Becoming Seer

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Background: Elliana called Seir into the tundra to investigate signs of something that will go unmentioned for IC reasons. Pazradym was also present there and looking into the issue, but our tattoos began to hurt and we were called to the Seer's Wood.


A resonating thrum bursts through your veins, coalescing within your body before traveling through your appendages to focus itself upon the tattoo inked on the underside of your
wrist. The tattoo shifts and contorts, the eye inked there wavering shut for but the
briefest of moments.

Elliana cringes slightly moving to touch the tattoo on her wrist, rubbing it slightly.

Seir grips at his wrist in a brief, but sudden bout of pain. Hissing, the
Idreth lifts his right hand, staring at the tattoo.

Brother Pazradym says, "What...."

Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha says to you, "You also?"

Pazradym nods his head emphatically.

Seir nods his head quietly, staring at his wrist. After a moment, he appears satisfied, albeit scantly, and returns his studies to the bush before him.

Pazradym stares at a black-inked tattoo of a feral eye on his wrist, a bit dumbfounded,
"it... winked at me..."

The flickering image of the Seer's Wood flashes into existence within the back of your mind. A roaring purple flame blazes at the forefront of the image.

Elliana shifts slightly and furrows her brow, "I need to tend to something."

Brother Pazradym says, "Apparently it was felt by everyone...."

Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha says, "Wait here?"

Elliana leaves to the east.

Brother Pazradym says, "Mileta felt it as well..."

Glaring, you say, "We all did."

Pazradym traces his finger over the tattoo inked upon the underside of his wrist, summoning forth a swirling violet-colored energy that traces itself over the eye inked upon his flesh to collect itself within the pupil.

The pupil inked upon Pazradym's wrist glows brightly for a few moments, and before your very eyes the tattoo blinks in a such a way that effectively snuffs out the energy that was present there only moments ago.

Pazradym nods his head emphatically.

Brother Pazradym says, "So it would seem."

Pazradym ponders the situation.

Pazradym eats a ball of myrrh gum.

Seir grips at his head now, closing his eyes. Grunting, his eyes re-open and he rises to his feet, staring towards the tundra proper.

Voice lilting on feathery wafts of air, Elliana tells you, "Bring Pazradym and come."

You say, "Come with me, Pazradym."

Before an entrenched fire pit (62415) - Seer's Wood (221)
Sunset falls, casting the clouds above in a shadowy array of darks and silvers and lending
the sky a purplish cast. A massive flame licks at the air here, its plum-tinted flames
reaching greedily for the sky. Its body shifting and twitching as its physical makeup
refrains from constraint, an Omeiian temple guard stands alert here. Prideleader Aymah
Adesso is here. She is riding on a powerful ina'a stallion. She wields a charm-strewn
fishing rod in her left hand. Brother Pazradym is here, dark tendrils lurking about him.
Heartwood Practitioner, Mileta Tae'Daenir is here. She is riding on a three-headed
direwolf. Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha is here. This area has been overgrown with a
swathe of seething plantlife. Trails of violet-hued energy trail their way throughout the
air here, shifting and contorting as they weave this way and that before your very eyes.
You see exits leading northeast and west.

Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha says, "Wait until She comes."

Heartwood Practitioner, Mileta Tae'Daenir says, "I felt it aswell... was wondering if it was the forge or the fire pit..."

Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha says, "Here..."

A powerful burst of energy radiates forth through the flickering flames, sending you staggering upon your feet.

Aymah remains atop her stallion, which seems to become more uneasy with the flames. Finally she chooses to slide off its back.

Elliana near falls on her behind catching herself as she reels back a few steps. Her eyes
drifting to the fames.

Seir arrives, swiftly dismounting from his ina'a and staring at those gathered for a small period of time. Abruptly, he is sent staggering from the burst of energy exuded by the flame. Catching his balance, he sets his glare firmly upon the offending blaze.

Elliana purses her lips pensively, gazing thoughtfully at some distant point.

Pazradym glances from each person gathered, flicking between each for a moment as if taking everyone in.

A pair of eyes like the very skies above peer forth through the flames, like black holes that home starry constellations and galaxies therein. They watch, carefully, measuring each and every one of you.

Elliana straightens and shifts to step back toward you, standing a bit straighter.

Aymah's eyes widen even against the glare of the flame, but after few moments she rubs a hand over her eyes. "Nightmare?" She queries after lowering the shielding hand.

