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    that is... almost exactly how I pictured @Tenshyo actually. good job!
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    I think one of my favourite things about Sessi's pictures (aside from them being just good individually, I mean) is how they're often from different angles, poses and postures. Like, they're not all just straight on portraits or busts or whatever, you're great at putting in variety and action, making them even more interesting and clearly skillfully made. It always brings the characters alive a bit more that way.

    Now, I submit my "if you get in the mood to make a boring, snobby, shamelessly pretty human"

    She is a typical Human around five and three-quarters feet tall. She has rich red hair kept pristine that falls straight to her shoulder-blades with straight-cropped bangs resting above well manicured brows. Reasonably attractive, her evenly set brown eyes peer out beneath thick lashes with plump reddened lips and a gently sloping nose to balance them out with a few prominent rough scars near the hair line of her left cheek. The fair skin that coats her buxom frame has only the occasional freckle while her hands sport large scars through the palm and back.

    (hanging at her sternum) : a sanguinite clef-heart necklace
    (hanging from the left wrist) : a gold, violin-shaped pendant inlaid with rubies
    (worn on the legs) : a multi-layered, ruffled emerald skirt
    (on her left ring finger) : a mithril ring inlaid with musical notes
    (hanging off the shoulders) : a decorative emerald blouse
    (worn on the feet) : gray ankle-sheathe boots

    A wide band of soft white suede, with corset-style ties to adjust fit, is the only thing remotely smooth and flat on this skirt, as the rest of it is comprised of a multitude of emerald materials, all sewn to ruffle and flounce chaotically. The hemline of the skirt dips to the calves in the back, and rises to just above the knee in front. Chiffons, silks, cottons, laces, and ribbons all add to the dynamic nature of the piece.

    Simple, but tasteful, soft satin has been used to create this stunning emerald colored blouse. The neckline is rather wide, allowing the fabric to fall off the shoulders, yet tight enough to keep it from exposing the breasts. Large billowing sleeves fall effortlessly down the arms, cinched snugly at the wrists, where small silver-threaded embroidered wolves rest in a harmonic design.

    The base of this necklace is made up by a thin chain of small, acindium links. The metal has been polished to a bright sheen that is fairly reflective when light hits it. It is fairly lengthy, allowing for it to be slipped over the head for ease in wearing. Attached to one of the links is a small pendant of matching material. The pendant is fairly heart-shaped, made up of a treble clef that has been flipped upside-down and a bass clef on the opposite side. Set within the the center of the two clefs is a polished and cut sanguinite of the deepest red hue.

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    Thanks, @Zaila! I try my best to keep things interesting and make sure all chars are different from each other, both with faces and poses and all. It can be a bit of a struggle at times, but I do what I can. My only regret in this thread is that I'm terrified of doing chibis, since Eleanor is such an expert at those and she makes them all the time. Everyone and their grandma has one of Elea's chibis and I can't compare to those. So I keep doing the larger pics. They take a bit longer to make, but they are my style.
  • OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE THAT! I am so wanting to go squeeze it to death now! Hehe
    I am not a morning inside four walls. I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is alive or awake. I live in my own flames sometimes burning too bright -too wild to make things last and so I run. Far and wide until my bones ache and lungs burn..and it feels good.
    Do you hear that?
    It feels good, it feels good because I am both the slave and the ruler of my own body and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
  • @Sessizlik I love this second version of Whaleclaw, HE IS SO CUTE!

  • I can't.

    I can't.

    You've made that monstrosity monstrously cute. I think I'm OD'ing on the cuteness. Halp!
    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
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    Yay! A success!
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    (Web): Xenia says, "That dog's sleeping in the bed now :p."

    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
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    (Web): Xenia says, "That dog's sleeping in the bed now :p."
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  • @Sessizlik

    Ee! Thank you!

    I -severely- enjoy seeing how different artists draw Tens.

  • MorwenMorwen Under The Sea
    Oooh! I wish there was a "love," button!!! Thank you so much!!!
  • Damn @Sessizlik , you sure are getting a lot of practice! I have to say that now that you have done quite a few of these drawings in this thread that a pattern I noticed in myself is finding myself loving the drawings you do of the less human looking races such as the ones of Axius and Morwen. I have always tried to keep people's character descriptions in my mindseye when playing Aetolia but your drawings have definitely helped me better visualize different characters (not limited to the ones you've drawn) and it paints the game in a whole new color for me.

    Thanks for keeping it fresh!
    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Thank you, @Fyrren, that really means a lot. The non-human ones are always a lot more difficult for me to do, especially nazedhu and trolls and grooks and such. Thankfully, I haven't run into any Horkval yet, cause that... I don't wanna think about that! :D
    Bu I do my very best to get a good enough picture based on the descriptions I get and since people here are so great with writing descriptions, I have lots of details to help me.

