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Context for this specific piece can be found in - The Chronicles of Benedicto

A huge thank you to @Emelle and whoever played Aban and Tobias

(Tells): Emelle's psychic whisper trails through your mind, "Be careful, Ben."

You have emoted: Benedicto comes running to meet Tobias, urgency writ across his features. "Tobias!" He gasps coming to a stop before you.

Tobias manages a smile up at you as he turns to face you, turning away from his view of the ocean. "Hello, mister," he greets quietly.

Tobias blinks several times. He grasps something covered in a thick black cloth loosely in both hands, keeping it close to his chest. "Uh.. hello," he repeats.

You have emoted: "Hello again." Benedicto says, gathering his composure. "You wished to speak?" He asks, his pearl-white gaze flicking to Tobias' hands.

Exarch Aban enters from the ether, light pooling from his radiant form.

You have emoted: Benedicto startles as Aban appears. "A-Aban..." He stutters taking a step back.

Tobias squints the slightest. After examining you, he nods once in affirmation. A touch of sadness washes over his features for a moment before he notices Aban's arrival, his brow lifting in surprise.
Muttering, Aban says, "Running off.."

You have emoted: Benedicto looks from Aban to Emelle and then finally back to Tobias.

Tobias hugs the small object covered in black cloth tighter to his chest. "What uh.. what is going on?"

You have emoted: Benedicto holds his webbed hands out in a placating manner. "They are here to make sure I don't do anything rash, I think." He says casting a glance towards Aban and Emelle.
Simply, Aban says, "I brought Emelle."
Hanging back a step, Emelle says, "I followed Aban."

Tobias examines Aban at length with a suspicious, narrowed look. Finally, he turns to you and attempts to offer a smile which abruptly fades. "I spoke with the Underking, mister. I didn't mean to confuse you with what I told you earlier, I know it must have been a bit much and I didn't have time to explain completely," he begins, gulping. His hands clutch at the cloth-laden object a bit tighter. "But, I've sought clarity in the matter."
Emelle observes Tobias in silence, her eye drawn to the object in his hands.

You have emoted: "Then that's just what I'm after." Benedicto replies, his curiosity firmly fixed on the object hidden by Tobias.

Tobias' eyes drop down, and his head turns to the ocean. "Your son is gone, mister. I saw it through Him, and I don't know if He wants you to know but I'm standing here so i--" he starts to ramble, halting himself with a deep breath. "There's no hope or anything like that. He died in the wreck and he's in the Halls," he continues, his voice quiet.
You have emoted: Benedicto gives a single nod. He moves forward to the end of the dock and stares out at the Beryl with his back to you all.

Emelle's gaze finally leaves Tobias in favor of following you. She wears an inscrutable expression.
Slowly, Tobias begins to unwrap the cloth-laden object, revealing a turquoise sea-serpent candle on a silver base. "I don't know much of anything about him, mister," he offers unhelpfully. "But what I do know, is that he was worthy of the life he had. And.. by the Gods, his soul will be born into a being that stands against what is wrong with this world without hesitation."
Hesitantly, Tobias holds the candle out to your back. "It's not much, but it's the least I could do," he says a bit more loudly. "If you want it, I mean.."
Raising his voice, Aban says, "What is that?"

You have emoted: "Then that's all I can ask for." Benedicto states as he turns around to accept the candle from Tobias, his face wet with tears.

Tobias passes the candle along into your possession with a comforting smile. "Before you light it, think of your life before him," he begins to speak, finally mustering the courage to look up at you. "While it burns, remember what he was to you. And when the candle is no longer a candle, pray on what he will be."

Tobias hesitates a few moments before rushing forth and gripping your torso in a tight, short-lived hug. "I'm sorry, mister. He was a great man," he mumbles before breaking away and shuffling off.

Tobias leaves to the north.

You have emoted: Benedicto looks down at the candle in his hand and then up to watch the Priest shuffle off up the dock.

Emelle finally leaves Aban's side to join you at yours.

Carved from a pillar of wax about eight inches tall, this slender turquoise candle is coiled about tightly by a mighty sea-serpent. Each of the numerous scales of the serpent have been meticulously etched, from its barbed tail which coils about the base to its intimidating draconic head that threatens to consume the wick at the candle's tip. The candle itself sits upon a stout, simple base. Elevated by several sturdy legs, a broad pan serves to catch any and all wax that may dribble down.
LIGHT CANDLE to begin burning it.
SNUFF CANDLE to put it out.
It weighs 4 ounce(s).
Aban says, "That little boy is Dhar's priest?"

Emelle nods her head affirmatively at Aban.

Aban mutters something under his breath.
You have emoted: Benedicto holds the candle tightly in one hand as he looks up at you both. "At least I have my answer." His voice is tight with emotion, though the tears have stopped.
-Bene suggests they go to Libec Cay as that is where his son spends most of his time. They head off-

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a faint nod as he comes to stand beside the hammock. "This looks like somewhere he would have spent his time whilst not at sea. Resting by the ocean."
Aban says, "Hmm."

