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    Case Dimensions:

    Body Length: 24.00 "
    Body Height: 2.00 "
    Lower Bout Width: 17.00 "
    Middle Bout Width: 17.00 "
    Upper Bout Width: 17.00 "
    Overall Length: 48.00 "

    Guitar dimensions:

    Body Length: 23
    Body Height: 1- 1/2
    Lower Bout Width: 17 - 1/2
    Middle Bout Width:8
    Upper Bout Width: 12
    Overall Length: 45 - 1/4

    Case: Lower bout width: 17.00"
    Guitar: Lower bout width: 17.5"

    ... COME ON. REALLY!?

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    I'm sure just stuffing your gear into the case will work just fine. Yup.

  • TenshyoTenshyo Member Posts: 409 ✭✭✭✭
    I mean I could just buy the case and cut out that half inch, but that's $100 (which I will inevitably do)
    But in the mean time I'll just spend $40 on a bag I know can hold it.

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    Tenshyo said:

    ... COME ON. REALLY!?

    Same way I felt about shopping for a Spirit Airline compliant carry-on bag. -.-

    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    So on Tuesday, they officially told us all that the line of business I'm on is NOT actually ending. Which. Is a relief.

    But grrrrrr rage. All this goddamn anxiety for no bloody reason. I feel like they owe me another vacation since they robbed me of mine by filling half of it with panic attacks and general anxiety to an excessive degree. :/
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    I think I've gone numb. My insides hurt, but they always hurt, so I can't tell if it's the news or the usual health issues...

    There's a more than likely chance, based on the symptoms my cat has (according to an RN for humans, and isn't really a Vet, but has a considerable bit more medical knowledge than I) kitty-cancer. I'm not sure if I am disbelieving them.. or if I believe them considering how sick she's been lately. I keep telling myself it's nothing, just her allergies.. but.. there's a lot of signs something is wrong with her, and I just caught a whiff of her breath, and it smelled bad. That's a sign of kidney problems, and it makes sense, I imagine. I've lost a few family members to cancer, Kidney failure was part of the symptoms for a number of them, if I remember correctly..

    I'm not giving her up for dead, who knows, she might get better. I've already tried to get a vet scheduled, it's weird, none of the vets in my town either accept my insurance, or have openings. So I've gotta take a "wait and see" approach, and give her the most love I can I guess. There's not much else left to me right now...
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    @Axius To be fair, cat breath in general is just awful.
    Far worse than dog breath at any rate.

    I hope your kitty is okay though! Save the cat friends!

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    Edited - Sorry, had second thoughts about plastering my personal issues on a forum thread, even if the theme of it is just for that, things your mad at.
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    @Jaymi I can relate to that. I am a good fighter and that still happens in all number of fights, against good people or not so good people and every time that happens it's pretty aggravating. :(
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    where's the HUG button @Oleis @Razmael ?!?!!?
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    Trikal said:

    @Jaymi I can relate to that. I am a good fighter and that still happens in all number of fights, against good people or not so good people and every time that happens it's pretty aggravating. :(

    That's no excuse for bonobism my friend.
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    When you have that discernible scratchy feeling in your throat and iffy feeling in your stomach telling you that you're either getting sick or allergies are royally kicking and your rear... and you can't tell which it is. I hope I don't get sick during my 3-day weekend. :(
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    Dato said:

    You cock back your arm and throw the corpse of a desert camel at Teammaster Perunn.
    Damage done: 0, electric, agile
    You have been branded an enemy of the village of Helba.
    Balance Used: 6.49 seconds
    Equilibrium Used: 3.25 seconds


    good job data
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
    An Atzob cultist says, "Is a shamatato as tasty as a potato?"
    (Tells): From afar, Mephistoles hisses harshly to you, "Hey baby, show me your ovipositor?"
    The mighty Jy'Barrak Golgotha opens his maw, catches the glowing spear in his many jagged teeth, and chomps down. The Divine spear breaks with a noise like thunder, shards toppling from the Emperor's jaws. "OM NOM NOM!" He declares, then spits the last of the ruined weapon from his lips.