As if that was the only invitation She'd needed, the rest of Omei's body ripples into existence within the flames. Her countenance is flat, almost serious even, as She steps forth.

Elliana follows Omei as She emerges from the flame. "Mother." She pauses to then look to the others gathered.

Seir plants his quarterstaff into the soil as Omei enters. Respectfully, the Idreth dips his head in a reverent greeting. "Nightmare," he murmurs before lifting his gaze up towards the Goddess.

She is an Immortal. Tall and slender, She stands at the height of a Human, but everything
about Her screams larger-than-life, Her very form harshly breathtaking. A shaved head
frames Her face, each side shorn clean, while the mane atop Her crown itself seems to be
formed from the stuff of Dreams - a cloud of moths one moment, writhing tendrils of
Nightmare the next. Her skin is a deep purple, the hue of a forest's vespertine shadows,
and Her complexion is dark, Her angular cheekbones creating sharp planes across a thin
face. Sunken eyes rimmed in kohl-dark earth are a piercing, pure violet, with dilated
pupils star-flecked and fathomless. Her dark, bruise-purple lips are full, bisected by an
intricate tattoo slicing down the middle of her lower labrum and chin to twine around her
neck, unfurling in stunning swoops and slashes across her shoulders, breast and belly.
Inked in a rich, lustruous black, the tattoos scrawl out words in every language, from
common Aetolian to Rajamalan to words and thoughts only known to the denizens of the
Dreamworld. A soft haze hangs over the markings, a faint purple fog that seems to gather
and recede of its own volition - and, as the mist skims the Goddess's skin, there are
whispers, faint and susurrant, murmuring half-heard prayers of battle and glory and war.

(under one wrist) : a black-inked tattoo of a feral eye
(left to stretch down to Her knees) : a purple silk loincloth
(holding Her loincloth in place) : a silver linked belt of moonstones

Pazradym bites his lip for a moment, deep in thought, before he bows his head. "Lady Nightmare".

Aymah dips her head at Omei, and raises a closed fist toward her heart.

Elliana pushes both lips together, the softest frown tugging the corner of her lips. She listens, watching the movements of the Goddess before her. Gaze not wavering as she swallows tugging her coat around her, still trying to warm chilled limbs.

Omei regards the assembled group for a few scrutinizing moments before taking another short step forward. "It is no surprise to see some of the most devout attending," She regards, offering but a nod in response to this notion. "Others who wait have not yet proven themselves such." She takes in a breath through Her mouth, then releases it slowly through Her nostrils. "As you may be aware, Emelle, our Seer, has been tasked with a... mission, from Me," She announces with a narrowing of Her gaze. "There were no others that could fulfill it as she could."

Seir listens intently, relaxing a bit as Omei continues to speak. In stark contrast, the overgrowth surrounding the area shifts and undulates almost in a violent matter, unsettled and otherwise perturbed.

Aymah's eyebrows rise faintly along her forehead, her gaze and attention kept on Omei.

Pazradym steeples his fingers together resting them on his lips as he listens intently,
obviously drawing in new news.

"This evening, we mark a new Seer," Omei announces, Her tone low. Her gaze swivels behind Her to land upon the roaring fire. "Circle around the flame, Mine," She instructs.

Aymah's chin rises slightly as she contemplates the fire for some time, before approaching with her hands clasped loosely at her back.

Pazradym closes his eyes for a moment, drawing a slow breath, before stepping forward as well, taking his place next to the others.

Seir consents to the request without much delay, approaching the flame and staring at it intently.

The low sounding of a war drum pulses in a steady staccato somewhere far off in the distance, yet somehow nearby at the same time. Its sound reverberates throughout the forest around you, as if the forest itself was creating the very sound you hear.

"What is sight, to Me, My followers?" Omei regards as She steps to the forefront of the fire, facing the formed circle.

"Knowledge, insight, knowing..." Pazradym offers more than a bit tentatively, looking into
the fire.

Elliana closes her eyes, listening, drawing in a soft yet deep breath. "Sight, the ability to see, but not just see, to feel, perceive, to learn by watching, planning. Observation can be what wins a war." her voice soft, drawing out.

"Seeing through the lies that mortals often fabricate to ourselves," Seir speaks, casting his gaze from the flame over to Omei. "All lies are subjugated under the subconscious, for when it is dominant, the truth is made manifest, even if we sometimes do not wish to face it."