Burning brightly, a turquoise sea-serpent candle illuminates the surrounding area and offers a salty aroma.

Looking down at the candle, you say, "When he was a child, he lived in Duiran. His mother had abandoned us both and therefore it was just me and him. I was at the beck and call of my Lord and the duties I had. He would often be looked after by Sibatti and Kiyotan."

Focusing on the candle, Emelle bows her head and clasps her hands.

Aban bows his head, clasping his hands before him.

You say, "He was not a particularly difficult child, but he was a fearless one. Whether it was wandering off, climbing on things, or approaching animals: he had no fear. Eventually, I had to go away. Sibatti and Kiyotan offered to look after him until I returned. Unfortunately, it was to be a good number of years before I came back. He had joined the Sentinels as a youth. Whilst out on a patrol of the forests with some friends he was attacked by slavers. He stayed behind to fight them off and buy his friends some time. He managed to make his escape, though he was mortally wounded."

The first droplet of wax oozes down the side of the candle as the serpent's face begins to melt away.
You say, "My Lord Slyphe came to him at that moment and offered to heal him on the proviso that Maelo learn the ways of the sea and serve as his High Priest. Maelo agreed and was put to work on various ships until he eventually was rewarded for his hard work with his own ship - 'The Hydra'. During all this time I had thought him dead as my Lord had decided not to tell me about my son. Keeping it a secret until the right moment."

Emelle glances away from the candle briefly to eye you out of her peripheral vision.

You have emoted: Benedicto clenches his fists as he looks down at the candle. "I was reunited with him shortly after Chakrasul and Her Order corrupted Lord Slyphes grotto, turning it into a place full of mutated and twisted creatures. He sailed into the cove, here, and we...." A solitary tear rolls down his cheek as the words cut off. "I was angry and happy at the same time. I had my son returned to me. Such a reunion!" He gives a sad laugh. "He told me he loved me, despite the fact that I had been absent for most of his childhood. He had asked Lord Slyphe to watch over me and to relay any news back to him." Another tear rolls down his cheek.

A faint salty breeze whips around you.

Burning brightly, a turquoise sea-serpent candle illuminates the surrounding area and offers a salty aroma.

You say, "He looked like a pirate! I'll never forget that. He had my looks. He was, without a doubt, my son. I remember being disappointed when he said that he had 'inherited my ability to kill'. That was not something I had ever wanted for him."

The low, reverberating thrum of a conch horn resounds from the coast of the mainland.

Turquoise wax dribbles down the sides of the candle, a portion of the serpent's head collected by the silver pan.

You have emoted: Benedicto watches as the wax dribbles down the candle. "He then spent time defending the seas around Libec Cay from Marauders and Slavers. We would occasionally see each other, but our respective duties kept us busy. I was always proud of him though." He says this final words with difficulty.

Loose sand ripples down the beach, pushed in small waves by blowing winds.

You have emoted: "I'm sorry I wasn't in Enorian for your final days, son." Benedicto says softly to a turquoise sea-serpent candle. "I would take nothing away from your bravery that night. You sailed out knowing that you were probably going to your death. But you did it without hesitation or doubt. You only thought of the safety of others. Of doing what was right." He hunkers down in the sand. "I was proud to be your father, Maelo. I hope that Lord Dhar grants you the Rebirth you deserve."

Emelle nods once, her gaze fixed on the candle.

Burning brightly, a partially melted sea-serpent candle illuminates the surrounding area and offers a salty aroma.

You have emoted: Benedicto wipes one eye then the other on the sleeve of his surcoat. He straightens and steps away from the candle, looking from Emelle to Aban. "Do either of you wish to say anything?"

Glancing to you, Aban says, "I would, yes."

You have emoted: Benedicto nods at Aban.
Slowly exhaling, Aban says, "At the end, it is said that we will be bathed in the light of the first dawn. With that said, I ask that Ubarin lift him up to see that light and be bathed in it til the end of all things."

There's a quiet jingling as Emelle nods again.
Quietly, Aban says, "That, ah, that was all."
You have emoted: Benedicto smiles at Aban. "Thank you, my friend."

You have emoted: Benedicto looks to Emelle.

Emelle inhales, picks her head up, and sets her shoulders. "I am sorry I did not have the chance to meet Maelo. But from what I know, he was much like his father, and I have known Ben for a long time." She smiles faintly as she glances up at you. "We lost many in the war, but many also lived. Maelo gave his life for us. We will remember his sacrifice."

You have emoted: "Thank you Em." Benedicto says, looking warmly at Emelle. He reaches out to snuff the flame from the candle before scooping it from the sand. "I think that this will serve as a memorial to him upon our beach." He hefts the candle in his hand.

You snuff the turquoise sea-serpent candle, and the light goes out.

You pick up a partially melted sea-serpent candle.

Emelle nods her agreement, her hands slipping back into her pockets. "What now?" she asks you.

You say to Emelle, "We get on with our lives."
(Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."



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    @Mariena - I think you wanted to know how the log prior to this concluded! This is your answer!
    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    Thank you for posting. I had wanted to know the ending to this arc. It was a beautiful eulogy

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