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    I didn't mean to hurt the guy or get enemied. He didn't like the dead camel I guess

    Edit: Note: Helba people = very sensitive.
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    Dato said:

    I didn't mean to hurt the guy or get enemied. He didn't like the dead camel I guess

    Edit: Note: Helba people = very sensitive.

    Weeeell...constant attacks and raids that result in people getting snatched up by slavers and monsters with pet spiders is bound to make anyone a bit cagey and sensitive.

    At least they'll let you pay up to square things with them.

    Not sure you'll get a new camel out of them, though. Might have to take that up with the Caentoi.
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    Haven't been playing much the last few days. Kind of burnt out overall.

    The break, however short, might do me some good. I'll still be checking in and responding to stuff, however.
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    I'm out of town during Mafia. Please don't kill me off yet!
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    Arbre said:

    I'm out of town during Mafia. Please don't kill me off yet!

    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    Enjoying the tail end of a stupidly unlucky 24 hours.

    One of those sorts of days where everything seems to align against you. Where if you'd done even one thing different, like stopped to tie your shoes or something at a different time, it'd have a totally different outcome.

    Highlights include:

    Getting involved in a car accident because I left for work early, went a more efficient way, and after deliberating about which spot I wanted to park in, taking one different to my usual one, because I thought "I'm gonna do something different today."

    Spending $1.50AUD on a can of coke after said accident, only to discover later that I had less cash on me than I thought, and now no longer had enough money to get some lunch.

    Burning dinner cuz I was distracted trying to sort out my car.

    Deciding to wait until the morning to buy cryptic chests, rather than buy some straight away, cuz tomorrow was pay day, only to discover that pelt hoods I'd been hoping to get had been given out for people who'd bought one in the night, and then not getting one in any of the chests I bought.

    Totally losing track of my car insurance paperwork, and learning that the damage to my car, which I thought was only moderate, might result in the car being written off because the frame might be damaged, getting into a massive arguement with my sisters tool of a boyfriend and then spilling my breakfast tea on myself.

    Sigh. It would be bordering on hilarious if it didn't make me want to cry.

    On the brightside, though, it's a new day!
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    So, like I stated in the love thread earlier this week, I have been nickle and diming it everywhere. I worked 6-7 days a week doing whatever I could wherever I could for bottom feeder pay because I had to. Despite working my unicorns off, despite giving up everything from my cell phone to my social life, despite everything I cut out and how hard I worked, I wasn't able to pay everything. My tags expired last month and I didn't realize it. Even if I had realized it, I wouldn't have been able to pay it. I haven't had insurance on my car since the end of February, either, because it came down to car insurance or food. Someone did realize my tags were expired however, someone with red and blue flashing lights.

    The cost to reinstate my insurance, to renew my tag, to buy a new plate (thanks a lot Mary Fallin), to pay my fines and court costs, is more than I can cover, more than I could cover if I hadn't paid a single bill this paycheck, and the officer said I could potentially have my license suspended anyways. The new job isn't going to help, because the first paycheck from it is still 2-3 weeks away, and every day that passes and I haven't retrieved my tag from the City, the more it costs.

    Luckily, my mother and step father said they would help me, and it'll all be taken care of (though not sure/clear on the license suspension). But it's just like, I have worked so unicorns hard this last year and a half to climb out of debt, to turn my life around. I have sacrificed so much, and come December of last year things were looking really good for me. The clock struck Midnight on January 1st, a new year started, and the following day marked the beginning of the worst year of my unicorns life so far. I have lost almost everything I have worked for in less than 2 months, and every time I think I've finally gotten my unicorns together, every time anything good happens, it just gets worse.

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    Super long rant about my stresses of the month, spoilered because 4 paragraphs of text.