Zaila suddenly appears, looking bewildered.

Omei nods in acknowledgement of the offered answers, Her lips pursed as Her gaze snaps to Zaila. "Step into the circle around the flame," She instructs with little fanfare, Her head nodding towards the rest of the assembled group arranged as such.

"That works," Zaila rasps out with a pathetic wave from the back.

Elliana motions Zaila to join her and the others circled around the flame.

Zaila nods quickly, sliding with her best stealth into an open spot near Elliana.

Aymah shoots Zaila a look with a slight uprise of her lip at the corner, before her attention draws back to Omei and the fire.

"Sight is not something so simple as mortals typically describe," Omei notes as She steps forth into the start of a slow pace around the fire. "It is precisely such. Knowledge.
Insight. Intuition. KNOWING. It does not rely on senses that lie and deceive," She acknowledges. She stops Her circling at you, whom She lays a clawed hand upon. Gently, She
pulls you back a step from the fire. "This is why they are called the Seer. Mastery of sight is vital."

Elliana flashes a small smile of welcome to Zaila, before her gaze studies the flame
before her. Falling silent, listening, she gives the faintest smile as you is approached.

The steady beat of the drum begins to quicken, growing not only more forceful, but faster as the Goddess speaks. The trees around you crackle and groan as if besieged by a strong wind, though you feel nothing of the sort.

Seir blinks once, twice, and ultimately consents to being pulled back from the flame. Bewildered, he stares at Omei intently, raising his gaze to stare at the Goddess. The overgrowth around the area calms at once from its manic, violent surging, almost as if in anticipation.

Elliana glances to Omei, listening to Her speak. Her smile fades into a look of curiosity, as she watches on.

Pazradym lips turn to the slightest of smiles as he turns to look at you and Omei, more than a bit eager to see what happens next.

"The Seer is responsible for the Order in its entirety," Omei notes, Her tone level as Her gaze flicks from person to person around the fire. "They bear the broadest burden upon their shoulders, and it is because I am confident that they can handle that they are awarded the position." Her hand clasps more tightly upon your shoulder. "Mine, hold your right hand forward with your palm facing the sky."

A low rumble of thunder above accentuates the constant pounding of the drums.

Elliana does as she is asked. Right hand extended out her palm up to the sky.

Aymah gazes over both Omei and you a time longer before she extends her hand, showing off the tattoo toward the sky.

Pazradym nods, his eyes still locked on the pair as he extends his hand, turning his wrist skyward.

Mileta holds her right hand as asked, palm up to the sky.

Zaila tuckers in with a steady gaze, curiously watching everyone extend arms, but frowning at her own and merely scratching at the tattoo uncertainly.

Seir nods his head towards Omei with some small measure of reservation as he does so. Whatever reservation that exists, however, does not limit him from acquiescing to Omei's wishes and, before long, he too has raised his normal right hand towards the sky, the tattoo facing the firmament.

Omei's eyes flutter shut, and it is at that very moment that a streak of lightning blazes through the sky above. The pounding of the drums and the booming of the thunder grows amplified in volume as slowly but surely the skin in the palm of your right hand begins to split in the center. A needling sting accompanies this splitting of flesh, and it takes but moments for droplets of blood to well themselves into existence from the newly-formed wound. As the blood is summoned forth, the tattoo upon your wrist begins to glow with a dull purple energy, the iris upon the tattoo spinning slowly in place.

Pazradym winces slightly, as his gaze is immediately drawn to the spinning iris on his wrist.

Seir grits his teeth as a wound begins to open his wrist, the sting causing his eyes to narrow slightly. Still, while the wound causes him to hesitate slightly, he nonetheless keeps his hand outstretched towards the sky.

Elliana flinches as her skin splits, a muffled sound coming from her as her blood comes from the wound. Resisting the urge to tug her arm back she holds steady.

With a contained expression of discomfort, Aymah turns her gaze upward, away from the sight of the shifting tattoo.

Zaila simply full out squeals like a frightened child, jutting her hand out as far from her chest as she can reach, swearing heavily thereafter.

Mileta's vines flail a bit before moving away from getting injured, she growls but voices nothing more.

Elliana lifts her left hand placing it gently on Zaila's shoulder, as if to reassure, despite her own discomfort.