    And just you wait.. @Xanchol ol is next and after that, @Zenobia, so gonna give Rajamalas a try soon!
  • @Sessizlik Hah, well, if you want the extra challenge later some time, I have a character that is a Horkval. Here's the description. :smiley:

    He is an undead typical Horkval and is taller than average for one of his race.
    His head and upper body is quite similar to that of a mantis, though his knees
    are inverted, making them similar to a grasshopper's hind legs. His arms are the
    most humanoid feature of his body and the carapace which covers them is covered
    in long, nail-like spikes, all facing outward from his person. His eyes are
    yellow and emotionless, always looking at the world in silent judgement. Two
    long and jagged mandibles extend from his mouth, similar to those of a bull-ant,
    with small, needle-like spikes jutting out from them. His entire carapace which
    protects his body has been marked with dents and scratches from a lifetime of
    combat, the true color of it being hidden behind black and white war paint. Two
    long antennae stretch out from atop his head and twitch constantly
    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.
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    So, I have 3 major descriptions for Satomi, and if you're interested you can pick one/pick all/pick none of the descriptions to poke at. I've tried my best to make them lack emotion/expression, and just be a description of her traits... which makes it long as a result.

    Essentially, she's something of a blend between Atavian/Human and Horkval with hints of draconic that don't really manifest obviously.

    Normal Tomi
    She is a muscular Azudim vampire of Horkvali heritage that stands at five feet in
    height. Her head is topped with midnight blue-black hair that is cut to shoulder
    length. Each strand falls evenly with only a slight outward curl at their tips. Her
    face, soft and youthful in appearance, contains four large, glassy violet eyes that
    peer blindly out of her skull, two sitting in her eye sockets and two more
    resting just above on her forehead. A delicate nose sits above her slightly thin-
    lipped mouth that contains sharp, serrated teeth. Marking her tongue is a violet
    thirteen-pointed star and growing from her cheekbones are two sharply tipped
    vestigial mandibles. Her body is petite and supple, wrapped in pale white skin with
    visible, violet-glowing veins beneath the surface of her flesh. Slender limbs end in
    dainty hands and feet with each finger and toe tipped with a small, sharply pointed
    nail. She displays a second set of arms, stretching out from her torso below her
    primary limbs. Each arm seems typical up to the hand, her fingers replaced by the
    arcing blades of bone scythes. She has a small bust and thin waist, her hips
    thickening into a slight hourglass figure before reaching her long, slender legs.
    Resting on her back are two large, violet wing cases that go from her shoulder-
    blades down to her mid back. From the top of her skull twitch two long antennae,
    each tipped with a violet mist that pulses gently. Snaking out from behind her is a
    three-foot long extension of her vertebrae taking on the likeness of a tail that is
    tipped with a thin bone dagger and wrapped in pale, vein-laced skin. Covering her
    upper arms, thighs, and waist, is a violet carapace that glitters in light, as if
    made from tiny granules.

    Earthen Tomi
    She is a muscular Earthen vampire of Horkvali heritage that stands at seven feet in height and has shimmering, white sands that flow about her head and down to her shoulders in imitation of hair. Her face is a smooth blend of horkvali and human features including two pairs of mandibles, two antennae, and four large, sharply angled eyes. A slender neck leads into a distinctly feminine torso, her bust modest, waist slim, and hips finishing off a slender hourglass figure. Four arms stretch from her torso, each limb smooth with her upper pair ending in hands that have five digits, each with a sharply pointed nail and her lower pair ending in a typical hand with crescent scythe-blades instead of fingers. Two long, smooth digitigrade legs keep her body upright as she moves about. From her back, four large, transparent insect-wings glimmer. An extension of her vertebrae manifests in the form of a long tail, mimicking the appearance of her spinal column and ending in a bladed tip. Her body seems to be made up of amethyst, a translucent, violet tinted gemstone, and within her a dense, glowing mist swirls. Four brighter points shine from within the mist, like eyes. Armoring her body in intricate, swirling patterns, no more than an inch in width at any point, is a black stone that gives the appearance of 'containing' her amethyst core.

    Lycan Tomi
    She is a muscular Azudim werewolf vampire of Horkvali heritage and stands at five
    feet in height, her head topped with blue-black hair that falls wildly to her
    shoulders. Her features are largely human in appearance with only hints of her
    lupine nature showing through. Growing from her cheekbones are two sharply tipped
    vestigial mandibles. Her face contains four large, glassy violet eyes that peer
    blindly out of her skull. Two rest in her eye sockets, the other two resting
    above on her forehead. Her body is petite and supple, her well-muscled limbs ending
    in clawed hands with slightly elongated digits, each finger having an extra joint.
    She sports a second set of arms, stretching out from her torso below her primary
    limbs. Each arm seems typical up to the hand, her fingers replaced by the curving
    arc of a scythe blade made from bone. Her legs are long and toned, her digitigrade
    feet sporting toes with short, sharp claws. Covering the entirety of her arms and
    legs, not including her joints, is a thin, insectile carapace, leaving her torso
    bare of armor. Her mane of hair runs down the length of her spinal column, ending
    just before the slender, bladed tip of her vertebrae-like tail. Resting on her back
    are two large, violet wing cases that go from her shoulder-blades down to her mid
    back. From the top of her skull twitch two long antennae, each tipped with a violet
    mist that pulses gently. Her movements are marked with grace and subtlety, each
    motion silent and predatory.

