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Other than pk shenanigans, I'm curious.

Have at you, self-affirmations goers.


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    I got the opportunity to chat with him a little. Seems reasonable, not afraid to step outside his tether to simply speak. It's a good opportunity to flesh out one's thoughts, having these kinds of discussions without necessarily getting into a fight. It was just a short chat, so it will be interesting talking some more with him and see what unfolds. Especially with emotes and such, just to see what kind of RP you can throw out there!

  • I greatly appreciate that you, while not throwing out five line emotes every three minutes, still portray a very firm sense of what kind of person Eliadon is and how his mannerisms are.

    I also love that you're not just a pk-bot! Maybe that's silly, but I think even just the small amount of effort to interact with the more roleplay focused people brings a certain amount of good will from people who may think their character may have nothing in common because they don't pk, leading to them hitting you up more.

    All in all, another bald man in Enorian who is great.
  • EliadonEliadon Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    It's been a bit! Anyone have any other opining on this matter? ;P
  • We need to interact more, but I like the few interactions we've had. Your character has a good sense of humor, but is serious when he needs to be. Expect Cordia to probably still try to convert him, even if it is futile.
  • I enjoyed the interactions we had when Svarog attacked Fyrren in Esterport. Hope to have more in the future!
    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.
  • You're alright. <3
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    Well, the other murder mage bumped his, sooooo...

    Edit: curse you phone
  • Eliadon's carefully roleplayed portrayal of a sentient holo globe that came to life is an unique, fine twist on the roleplay genre, I like it.
  • There was this one-time Eliadon protected Shachalai from being murdered by me with just a short conversation, which I enjoyed. I don't remember much but he didn't resort to insulting me or my intelligence. It may not be much, but it's so rare. I don't know how to explain it, but the situation was a bit tense and much more enjoyable than fighting.

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    Yolo bump, been back for a bit
  • EliadonEliadon Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Eliadon's being an actual character again recently, so let's give this a bump.
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    I can't remember how many times I've called him a party pooper :smiley:
    Much science. Very fun.
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    Flowerhead is a nerd.
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