The skin upon Omei's right wrist too has split, drops of violet blood welling themselves into existence upon the wound. "You will do as I do," She instructs as She steps around you to stand directly before you. She takes Her bloodied hand and drags it in an arc under your left eye upon the top of your cheek, smearing Her blood there before repeating the motion under the right eye too. She then takes a step to the side and offers those assembled a nod of invitation to proceed.

The Divine voice of Omei echoes in your head, "You will be last."

Stars glimmer into visibility one by one, filling the night sky with effulgent pinpoints.

Pazradym glances at Elliana and Aymah, a bit hesitant to proceed before them.

Nodding towards you, Omei, the Nightmare says, "You will mark him as I did."

In pain and suitably embarrassed, Zaila waves off the pigeon with a hiss, trying her best
to blend into the landscape.

Elliana steps toward you, letting her blood pool into her hand, she lifts herself to the tips of her toes, hand hesitantly extending before she runs her hand in an arc under Seir's left eye at the top of his cheek, smearing her blood in a soft swipe. She then pulls back before repeating the motion under the right eye.

Elliana murmurs to you, "You do us proud Seir."

Elliana nods once and smiles softly before stepping back to her prior place.

The blood just under your eyes begins to sizzle and hiss, as if some foreign, almost acidic substance. While the pain is not yet tremendous, it is agitating not only to the skin it sits upon, but your eyes as well.

Aymah's eyes return from the skies to watch the procedure, and slowly she approaches. She plants a hand on your shoulder, her green gaze meeting yours for a lengthy moment before she proceeds. First the blood is spread on the left, and then the right - the hand turns into a fist, and she presses it to her heart before stepping back.

Seir visibly winces as the blood makes contact with his cheeks, squinting his eyes and blinking repeatedly as if to correct his vision. Still, he maintains his posture and remains upright despite the invisible discomfort.

Pazradym steps out of the circle, approaching you, as he squeezes his hand together gently to induce the blood flow. As he stands in front of you, he bows his head for just a moment with a broad smile before turning his hand and applying the pooled blood to the curve under your left eye, then right. He gives another nod stepping backwards and returning to his prior place.

"Mileta, Zaila, proceed," Omei curtly instructs, Her gaze lingering upon your form as She

Stepping towards you Mileta nods softly with her fiery head before she sets her blood in an arc below your left eye, her feral head glares at her icy head for a moment as she applies the same arc of blood beneath your right eye. Her icy head gives a slight nod before heading to her place.

Zaila waits for Mileta to cycle through with a weak sort of smile and awkward steps of the uninitiated novice, approaches you, gritting her teeth through the strange sensations and sloppy application under your left and right eye, giving a brief nod and murmur before stepping back into place.

Seir continues to watch as, one by one, each of the participants adorn his cheeks with blood. With each deed, he continues to wince and grit his teeth as if something were causing him great discomfort on his face, his grunting becoming more audible gasps of pain. The overgrowth around him surges from its previous stillness, shuddering as if reacting to the Shaman and his predicament. While his posture turns slightly unsteady and imbalanced, Seir nonetheless manages to right himself as Zaila concludes her part in the ordeal. Looking over to his right hand, the Idreth blinks a few times as if having difficulty seeing something so close in front of them. With strain, he eventually follows suit as all the others, dabbing the upper portion of his right cheek in blood and following suit on the opposing cheek.

Zaila murmurs to you, "I really don't know what the unicorns I'm doing."

"As the Order has offered you their blood, so too will you offer them yours," Omei levelly acknowledges as She steps forward once more to face you. She takes in a deep breath as the fire behind Her flares brilliantly higher. "Seir," She states, simply at first as Her gaze nearly bores holes into the man before Her. "As My Seer, you will teach those that follow what it is to see. What it is to fight for Me. What it is to face your demons and triumph. You will bleed for them, and you will live for them," She states, just before arching Her brow as if in search of a confirmation of sorts.

Seir blinks a few more times, his body growing still as Omei speaks. A flicker of fear rules his features for a moment, but it is fleeting, replaced by a pensive and thoughtful expression. "As You will," he consents, offering the Goddess and those present a nod.

Elliana studies Omei as her brows knit, a sudden sense of discomfort coming over her as
she glances to you.

Mileta's heads look at each other before she tilts her heads a bit confused with her case
however remaining quiet.

