Free pics, sortof?



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    Finished the first pic this weekend, and I've continued in the order of the list. Here's @Karhast!

  • Oh my sweet jesus Karhast looks handsome no wonder he's somehow gotten engaged
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    I've always had this idea that Trolls doesn't have to be fugly creatures. You can make flaws beautiful too. :P
  • You should not be doing these for free.
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    I just know how it feels to want to get a picture and not being able to afford it. I mean... I'd love to charge for my pics, but I also want to give those not able to spend money or credits a chance to get a pic too.

    So please, tip if you can afford it. I will not be upset!
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
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    Oh, goodness. I will send it to you in a msg. If anyone else wants it, just let me know and I will pm you too.
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    Those troll cheekbones.

  • All of these pictures are making me wish there was an anime based on Aetolia.
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  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Just finished coloring @Emelle, before starting on my next sketch. Hope you like the finished product!

  • MorwenMorwen Under The Sea
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    These are beautiful! Here's Morwen, if you somehow get bored! -

    She is a wise Yeleni of Kelki heritage with smooth, silvery flesh that iridescently gleams when ambient light permits. A short, fin-like crest begins just above her brow and ends in a mass of tentacles that sprouts from the back of her otherwise bare head. The puckered appendages taper at various lengths down her back, appearing like dreadlocks that are neatly gathered by sea-green satin bow. Her ears draw into sharply-angled fins that rest on the sides of her face, each extending well beyond the back of her head. Her facial features are soft, each almost running into the other, save for a pair of large, marble-like eyes that swirl with various shades purple, blue, and green. Clearly amphibious in nature, she is lithely built with thin webbing between her fingers and toes that expands and contracts when the digits are in use.

    (hood framing her face) : a cloak of heavy dark-blue velvet
    (emanating from the right arm) : an Archmage's Spiritmark (glowing and gold)
    (coiled around her left hand) : a length of elemancer's focusing beads
    (stacked on her right wrist) : 2 thin gold bracelets
    (billowing to the floor) : a gown of lustrous sea-green sunsilk


    This Spiritmark encompasses the whole of the body, winding and gleaming its way along every contour, line, and vein of the wearer's body in full, geometric splendor. A multitude of colors are visible within the mark's lines, vivid and rainbowlike - powerful magic is contained within the abstract lines and angles, forceful and elemental in its nature. The Spiritmark is brightest upon the Archmage's right hand, fingers and palm rendered translucent by the brilliance of the silver light that is focused there.

    Cloak (can have hood down if you prefer!):
    Designed to pool around the feet, this cloak possesses a rather regal aesthetic. Its deep, dark-blue velvet exterior is cut and sewn from one solid circle of thick, heavy fabric, and its interior is lined with lustrous silver satin, the sight of which is caught when the cloak's large hood is in use, or whenever its wearer sets in motion. Stitched to rest above the nape of the neck, a bronze hook and eye clasp secures the garment in its drape over the shoulders and down the torso. Careful inspection of the clasp reveals it to be shaped into an ouroboros reminiscent of a dragon consuming its own tail.

    Sewn from a swath of lustrous, sea-green sunsilk, this gown features a modest neckline that sweeps between the shoulders. Long, split sleeves travel down the arms, revealing flesh along the way before concluding in narrow, silver-embroidered cuffs around the wrists. The embroidery is a pattern of simple, capricious swirls that is found similarly stitched into the garment's form-fitting, back-laced bodice. The skirt billows to the floor in uneven layers of its base material, the faint luminescence and brilliant sheen of which is eye-cathing in any measure of light.
  • These are amazing! I'd definitely love to see what you do with Xan, since others have taken a crack at him before and now he's all 'Sentaari-y'

    He is an athletic Mhun. Like most of his Moghedu kin, he is diminutive in stature with a stocky, burly body. Limbs and chest are lined with muscle from his time working with stone. At full height, he perhaps reaches above five feet, though a field of wild midnight streaks of hair make him seem taller than he is. He has striking eyes- irises a dark brown so deep they meld with his pupils to create a dichotomy of black against stark white sclera. Pale skin is replete with pale features. Small ears are left exposed by his unkempt hair, and a button nose sits above supple, wan lips. His shoulders are broad for such a small frame and his waist just as wide, creating a blocky, thickset body. His limbs are compact stretches of muscle, sinew and bone, angled and thick, with rugged hands smattered with tiny scars. His left hand is a shriveled thing of pale skin stretched over brittle bone with no muscle mass to speak of.