    I stream for a living. This job allows me to be an in-home caretaker for my grandmother, who needs someone to be on hand most of the day with the strength to pick her up off the floor if she falls, as well as making sure errands she needs done get done. This job also grants me an artful avenue to basically socialize in ways that I don't have fulfilled. Lately? Everyone seems to be telling me that I need to start looking at getting a job. It doesn't help that the problematic middle child (younger sister) has dragged her boyfriend from the big city down to here, and he's essentially moved into the house.

    I am getting frustrated with how it seems like I don't flow through the avenues and circles that seem to generate content like I mine, but instead smaller avenues where my content is a little more likely to stand out, but I find that my patreon page, the only source of income I have since I'm still small (I'm at 41 followers on twitch, I'm happy, but it's not even enough to meet the minimum requirement for the new system they are rolling out), and lately, my patrons have dwindled off to maybe one or two paying a dollar apiece. This means that my supplementary income is completely drained as far as adding to the total house income, and the above boyfriend has decidedly become the person my grandmother goes to for this, because in spite of him not knowing exactly how she likes everything, he's the newcomer and I, the person who has already been trained, who has cooked meals for her over and over, should go out and get a job using my completely unnoteworthy skillsets in the current jobmarket.

    The primary source of my frustration is this: I'm having to drop the next two days into a super stream extravaganza, drive up my patrons to get a couple of 10 dollar patron levels (gods I hope people go for the promises on this level) and a number of 1 dollar patrons. If I don't drum up enough patrons to provide SOME additional income, even 20-30 dollars worth, I'm pretty much out of time, and have to devote my time to going for a grueling job as a driver for a local pizza place that's so downright abusive and horrible to its drivers that they -never- remove the 'looking for drivers' signs, because a combination of 'most of this town is on meth, weed, or something else' mixed with, 'we don't pay our drivers gas money, we pay less than minimum wage, and we expect customers to tip to cover the difference' means that they have what boils down to a revolving door for their drivers. Unlike the in-store employees who get paid minimum based on the core fact that they get paid at LEAST minimum wage.

    This job will absolutely suck up all of my time though, and my energy, and will kill any passion I have for doing much of anything, because after calling in to ask about the prospects of the job a few months back (they've long since changed managers), they expect workers to come in six days a week, and work at least full eight hour shifts. I don't know my town -THAT- well, so add in the stress of a mind designed to navigate via landmark being forced to navigate by street name, and you'll find someone who will likely come home, watch youtube for an hour, then sleep, and spend his one day off completely unplugged and unwilling to deal with anyone or anything. Not even Aetolia will interest me.
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    The Bears during the NFL Draft.
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    So, way back in January of last year, I posted about slipping on the stairs and wrenching my shoulder. Didn't post about the fall I took at work in December of last year. Caught myself, which is exactly what I shouldn't have done, and injured the same shoulder. I was unable to see the doctor for either fall and had to just walk it off. It seemed to work until I got a new job working at Cici's. The table scrubbing in particular really pissed my shoulder off and it hasn't stopped yelling at me since. By which I mean straight up crunching sounds. That was a good month ago. This time, I was able to see the doctor. Even got a note. Without X-rays and MRIs, which are right out because 'Haha, insurance? What's that?', the doctor's best diagnosis is tendonitis, and in both shoulders. Possibly also with rotator cuff injury (likely not a tear, at least) and bursitis lumped on top of the left one at the time I set the appointment. It's stopped crunching, but I feel like I've been thrown a soap party. The doctor wasn't surprised, since all my muscles are trying to take up the slack from my shoulders.

    What really sucks, and what brings me to post here, is that I was able to successfully lobby for less hours, but only after I had just gotten my hours increased. Not only that, but I may as well not have turned in the doctor's note at all. All that's happened is that I have less time to do the same amount of work, and I can forget about them scheduling someone else to come in to help me. I'm hauling trash and scrubbing tables by myself, the two things that the note specifically was meant to limit.
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    When you spend credits to get a minipet token, and when you use it get an old minipet you've already had for years.
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