes on your shoulders, trying to get you to lie down. "Shut up. Don't be stupid." She
frowns and looks you over. "How are you feeling?"

You have emoted: Benedicto struggles momentarily and indignantly against Zuly's efforts.
"You've come out of your shell, telling your superior officer to 'shut up'..." He mutters as he
finally lies on the bed, sighing contentedly as he settles into the mattress. "What a farce this
week has turned into."

The subtle whisper of easy breath sounds from a nearby bed, a sleeping recruit recouperating
amidst their dreams.

Zuly puts her hands on her hips. "You're a patient at this point, superior or not. How are you feeling?"

Your pose is now set as:
Benedicto is here, his large frame stretched out upon a bed.

You have emoted: Benedicto props himself up in bed, smiling at Zuly. "Well, I feel almost myself again. I've not had another one of those sensations for a short while now."

I do not want to be coddled. I would rather lie than rest in this bed with the
rest of the recuits!

The subtle whisper of easy breath sounds from a nearby bed, a sleeping recruit recouperating
amidst their dreams.

Zuly pushes your shoulder back so that you lie down again. "Don't get cocky. 'Short' is just that, short." She looks at you with a worried expression and sits on the side of the bed.

You have emoted: Benedicto slumps back onto the bed once more. "A fair point." He concurs
with a chuckle. "Please, do not feel beholden to watch over me. I'm sure you have more
important things to attend to?" He raises an eyebrow hopefully at Zuly.

You find yourself humming imperceptibly under your breath, your thoughts distant and alien in
the moments before you recover your composure.

Zuly stares at you pointedly. "More important than ensuring the health of one of my Knights?"

Trudging in after their shift is done, a recruit swiftly falls upon an awaiting bed and drifts just as quickly into slumber.

You have emoted: "I'm not going anywhere and I'm not dying insofar as I'm aware." Benedicto
retorts grumpily, though he does smile warmly at Zuly in the end.

Zuly folds her arms. "Yes, 'insofar as I'm aware' is correct." She sits there stubbornly, then pats your arm lightly.

You have emoted: Benedicto lets forth a long, exasperated sigh. "Is there anything worse than feeling like a helpless invalid?" He muses outloud.

Zuly says to you, "Yes, feeling like a dead helpless invalid because you were too proud to accept help."

Zuly stares implacably at you.

You have emoted: Benedicto grunts back in response. "I'm accepting help. I'm here, aren't I?" He mutters.

Zuly returns the grunt. "Yeah, but not without a fight."

A maid makes her way into the dormitory, neatly stripping dirty bedding and arranging freshly-laundered replacements.

You have emoted: "Yes, but that's because I am a fighter. It goes without saying." Benedicto
shifts awkwardly in the bed, clearly growing impatient with his predicament. "How are your
studies progressing?" He asks of Zuly.

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

Zuly's entire attitude seems to change. Her gaze becomes softer and she bites her lip. "I h-
haven't been a-around much since I was guilded." She frowns and looks at you, then smiles. "O-of course you're a f-fighter. That's what makes you a kn-knight."

You have emoted: Benedicto rolls over onto his side so that he can assess Zuly more fully. "Why
does that question make you nervous?" He enquires gently of her.

Zuly looks confused, her eyes flashing momentarily before she asks, "W-why would you think
I'm n-nervous?"

You have emoted: "Because you've started to stutter again." Benedicto responds bluntly.

A flash of jade lightning erupts from the clouds, accompanied by a sickly scent.

Zuly gasps and places her fingers over her mouth. "Oh r-right. Well, I'm not...I um.." There
appears to be something warring behind her eyes, then she grins at you. "What bumpkin here is
trying to say, is that's normal. She always does that. By the way, in answer to your question, Xen
is not a surname. It's mine. Country bumpkin here is Zuly."

Zuly fiddles with her robe.

You have emoted: Benedicto ignores Zuly's response entirely, though there is a flicker of
something behind his eyes that indicates his acknowledgement of the importance of what he
has just been told. "She is back." He murmurs in horror to himself, observing the jade lightning
through the window as it shoots through the clouds.