    I don't often look at myself but gawd, my descriptions are so long..

    Edit: I should also note, she generally wears a dress.

  • KodazaKodaza Los Angeles
    It's really cool to see this thread going so strong. Every picture's better than the last!

  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Oh, dear, Lords!! I shouldn't have mentioned the Horkvali. XD Well, those are gonna prove to be challenges, but I am really excited! I might put one of them in earlier in the queue, but not before I get the Rajamala stuff finished. ;)
  • I'm seriously impressed with your art style, Sessi. I would love to see your rendition of Melantha should you get the chance.

    She is a stalwart Yeleni of Atavian heritage. Her complexion is a vibrant golden
    tan, subtly underlain by the shifting colors of embers that seem to rest just
    beneath the surface. It serves as a warm backdrop to gem-bright green eyes that
    hold within them the subdued glare of flame. Waist length black hair frames her
    face in a wispy, barely contained curtain. She is petite, just barely scraping
    five and a half feet tall, with her face and build sculpted into soft planes.
    Her wings are large and broad, fanning out an arm's length to either side even
    when folded. The feathers are a pale golden brown and shine with a steady glow
    of the same. Somewhat incongruous, a squiggly red dragon adorns her left cheek.
    While seemingly painted on, brushstrokes clearly visible, it lacks any other
    indication of being so. Instead, it has been infused with the same ember glow as
    the rest of her skin, standing out all the more boldly for it. She is glowing
    with a warm, gentle light.
    She is wearing:
    a pair of dark brown leather sandals, worn on the feet
    a length of scintilily-infused amber prayerbeads, entwined with her trinket
    a pair of dark red leather gloves, worn on the hands
    a trinket of living flame, around one wrist
    a compact black leather pack, worn on the back
    a thick, black Tekura belt, around the waist
    a red Daru gi shirt fitted for wings, held securely closed by her belt
    simple red gi pants, fitted loose but sleek

    • She has a flame shroud up near constantly.

    • Gi - Shirt has crescent-shaped flame patch embroidered in gold on the left breast; pants have a white pinstripe on each leg

    • Belt - White tiger embroidered on each end

    • Prayerbeads - Larger amber beads with small gold spacer beads

    • Trinket - mithril lantern with orange panels on mithril chain
    Avatar courtesy of Eleanor. Thank you!


    Always interested in knowing how I'm doing!
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    I love how my list just never seem to get shorter. I've made 17 picture so far, working on number 18 and have another 10 to go. You guys keep me working, that's for sure! <3
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    Sessizlik, single handedly making the narcissist in all of us happy af.
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Ah, having a day off to celebrate my own and my mom's birthday (hers was yesterday and mine is on sunday). Going out for dinner and drinks later today, but been able to work on pictures this morning.

    @Xanchol, I hope you approve!

    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Thank you! Still have around half an hour to draw before leaving for the evening, but let me tell you....

    Rajamalas are challenging..
  • roar:)
  • Just wanted to post an updated description, so I made Yeleni...

    She is a typical Yeleni of Tsol'aa heritage and appears to be trying her best to avoid notice. She stands just a little over five feet and keeps her head low. Poorly cut lavender hair reaches just past her pointed ears with uneven bangs that fall down to obscure the right half of her face and cast a shadow over her left. The back falls down to brush the base of her neck, the fine hair moving in the gentlest breeze. The base of her neck is a mess of puncture wounds, clearly old from the scarring. Snow white skin lies atop her fragile frame, nearly glowing, while scarlet veins visible beneath form a stark contrast. Her slight yet healthy form boasts modest, noticeable curves in contrast to her petite waist. Shallow, fading scars stand out upon her body like fire on a winter's day. Covered from her neck down, these scars create intricate designs that eventually lead to a pair of smooth burn marks in the shape of an eye on each wrist. As she glances upwards, there is no missing her single visible eye, a sanguine orb peeking up while the touches of a small smile indicate mistrust and uncertainty as she cautiously observes her surroundings. Pink, heart-shaped lips rest under a small nose and her cheeks are lightly dusted with freckles. An ugly scar runs under her left eye, starting at the outside edge and running down her cheek to the edge of her lips. She walks with the blessing of Slyphe.

    (worn tightly about the feet and calves) : a pair of gray wraps
    (hugging tightly to her small frame) : soot hued bodice
    (covering the hands and forearms) : a pair of gray wraps
    (hanging from her weaponbelt) : a black leather pouch
    (resting on the hip) : a utilitaria gray leather bag
    (covering the bottom half of the face) : a black muffler scarf
    (loosely sitting on the hips) : a brown leather weaponbelt
    (resting on the hips) : a pleated gray skirt

    Hope that's okay.

  • These are really excellent, @Sessizlik! Your style is quite lovely. Maybe I'll stuff Oisynne in here someday.
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    @Jaymi I've added the new desc to my list!

    @Oisynne Just throw your name into it. I still have quite a list to work through, but I get new requests ever so often,so it's not getting any shorter! :D
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