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    I love @haven. I mean, I spent a good sixty percent of the time he was around putting out fires and bashing my head against the wall, but man. That character. Quality.

    But for all the interesting RP that he caused, I am grateful in particular for the arc that is Rashar and Emelle. How long would they have existed in the same realm, never bothering to meet, if he hadn't asked Rashar to talk her into moving to Enorian? Too long!

    In the relatively short time we've been writing this story together, it's gone up and down more than once. But not once since the beginning have I considered a scenario where Emelle wasn't a part of what Rashar is or is working towards, even if her place there isn't what either of them expected or wanted at any given time.

    I've said it before.. a dozen people have said it before. Your ability to portray an image with nothing but a handful of words, to just nail home this feeling of who Emelle is and what exactly you're dealing with, is beyond impressive. You've never needed to write giant paragraphs to convey your point, but that doesn't keep you from doing so when the time is right. (hint: it's always right pls)

    Engaging Emelle will lead to challenges to your character. It will make you think, will make you consider where they stand on everything from whiskey to war. She will make you work to improve your writing, if only so that next time you might be able to keep up. Maybe.

    Judging her at face value is foolish, but in the end it's your loss if you do. She's a blast every. single. time. For those of you that haven't made it a point to find her - go ahead and keep it up, because I'll gladly take all of that time for myself.

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    @Emelle has been a total blessing for Elliana. You have really made me feel welcome and apart of a home so to speak! I absolutely adore our interactions IC and OOC your willingness to help and really help Elliana and I to understand things really speaks volumes on you and the character. I look forward to more stories. So far I love the story of the Pixies!
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    I never, ever expected all the things that have happened lately to happen. Started off with just meeting at a ball, and well, look at where Em and Q are now.

    I love love our interactions. The ability to play with words and get across so much they way you do, its lovely.

    I can't wait to find out what happens next, after this kind of beginning.

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    Definitely one of the most fun people to interact with. Paz and Emelle have gotten to speak a few times now, and every time I think Paz has come away with bit more understanding about himself. Seriously, how does that even happen? Emelle has an amazing depth of character and I very much look forward to future interactions.

    I know its been said a lot here, but just to reaffirm, you have a fantastic ability to paint a picture with words and actions. Don't stop. I swear, it gets better each time. I find myself reading over logs of our conversations just for fun, and finding ways I can do things better myself in the process.

    In all seriousness, any one reading this who hasn't had the chance to meet Emelle, do yourself the favor and make it a priority. Its worth it, everytime.
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    I wanted to come by and say how much I appreciate Emelle's presence, even just generally speaking.

    Near about every time I've gone and come back, testing the waters, Emelle has been consistently there to say something as simple as 'hello'.

    It's that kind of, albeit small, acknowledgment that validates a person's existence. What I'm really -trying- to say is that Emelle has always been there in her own quiet way, even if it isn't in some dramatically 'big' kind of way, for Nola. They have a relationship you don't really talk about, because there isn't much to say, but it has still become very meaningful to my character because when they've both needed it, they've offered an ear, and support.

    Having known where Emelle was at one point, and seeing where she is now, I can say that the character is certainly built upon many experiences and self-reflection, and it shows by the undeniable quality any engagement with Emelle produces.

    I think I said what I meant! I hope.

    Emelle is a cool cat.
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    I don't write affirmations all that much, solely because it can be difficult for me to sometimes interact with other characters, which is primarily my fault for creating such a fault within my own character. I digress, however, as this post is really about @Emelle!

    I want to say that despite our interaction being small last night, your character has always struck me as interesting. I get interested when you share logs with me, and I enjoy following the trials and tribulations that Emelle often experiences. Our characters, as we've both noted, are very much alike in a lot of respects. They share the same race, hair color, eye color, personalities, and soon even the same kind of rocky house type. My only regret is that it has taken so long to find a reason for Seir and Emelle to actually interact, since they had little in common with their organizations and loyalties. I admit, part of my motivation for Seir going back to Omei was to have a reason to interact with Emelle and for the two to know each other better. It's for that reason I'm glad that we had last night's session with @Devin, as it was a real treat.

    Now aside from the character, my comments about Emelle the player. I just really want to say thank you for being a really great friend to me, and I'm sure others, for all these years. You've provided me with a ton of feedback of ideas and possible changes that I throw at you, and you're never afraid of being honest and candid about them. You, along side a few others, have stuck by me when I wasn't exactly the most "ideal" player to be around, and I'm glad you did. You're a very caring individual with a ton of creativity and I'm sure others would agree with me on that. Also, you're always there to help proofread anything I throw your way regarding Aetolia, which is really kind of you and I have the utmost trust for your feedback. So, really, thank you. I look forward to our interactions in character, and more laughs with our childish sense of humor.
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    Emelle gave me an early opportunity to help establish and explore little everyday parts of life for a new character just joining Enorian. This, in itself, is something to write about every time it happens because there are a number of times where people feel like they can't catch that first break, or at least not consistently. 

    You know I've enjoyed the progression of different sides of RP concerning the shop, but I wanted to comment further because I have really enjoyed the, as mentioned above in other posts in some form, ease with which Emelle interacts with the world and those who inhabit it.

    Thanks for being awesome, Em. Also looking forward to more.
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