Chakrasul wants nothing to do with you anymore Bene. She has done enough
to Your mind. This sickness is not Her. It is all in your mind.

Zuly looks out the window as well, then back to you. "Stay here, Benedicto." Her voice is stern, then she asks, "How are you feeling?"

You have emoted: Benedicto grasps at the covers, his hands clenching and unclenching around
the material. "You do not know Her. What She has done." He whispers hoarsely, his head darting
towards Zuly. "Corruption!" He spits. "She is that."

The subtle whisper of easy breath sounds from a nearby bed, a sleeping recruit recouperating
amidst their dreams.

Zuly reaches out and grips your fist firmly with both hands. Her eyes meet yours, gaze
understanding. "She may be, but you must get well before you can go back out there. And I will
ensure you are okay before you leave here."

You have emoted: Benedicto nods jerkily, clearly panicked by the Divine's sudden reappearance
in the realm. "There is no hiding from Her."

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Why are You doing this to me again? Haven't you caused me enough torment as a mortal? Why again? Why now? Do you need me to come to You on bended knee?What is You want from me?"

(Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "I expect all mortals to bend at the knee to Me, Benedicto, I am sure you know and remember that. Aside from creeping into the
thoughts of most since My return, I have not done anything to you that is outwardly malicious.

You find yourself humming imperceptibly under your breath, your thoughts distant and alien in
the moments before you recover your composure.

Why? Why did you draw Her attention? It might not even be Her influence?
What if you have just brought Her attention to you? You already have Lust and Rage-- Oh unicorns.

Zuly holds your gaze steadily. "Are we hiding?"

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Then--then these alien thoughts, these sensations, they are not
You? I thought that after what You had done previously that you were trying to set *them* free
again...everyone is convinced that You are coming for me once more."

You have emoted: "From Her? Always." Comes Benedicto's simple answer.

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Or rather, I should say, they had *me* convinced."

I'm a nobody. She does not want to Corrupt a nobody. There is nothing for Her
to gain from it. She will likely let me fade from thought.

Zuly shakes her head. "What we're doing right now is simply trying to get you back to normal. If there is no hiding, then there is no need to panic. We simply deal with Her if need be, and avoid
it if at all possible for the time being." Her multicolored eyes dance over your face, worry
throughout her expression. "Please, try to relax. I don't want whatever happened to com back."

You have emoted: Benedicto nods faintly, his hands uncurling from around the sheets. He takes
a breath and nods with greater conviction. "You are right. There is nothing to be done and I am
not who I once was. There is no reason to believe that She would have any interest in
tormenting me anymore." He draws a breath and exhales it in an attempt to calm himself.
"You're right."

Zuly holds your hand loosely, her own much smaller, even dwarfed by it. She casts an assessing glance over you, then sighs and wraps her arms around your neck in a gentle hug.

You have emoted: Benedicto seems startled by the sudden hug and it takes him a moment
before he wraps one of his arms loosely around Zuly's back. "Come now. This is most unseemly.
We have just met one another and you are so young..." He trails off awkwardly.

(Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "What My presence awakes in you is simply... You. Your fears, although of My nature, are not Me "coming for you". I have not
influenced it directly, yet, Benedicto Silverain. I hope to be more creative than simply releasing them-."

Zuly sits up smiles at you. "So proper. It was just a hug. You seemed to be hurting, so I wanted
to comfort you." She shrugs and goes back to holding your hand.

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "I don't suppose You'll forget about me and this and just leave me
be? I know that seems counter to the fact that I might have shouted at You in panic, M'lady. You
can forgive a mortal his foolishness? I'm not worth Your effort."

You have emoted: Benedicto returns the smile though there seems to be a faint hint of
confusion in his expression. "I appreciate that. Thank you." He swings his legs from the bed and
plants his feet upon the ground. "I have not suffered from a bout now since before we arrived
here. I think it is safe to say that the danger has passed."