Aymah watches you and then Omei, her expression nearing blank as she keeps unmoving in

"Very well," Omei states. What happens next happens so quickly it may as well have been but a blur of motion: the Goddess' hand darts forth to bury Her fingers first into Seir's left eye, withdrawing it from its socket before proceeding to repeat the action with the right. Her jaw is set in consternation as She grasps both eyes within the palm of Her hand. She turns Her back then to you, paying the now-bleeding man no mind as She approaches the roaring fire.

Holding the eyes aloft, Omei, the Nightmare says, "My Seer does not require eyes to truly

Elliana flinches, visibly forcing herself to stay in place rather than to go to you. Her
conflict evident as she watches Omei.

Whatever pre-tense of maintaining composure has been swiftly abandoned as Seir cries out sharply in pain, his eye sockets now hollow and empty, blood fountaining down his cheeks. The pain is blinding, both literally and figuratively, and the Idreth is brought low to his knees. The overgrowth reacts to the deed, surging violently and shuddering more wildly than it did before, vine and bramble ensnaring about themselves in a fitful display.

Zaila stands back awkwardly, doing her best to settle into a neutral contrapposto but immediately jumping out of with as a scream of shocked disgust is choked back and hidden behind her left palm planting to her lips as she backs up a few steps.

Pazradym flinches visibly at the actions, gulping and giving a small shudder as he watches
you, before again turning to look at Omei, drawing himself up straight as She speaks.

Aymah can only watch for so long, her eyes widening before shutting with a violent reaction, and she steps away from the flame and the group, finding recourse in bending and leaning upon one of the stone benches, visibly struggling with nausea.

Elliana regains herself, steeling against the cries you gives. She instead goes stone faced. No traces of emotion crossing her features as she remains in a deafeningly silent grip.

The thunder, the drumming, all of it stops with no warning as Omei holds the eyes aloft. She releases a feral roar before throwing them into the fire which flares almost blindingly in response, a ripple of energy bursting forth from its center.

Blood flows down from your hollowed eye sockets, draining from your body.

You exert your superior mental control and clot your wounds fifty-one times.

You exert your superior mental control and clot your wounds twenty-four times.

You bleed 4310 health.

You bleed 5464 health.

The overgrowth choking the vicinity begins to wither and die, leaving the ground littered
with browned stalks and leaves.
You fall to the ground as the last drops of life-giving blood drain out of your body.

The Hall of the Underking (9278) - Nowhere (Unmapped)

There are no obvious exits.

By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
Within the Cave (35574) - Within the Cave (Unmapped)
You find the weather around you imperceptible. A helpful sign floats here, begging to be
read! READ SIGN to view it. Chiseled with runic symbols, an ancient pylon of weathered
stone has been buried deep into the earth here and glows with restrained power.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east, southeast, and south.

You are transported by the power of the Divine.
Before an entrenched fire pit (62415) - Seer's Wood (221)
The stars glimmer down, broken only upon occasion by thin wisps of clouds. A massive flame
licks at the air here, its plum-tinted flames reaching greedily for the sky. Heads
occasionally snapping at each other, a three-headed direwolf roams here. Brindled hide
immaculate and bronze horns gleaming, an ina'a waits here. The twisted remains of Seir lie
here. Steamed and browned, a hound-shaped biscuit has been left here on a plate.
Prideleader Aymah Adesso is here. She wields a charm-strewn fishing rod in her left hand.
Maestra Zaila Tenor is here. She wields a gem-lined banded shield in her left hand and an
iron-tipped whip in her right. Brother Pazradym is here, dark tendrils lurking about him.
Heartwood Practitioner, Mileta Tae'Daenir is here. Elliana Tanarian, Dal fio Siha is here.
Reality twists and contorts in slivers of fragment-like visions around the form of Omei,
the Nightmare. Trails of violet-hued energy trail their way throughout the air here,
shifting and contorting as they weave this way and that before your very eyes.
You see exits leading northeast and west.

Your patron has generously bestowed upon you the Order title of "The Seer".

You will now be known as Seir, the Seer, by order of Omei, the Nightmare.

Omei reaches a hand towards you, a pleased smile beginning to slip its way onto Her countenance. "Rise, Seer Mine," She instructs.

Elliana shields her eyes as the flame burns bright, a staggering step back is taken as she rubs her eyes. The blood draining from her features, leaving her paler than usual. Her lips part but no words escape, instead she watches quietly. Awestruck.

