Voting for Aetolia

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Voting for Aetolia on helps us get more exposure and therefore more new players, which we all want.

To vote for Aetolia:
  1. Go to
  2. You must click the big square that says 'Vote for this site and enter'. Otherwise, your vote doesn't count and doesn't help us.
(You get thanked for it in-game for just going to because that's the only part of the process we can actually track. Once you see the big square, you're on Topmudsites and we have no way of knowing if you actually click the square. But if you don't, it doesn't help us!)
  • You can vote every 12 hours. Topmudsites will not tell you if your vote counts or not, however.
  • If you have multiple people in your household voting be aware that duplicate votes from the same wifi network won't count
    • Note that voting via a cell signal and vs. a wifi network will both count, which is one way of dealing with the above. They'll both count, every 12 hours.
    • Same with votes from different wifi networks. Each wifi network can be used to vote twice per day.

Want to make it really easy to vote from your phone?

  • iPhone:
    • Go to
    • Click the 'share' button (the little square with an arrow pointing up).
    • Select 'Add to Home Screen' from the bottom row of options.
  • Android:
    • Go to
    • Click on the three little dots/hamburger menu in the upper right.
    • Select 'Add to Home Screen'
  • Now when you want to vote, just tap the icon, then tap the 'Vote for this site and enter' square. Boom. 
  • Remember that your phone can be used to vote twice a day from any wifi network or your cell signal.

Voting on Mudconnector's top list

There's also another list you can vote for us on that's not nearly as useful, but it doesn't hurt for us to be on it either. This is the Mudconnector top list, and you can vote for us here:

Note that in order to vote for TMC, you have to create an account and be logged in to vote. You can see why it's not as useful of a voting list, though once you create an account it's simple enough. 


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    So, since the previous thread was closed and Razmael explained how to with Iphone/Android, here's a helpful tip on how to set up voting through Mudlet (you know, the client almost everyone uses) and broken down step-by-step for the non-savvy coders:

    Step 1: Open up your script editor by selecting Toolbox -> Script Editor
    Step 2: Click on Timers
    Step 3: Click Add Item, (this will create you an item called New Timer)
    Step 4: Select New Timer, change the name to Vote Timer
    Step 5: In the first of the 4 boxes, input the number 12
    Step 6: In the large white box underneath, input this code


    Step 7: Select Activate and save item/save profile. You should now see a green check mark next to the timer you just made.

    Final step: Go to your the window/tab that was just opened up and select Vote for this Site.

    TADA!! You've now voted and you now have a timer that will open the window to let you vote for Aetolia every 12 hours! :) Cheers!

    EDIT: Please note, that like Razmael said, you HAVE to click on the box that says "Vote for this site" for your vote to register.
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  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Not getting a good vibe from this:

    Beating Achaea would bring us more pleasure than a vibr- ...


    Uh. Vote!
  • MarienaMariena By a lake. Member Posts: 616 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's okay, we fixed it

  • KynaKyna Victoria, AustraliaMember, Immortal Posts: 298 Immortal
    Guys, we slipped! @Buford distracting us all with his talk of- well, there is heaps of pleasure in being above Achaea!

    It's voting time!

  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    We're leading now 557 to 555, but it's getting too close! The competition is humming with energy!
  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hurry we need at least 2 more votes to reclaim #2!

  • FezzixFezzix Member Posts: 306 ✭✭✭✭
    This morning, we were one vote ahead of Achaea. Now we're nine behind.

    But that's okay, because voting is for nerds.
  • TozToz Member Posts: 2,494 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fezzix said:
    Voting is for nerds.
    -America 2016

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Only 5 behind now!
  • FezzixFezzix Member Posts: 306 ✭✭✭✭
    Toz said:

    Fezzix said:

    Voting is for nerds.
    -America 2016

    I am America.
  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    We're behind by 6 votes, and quickly coming up on the end of the month.

    You know what we're gonna do here people? We're gonna vote until we win. We're going to win so hard we'll be tired of winning. You know why? Our MUD's got the best players. Other MUDs? Terrible!

    Achaea winning? Fake news.

    Lock Achaea up (in second place).
  • FezzixFezzix Member Posts: 306 ✭✭✭✭
    Sixteen votes behind?! It's almost the end of the month. Vote or die.
  • PazradymPazradym Member Posts: 129 ✭✭✭
    Home stretch everyone! Lets not trip at the finish line!
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
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  • FezzixFezzix Member Posts: 306 ✭✭✭✭
    We beat Achaea by three votes. When was the last time Aetolia beat out the flagship IRE game?
  • KodazaKodaza Los AngelesMember Posts: 115 ✭✭✭

    Remember remember

  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    we are seriously slacking, get voting.

  • KynaKyna Victoria, AustraliaMember, Immortal Posts: 298 Immortal
    EVERY other IRE MUD is up so far this month, except us - somehow Lusternia is sitting in fifth! Let's kick 'em from the perch!

    Go vote, folks! So @Tiur can continue to make terrible puns with... Basically everything he creates!

    He basically has a spreadsheet of puns to use - You can view it here

    Oh, my bad, wrong link.
  • TekiasTekias WisconsinMember Posts: 435 ✭✭✭
    Kyna said:

    He basically has a spreadsheet of puns to use - You can view it here

    Oh, my bad, wrong link.

    Is it bad that I half-expected a rickroll instead?
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  • AnteheAntehe Immortal Member Posts: 481 Immortal
    Vote Vote Vote, it recently turned over! We're in 12th!
  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Up to 10th!

  • TedrunaiTedrunai Member, Immortal Posts: 196 Immortal
    Legend has it @Tiur will make whoever votes the most the new Primus!

    (Offer not exclusive to vampires or darkies, this is your chance to rule all da vamps!)
  • LinLin Blackbird The MoongladeMember Posts: 1,668 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hope y'all are ready for your new Speakerprimus.
  • KynaKyna Victoria, AustraliaMember, Immortal Posts: 298 Immortal
    Please vote for Aetolia. It feeds @Tiur the encouragement he needs to not break stuff. That's right. I'm pinning his coding ability on all of you!
  • TiurTiur Producer Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 922 admin
    You know I just broke DTELLS and DTSTELLS. I think they didn't vote hard enough, @Kyna
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