Zuly nods slightly. She stands and looks at you. "Right then, lets see you stand." She plants her hands on her hips, waiting.

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

Steady. Steady now. Bury it. Hold it in.

You have emoted: Benedicto rises easily from the bed, seemingly back to full fitness. He smile
down at Zuly, his own hands resting upon his hips. "See. Fit as a fiddle." He declares proudly.

Zuly casts an assessing glance over you, then, finally satisfied, nods. "Alright then. If it does happen again, tell me." Her voice is stern again, gaze locked on yours.

You have emoted: Benedicto throws Zuly a lazy salute in jest. "Yes Ma'am."

Zuly frowns at you, narrowing her eyes. "Don't patronize me. I'm serious!"

You have emoted: Benedicto holds his webbed hands up in a placatory manner. "Fine, fine. I
will." He grins softly at Zuly.

Zuly continues to glare at you. "Don't make the mistake of judging me by my size." After
another moment, she snorts and pulls on her robe to remove a loose thread.

(Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "I must disagree. I care not about
your foolish mortal gestures - but what stirs in that mind of yours is very much worth My effort.
In fact, it delights and amuses Me that you have drawn My attention. I thought it would take you
a little longer."

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "Take me a little longer? A little longer to do what?"

(Tells): The Divine voice of Chakrasul echoes in your head, "Admit your fear of what I can do to

You have emoted: "I am not and I am extremely grateful for your help." Benedicto smiles
warmly, sliding his hands into the pockets of his layered, midnight-blue surcoat.

Zuly's face softens. She sweeps her hair back behind her and says, "I'm h-hungry. D-do you
want to um..go get food?"

(Tells): You tell Chakrasul, "I learned that lesson immediately after my last encounter with You. Those who know of what it is I hide, they are share my fear. I am not foolish enough to think
that I have any means to stand against You, my Lady. I beg that You overlook me."

A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "No."

You have emoted: "I'm afraid I must go to my rest." Benedicto replies softly, though not without
a slightly disappointed smile. "However, I am sure that we will have plenty of opportunity to talk again. If you need anything, please let me know." His smile fades somewhat. "I hope to give you
a better impression--" His face suddenly drops in terror.

Padding on quiet feet, an attendant makes his way through the dormitory, replacing candles at
the bed-side stands.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" A quick scan, a sudden fevered search to check the
shackles and bindings. "Please be secure. Pleasepleaseplease."

As a low, alluring laugh curls around your mind, a sinking feeling settles in
your stomach and a trickle of fear creeps down your spine.

Zuly reaches out and squeezes your hand. "You've given me a fine impression. You're clearly
strong, strong-willed, and noble. I think no less of you for being afflicted with something
anyone could have gotten."

You have emoted: "Run Zuly. Get out!" Benedicto whispers hoarsely to Zuly. There is no
doubting the command in his tone as he stares wide-eyed at her. "It's not safe!"

Zuly says, "What?"

You have emoted: "GET OUT! NOW!" Benedicto shouts at Zuly.

Zuly grabs your arm, attempting to hold on to you. "No..Benedicto, what's wrong?"

For several long seconds, you feel distinctly out of place - the air is dry and harsh, and your flesh is heavy. The unsettling feeling fades after a moment or two.

You have emoted: Benedicto shakes his sleeve free of Zuly's grip as he hurries towards the
door. "It's not safe! I'm not safe."

-Bene runs off towards the entrance to the guild-

"No one is safe around you," whispers that familiar voice and you feel the drag of a metaphysical claw against the fabric of your mind.

Zuly arrives from the east.

You have emoted: Benedicto runs about in a panic, lost within the depths of his own mind.

Zuly says, "Stop."

Zuly stands in the doorway to the main building.

"Don't! Please don't!" Secure, make them secure. Tighten, control, clear your
mind. Don't lose control.

You have emoted: "Zuly, you do not know me. You don't know what the dangers are right now." Benedicto pleads with Zuly, his entire demeanor radiating his palpable terror and panic.