Seir is deposited back near the fire pit, his eyes shut. Rising to his feet, he stands and cocks his head towards Omei's voice.

Pazradym gains an extreme concerned look as you collapses, but regains his composure as you reappears seemingly whole and well.

A roaring pillar of purple flame graces the firmament for the briefest of moments before fading, sourced from the Seer's Wood.

Looking quite queasy still, Aymah plants herself heavy at the stone bench, watching the happenings from a distance.

"Congratulations are due," Omei encourages with a gesture towards you as She glances
towards those assembled. "The ritual is complete."

(Congregation): Omei says, "Congratulations to Seir for earning the title of Seer."

(Congregation): Nola says, "Well earned, no doubt."

Elliana smiles fondly toward you, the same fondness reflected in her tone.
"Congratulations Seer, you do us all proud, I am certain."

Pazradym smiles, though a bit warily, turning again to you, "Congratulaions, Seer... Well

Seir plants his quarterstaff into the ground and the Idreth makes little in the way of movement, though whether this is due to hesitation or quite frankly, a lack of how to proceed is uncertain. His head turns to address the voices of each individual as they speak to him.

Despite the grievous lack of eyes, you feel Her energy coruscating throughout your limbs.
It is empowering and feral all the same. Your senses are remarkably tuned - the sounds,
the smells, all of it amplified tenfold in comparison to where they were before.

(Congregation): Dakan says, "I congratulate you, Seir the Seer. Time will tell whether it
is the warmth of Selatun you feel, or only the harsh breath of Darat. Maybe both."

Mileta smiles softly before offering her congratulations "Congratulations Seer."

Finally wiping her right hand across her shirt as if to wipe off the pooled blood from the
ritual, Zaila lingers back in the crowd, seeming content to observe the festivities more
so than participate.

Zaila tells you, "Good on you, Thorny."

Elliana glances to Zaila giving a slight look and tilting her head toward you.

"Thank you," Seir finally manages, nodding towards all those present. Reservedly, he seems able to walk without the aid of his staff, though still with some measure of difficulty. "I... will need time to get used to this," Seir murmurs, addressing all those present. "Thank You, Nightmare. Thank you all."

Zaila avoids Elliana's eye contact as pointedly as she can.

"A new era is upon us, Mine," Omei announces, Her countenance pleased. "Go on and do as you do. Celebrate. Spread word through the masses. I have work to do," She acknowledges with a brief nod, before vanishing altogether from sight.

Omei, the Nightmare neutralizes Her feelings towards you.

Omei, the Nightmare has bestowed a divine blessing upon you. It will last for 5 days.

-- Seir moves after this, primarily to re-raise defenses.

Dakan inclines his head. "Eventful day for you, Seir the Seer."

Seir turns his head towards Dakan, his eyes shut and the skin around them clearly damaged. "Aye," the Idreth says, his voice low.

You whisper softly into Zaila's consciousness, "Thank you."

"You do not need to hide it," Dakan says with a jerk of his chin. "Does it hurt?"

Seir attempts to open his eyes, though there is pain in him doing so, the flesh sore. "Yes," he replies in little more than a murmur. In what he does manage to open,the sockets are hollow and empty.

Wafting, as if on the air, Nola's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "I wish you good resolve in your new position."

You whisper softly into Nola's consciousness, "... Thank you."

Wafting, as if on the air, Nola's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "Are you all right?"

You whisper softly into Nola's consciousness, "I don't know..."

Wafting, as if on the air, Nola's velvety tongue reaches your ear: ".. I don't feel like I
can interfere. But. If you need me."

Wafting, as if on the air, Nola's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "I won't be much help,
probably - but I'll be some company."

Dakan studies the display without flinching, assessing it all in his typical contemplative way. "I would imagine it is meant to." He stands, smoothly moving forward to approach you. It is the work of a moment or two for him to search through his belongings, pulling a pair of remarkably clean rags from somewhere and tying them together. These he hands to you, shrugging. "This may help to keep the breath of the wind from scouring the insides of your skull, until you find something better."

Dakan gives a rag of cloth to you.

Dakan gives a rag of cloth to you.

Seir seems able to track Dakan as he moves, his ears twitching and his nose raising to the air. Although, there is some clear lag in his action as the rags fall into the possession of his hands. "Thank you," he says again, his voice remaining low. "It is appreciated... Forgive me, Dakan. However, I need some time to myself."

