Sir Alistaire Ridire, Knight of the Templar

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The Chapel of the Radiant Heart. (Enorian.)

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "Take a few moments to gather your thoughts, meditate, pray, and so on, over the mantle you are about to undertake. When you are prepared, come into the hall."

You say, "Sir Syvelium, Sir Edhain, Lord Dhar...father. Watch over me and grant me the strength needed to walk this path."


Assembly Hall of the Templar Knighthood. (Enorian.)
Lady Provost Aisling Aquila is here. Pentarch Areka Morrog is here. She wields a resilient braced-handle warhammer in her hands. Knight-Marshall, Sir Saybre Windrayn, Champion of the Rose is here. (Phoenecia is also here, phased.)

Positioning herself at the front of the hall, Areka beckons to you and towards the empty space before the pews.

You have emoted: Drawing his sword, Alistaire walks to the front of the hall. He grips the weapon in both hands, blade pointed down at the floor.

To the few present, Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "We gather again to celebrate, honour, and bear witness to the shouldering of a mantle, and the transition of an Aspirant to a Knight."

Areka waits for you to stop at the front of the hall before she moves to stand before you. "Knighthood is an honour, a willful undertaking of responsibility and declaration to the world that you can be relied upon to uphold the ethos and conduct of this community." To you she inquires, "Are you prepared to undertake this task, privilege and duty?"

You say, "I am prepared, Lady Pentarch."

Her grave voice ringing in the quiet space, Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "If the lost, weary and broken come to you, will you teach them, and guide them?"

You say, "Without hesitation, my Lady."

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "If the innocent and inequipped cry for help, will you come to their aid?"

You say, "It will be my honour to shield them, my Lady."

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "In the dark and chaos of this world, will you rise and tend to the work needed, a tempered blade to cut a swathe in the din for the Light to come through?"

You say, "Until the Age of Dawn rises, my Lady."

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "It customary that Aspirants swear an oath to this community, of their will and intent. Do you have words to speak?"

You say, "I do, my Lady."

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "Then speak them."

You have emoted: Turning to face the assembled Knights, Alistaire reverses his grip on his sword and brings the blade up to his face in a salute. "Where there is Darkness, I shall bring Light. Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith. Where there is Corruption, I shall point atonement. Where there is innocence, I shall shield it from the wicked. Where there is battle, I shall herald victory." he says in a grim tone and lowers his blade.

Pentarch Areka Morrog says, "Kneel, Aspirant."

You have emoted: Alistaire turns back to the Pentarch and kneels, his sword resting on his knee.

Areka turns upon her heel, reclaiming a key from her ring so that she may withdraw the ceremonial blade from its case.

The Ceremonial Sword of the Templars slides out of a glittering golden case with a satisfying steely ring.

Areka crisply turns about-face, boot-heels thumping upon the ground as she moves to stand before you once more. In a smooth pass, she draws the blade up before her, in a salute similar to the one you had just made.

"By witness within this hall," Areka begins to speak, the blade raising in the air. "I recognize you as Sir Alistaire, Templar Knight." The longsword lowers to tap upon your left shoulder. "Bound in duty," the Azudim continues, metal glinting as the blade rises and shifts to tap upon the man's right shoulder, "in integrity, in courage.." The blade soon returns to the left shoulder with another tap, "And honour. Rise, Sir Knight."

You have emoted: Alistaire slowly stands up and sheaths his weapon, inclining his head silently in answer.


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    I adore that oath.

    I want to get it on a plaque.
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    Simple and elegant. +1 like
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    That was pretty sweet. Got me right in the feels.
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