Zuly grips her sword tightly, at the ready. "Then I will deal with whatever comes my way. Tell me what dangers are here."

Laughter. It rings insistently in your mind. Mocking. Taunting, "What would
happen to poor Zuly if I unleash you onto this world?" That voice chids and Her grip on your
conscious tightens.

You have emoted: Benedicto sighs in frustration as he paces back and forth in front of Zuly. He
runs his hand anxiously through his tentacles. "Me, Zuly. I am the danger."

Zuly simply stands there, her stance showing her readiness. "Why?"

"She is a youth, an innocent. You could not do that to her!" The image of two
men flashes through his mind. Two identical forms of himself bound and held in shackles. Two
names involuntarily cross his mind as his attention is drawn towards their struggle for freedom.
Lust. Rage. Both wish control. Both wish to be loose. To have their way upon the innocent in
their path. "NO!"

"If I just unlock this... here," that voice begins and you -feel- Her reaching.
Then, She stops and She withdraws, leaving you feeling hollow, exhausted and dotted with
pinpricks of fear.

A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "You do not get a
release so easily, My hidden monster."

You have emoted: Benedicto throws his arms about himself as if struggling to keep something contained within his chest. "It has happened before." He murmurs hoarsely, his breathing
coming a little easier. "I thought I was being brave. A warrior for my Order." His arms drop
wearily to his sides as he staggers back to slump against the wall. "I went to Her Temple and
began smashing Her altar to pieces in retaliation for Her corruption of the Slyphian Grotto." He
runs a hand haggardly over his face. "She came and caught me in the act. She broke my mind
and let the pieces go forth to do Her bidding."

"Do not call me that! I have caused enough damage and bloodshed. Enough
harm! They cannot be allowed freedom!" There is relief though, sweet and blessed relief at Her
sudden withdrawal.

Zuly watches you carefully, still wary, but with a look of concern in her eyes. She asks softly, "What happened, Benedicto?"

You have emoted: "I raped. I murdered. Men, women, own children." Benedicto's
voice breaks on these last words. "I stabbed a woman who bore my child in the stomach with
my dagger. I apparently laughed as I did it."

The image of the incident is formed only from the accounts of those who were
there to witness it. Haven, Moirean, Phoenecia and Nola. All told of how he set fire to
Phoenecia's shop, stabbed Moirean, heavily pregnant with his child, in the stomach. How he
ripped the antennae from Phoenecia's head. How he battled and injured his closest friends in
that moment. Haven and Nola. The unshackling of Rage proved too much for the four of them
tried to stand before him. As though, without anything to hold him back, that singular,
purposeful aspect of himself had complete access to the full potential of his form.

The scene is murky, incomplete and fanciful in that it is a memory constructed
from re-tellings rather than one experienced firsthand.

A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "What fun we
had. I feel you, My little monster. I will come for you."

You feel the weight of Her promise settle on your shoulders.

You feel something stirring deep beneath your thoughts, cold and vast, but the sensation
swiftly fades.

"They cannot be free again. I would rather die." But a cold feeling, like a block of ice, forms within the pit of his stomach. A leaden weight within his core that acknowledges there is
nothing he can do to stop You.

Zuly watches you carefully, her eyes the only betrayal of her response.

Zuly says, "This was not your choice, though."

You have emoted: "I don't know why I've told you that story. You do not know me and yet you
now know about one of the blackest moments of my history." Benedicto straightens, pushing
himself away from the wall. "I managed to shackle the fragmented pieces of myself. There is
speculation that they are aspects of myself cut loose to act in a singular, purposeful manner.
Others that it is Corruptions hold causing me to directly do Her bidding. I'm not sure myself."
He rolls his shoulders in a small shrug. "No, it is not my choice."

You have emoted: Benedicto sighs as he runs his fingers through his tentacles, forcing them
back into place. "I would understand if you chose to leave the Templar in light of this
knowledge. With Corruption returned, I am at Her whim." He gives Zuly a look of farewell. "No
one is safe around me."
(Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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