Dakan inclines his head once again. "I understand. Fair winds."

A patch of wild mushrooms in the wood (43734) - Duiran (231)
A pale blue mushroom is here, speckled with white dots. Dripping with bright green liquid,
a very lush fruit rests on the ground here. A spongy white morel is here. With a stoic
expression, a Sentaari monk stands here. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular
monolith is on the ground. There are 3 feathery, red scintililys here. Sprouting in modest
clusters are the shy growths of silvery bluets. A glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been
left here. Lumbering around the area is a towering earthbound elemental, vines lashing and
snapping as it moves. The sublime glow of the core casts an effulgent green light over
the surrounding area.
You see exits leading north, northeast, south, and southwest.
You concentrate and send a tide of energy to your feet, the fresh growth becoming even
more exuberant as it spreads outward and lush, verdant plantlife overtakes the vicinity.

(Order): Runas says, "Greetings."

(Order): Zaila says, "Missed all the fun."

(Order): Elliana says, "Greetings Runas."

(Order): Runas says, "Missed...what?"

(Order): Elliana says, "Seir is now our Seer."

(Order): Runas says, "Ah, Seer Seir, appropriate, Congratulations to you, an honor...truly.

(Order): You say, "Ah. Yes. Thank you."

(Order): Runas says, "I will admit, with your leadership against that of the Malevolent and ambitious efforts in service to the Nightmare, in Emelle's absence I had thought you would suit Her well in such a position, I suppose such is recognized."

Seir holds his hand out, feeling for the space around him. With difficulty, he eventually finds a nearby tree and, shifting his posture, turns about to sit against it. There is a sadness to the air around him.

(Order): Runas says, "A pleasant appointment."

(Order): You say, "I... thank you."

I am focusing too much on the things that I cannot do... and not enough on the things that
I must do. This is just another thing that must be overcome. It... has to be.

You whisper softly into Nola's consciousness, "This will seem like an odd favor, but... I
can no longer sew and... well, a blindfold would likely help."

Mileta whispers into your consciousness, "How are you feeling?"

You whisper softly into Mileta's consciousness, "It hurts, but I'll be fine."

Mileta whispers into your consciousness, "Alright."

Wafting, as if on the air, Nola's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "Oh, ah. Yes. I can.. I'll do something about that."

You whisper softly into Nola's consciousness, "Thank you..."

You close your eyes and begin to focus on your haven.

Upon a snowy knoll beneath a dead tree (38015) - The Havens (Unmapped)
Dazzling magical light illuminates the area. You find the weather around you imperceptible.
From the top of this tall hillock, grass of an unnatural tinge of silver stretches as far
as the eye can see. A light flurry of snow falls lazily from a sky locked in perpetual
twilight, the flakes swirling in the air from the occasional light wind and drifting over
the surrounding flora in a light dusting. Scattered across the night skies are displaced
clouds illuminated by two bright celestial bodies: a large moon of luminous white
neighboring a crescent moon shining azure blue. Fixed in eternal juxtaposition with one
another, both moons are host to a panoply of stars that dot the horizon from one end to
the other. Resting at the very centre of the knoll is the presence of a dead, gnarled tree
of ashen bark, its many branches stretching out like fingers reaching for the firmament
above and casting a long shadow across the hill. Three graves lie beneath the tree, each
marked with a slate cairn slightly concealed by the falling snow. From a roost high in the
dead branches, a flock of ravens silently observes the rest of the knoll with their
crimson eyes. This area has been overgrown with a swathe of seething plantlife.
There are no obvious exits.

Seir emerges in his haven, extending his hand and reaching about himself.

You say, "A part of me feels I have almost made a terrible mistake. However, I must... have faith. This is just something else to overcome. Another trial, perhaps."


  • MarienaMariena By a lake. Member Posts: 616 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I very much enjoy that you didn't adjust immediately to your eyes being ripped out. You bring a sense of realism and what I think anyone who just got tasked with being Order Head and their eyes ripped out might think (after the ows): tf did I just get into.

  • ZailaZaila Pacific TimeMember Posts: 547 ✭✭✭✭✭
    This was very fun to peanut-gallery my way through, thanks for posting it so I could see what happened before I showed up!
    I also agree with Mari, though - its great to see people not immediately adjusting and seemingly unaffected to things that shouldn't be super easy to adjust to.
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