    (threaded through his right earlobe) : a spiked silver bridge piercing
    (worn on the legs) : a pair of functional moss-green pants
    (With only the right sleeve rolled up) : a functional moss-green shirt
    (Tied strangely about his waist) : a formal bronze belt
    (Stretched over large feet) : a simple pair of monk's sandals
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    My very first Arqeshi!! I have finished @Axius. Since I didn't really know how the goggles and the glasses look, I had to fake it till I made it. Hope it's good enough.

  • AxiusAxius where I am
    @Sessizlik That is AMAZING. And Axius definitely comes off as more handsome than I initially thought in my mind, XD.
  • Sessizlik said:

    My very first Arqeshi!! I have finished @Axius. Since I didn't really know how the goggles and the glasses look, I had to fake it till I made it. Hope it's good enough.

    This is probably my favorite you've done so far. Looks great.
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  • She is a powerful Idreth vampire of Rajamalan heritage. Petite for one of her race, her
    tiny form rises to stand at a mere five foot and two inches. Nestled into her hair, rise
    two reddish-hued feline ears, flicking at any nearby or distant sound and tipped just so
    in tiny tufts of ebony. Covered entirely from head to toe in the same red fur, soft to the
    touch and marked with black stripes which form chaotic patterns to only enhance her
    powerful stature. Fiery locks have been pulled into a rather stylish arrangement at the
    back of her head, half of the tousled curls pinned back while the rest falls in gentle
    waves and ringlets to faintly brush at her bottom, varying in crimson shades to grow
    darker upon the bottom five inches or so. A few strands fall at her right cheek, helping
    to shape her delicate feminine face, and peering out from thickened lashes and resting
    above her pink nose are two almond-shaped orbs of black starred sapphires. Mimicking cat
    eyes in that the striations through the gems offer a darkened slit as such, the stones
    cast off an eerily direct and haunting, but still beautiful visage, whilst still seeming
    to move of their own accord in taking in her surroundings. Glinting with hints of danger,
    two fangs appear at the corners of her mouth when she grins, a ruby and black opal tongue
    ring clearly visible and pierced through her tongue. Years of hard work add to the firm
    but supple shape of her body, proportioned perfectly with ample curves and muscles toned
    upon her small limbs, sharpened nails adorning each digit of her paws. A long tail falls
    from the small of her back, striped much as the rest of her fur and falling to easily drag
    upon the ground were it not for the constant state of movement it finds itself in.

    (worn on a finger) : a curious ithkitten ring
    (pinning a cluster of hair) : an amber butterfly pin
    (encircling the left wrist) : a Druid's bracelet
    (encircling the right wrist) : a bone Earthcaller's bracelet beset with
    (worn on person) : a traditional Bouchard Family ring
    (perched on the ear) : a clinging spider earring
    (gracefully dangling from the ear) : a ruby crystal rose earring
    (encircling an ankle) : a crystal anklet
    (encircling an ankle) : an exquisite bracelet honoring nine Divines
    (worn on right ring finger) : a black opal paw and ruby heart ring
    (falls from hips to cover upper legs) : a delicate skirt of ruby silk
    (clings formfitting to legs) : sheer black stockings cuffed with silver
    (snugly encircles throat) : a stunning choker of silver thorns
    (falls to rest upon the heart) : a resplendent pierced heart pendant
    (worn on the ears) : a black rose
    (hugs and shapes the curves) : a daring corset of flaming ruby
    (worn on the feet) : lace-up boots adorned with ruby buttons
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    @Fyrren The forums actually allowed me to express both my like and my agree at the same time! Oh wow!

    edit: For all of two seconds, XD
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    @Fyrren, your char is quite the challenge.. just saying. But I am hanging in there! I planned to put Fyrren and his golem in the same pic, but.. gonna have to be separates. So, I will soon be finished, just wanted to let you know you threw me a real curve ball. XD
  • Sessizlik said:

    @Fyrren, your char is quite the challenge.. just saying. But I am hanging in there! I planned to put Fyrren and his golem in the same pic, but.. gonna have to be separates. So, I will soon be finished, just wanted to let you know you threw me a real curve ball. XD

    Haha! I actually kind of expected this. The description I have for him has been worked on and refined for the past ten years or so, so I am not too surprised. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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  • @Sessizlik Holy Ivoln this looks amazing. You have gone above and beyond my expectations. :open_mouth: Really at a loss for words. You really captured visually what I tried to convey with words.
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  • RoxiRoxi Reno, NV
    ooh, These are beautiful! I'd like to put in for one too!!

    She is an undead agile Imp, with the stereotypical short stature and pointed
    features of her race. Tiny black horns poke out from just below her hairline,
    and these, along with her darkly glittering eyes, are easily the most attention-
    grabbing features of her face. Her ears are pointed, as is her nose, and her
    teeth are even, though her canines seem a tiny bit over-long in comparison. Her
    nails are well kept and short, and her hands are calloused from her work.
    Muscular but not very curvy, busty, or overtly feminine, she seems well-suited
    for physical pursuits. Small, vestigial wings emerge from her back, and her tail,
    spade-tipped and easily half as long as she is tall, sways behind her. Her hair
    is a shiny black, and cut into an asymmetrical bob. Dark, blue-black freckles are
    scattered over her nose and cheeks, accenting her purplish-red skin. Burn scars cover the right
    side of her face, from the middle of her forehead just below her right horn,
    across her right cheek and down around her lower jaw towards her chin, a lattice-
    work of twisting lines and curling flourishes, the runes of the Azvosh tucked within the delicate decoration.

    (covering the body): a bright yellow sundress
    (around one wrist) : sapphire, emerald, and ruby bangles
    (around the waist) : a weaponbelt of living rock
    (around the neck) : a golden locket of the earth
    (covering the eyes) : a pair of diffusal goggles

    (This is her dress, <3@Erzsebet for it!

    Designed to fit someone of limited curves, this youthful sundress features a
    straight neckline, thick straps, and a handkerchief hemline, the skirt of the
    dress falling to several different lengths, ranging from mid-thigh to upper-
    calves, the bulk of the dress ending at about knee length. The garment has been
    dyed a bright yellow in colour, the slinky silk-blended cotton designed to be
    soft, but breathable. Silver floral embroidery adorns the fabric, the large
    outline of each flower having been coated in shimmery diamond dust to make the
    garment glitter with movement in the proper lighting.
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    @fyrren, you have no idea how much it means hearing your compliments! I didn't wanna say anything before, but I felt a whole lot of pressure doing this picture, because you said you've polished the desc for almost 10 years, and that you haven't ever seen a pic that does it justice. So, I am so happy you liked it!

    @Roxi, you've been added to the list. :)
  • @Sessizlik Well, you definitely work well under pressure then! If you are still doing the golem, then I have a lot lower expectations for what comes out of that description since it was so hard for me to describe it purely from my mindseye that I actually had to spend a few hours mustering up all my artistic skills and trying to draw enough detail to conjure up the words needed. I think of the golem as a mix of the Mouth of Sauron for the head, Raziel from Soul Reaver for the torso, a gorilla for the arms, legs, and posture, and Big O for the shoulders. Pretty messed up, I know :smiley:
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  • Your Fyrren picture is incredible, just replaced Antehe's chibi as my favorite!
  • so impressed, kinda curious how ya will do a Raja hehe
  • serious ya have mad skills envious
  • this is why I do not post things @Fyrren no buzzed Zen's allowed dang it. I no good at this lolz
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Goodness, I can't believe I've done 10 pictures so far. Nine more to go on my list. Keep em coming and don't forget to tip your artist! <3
  • Sessizlik said:

    Goodness, I can't believe I've done 10 pictures so far. Nine more to go on my list. Keep em coming and don't forget to tip your artist! <3</p>

    As soon as I get a chance (not any time soon) I am definitely gonna send some credits your way. Will be a while but I won't forget!
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