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    You raise your hands dramatically and exhale, frigid emerald flames spilling down your form in an array of vibrant coruscation so bright it momentarily conceals your location from view. When the cold fire recedes, you are located in your haven once more.

    An octagon hall wreathed in emerald flames.
    Flat panes of emerald comprise the base walls and flooring in this opulent room, eight walls flowing together seamlessly to create the hall's octagon shape. Each wall is faceted inwards and excessively polished to a mirror shine. A plush black rug and dark furniture fill the room, very much designed for both comfortable elegance and the stark contrast betwixt both material and colour.
    The walls are wreathed with emerald flames tinged with the faintest edge of purple. The icy tendrils of flame seem to spring from the walls themselves with no apparent source or accelerant. Not appearing to harm the single tapestry hung on the walls, the coruscating flames cast an eerie flickering green light in the room, which plays over the emerald stones of the walls and the reflective dark furniture, teasing out flashes of scintillating colour from both. A small stairway spirals around the room's edge until it can no longer be seen, the flames less vibrantly violent around the stairway. The flames give the room an icy temperature, decidedly cold, but not freezing. An Idrethi statue bust wearing a diadem stands here, looking regal. An armored statue wearing an elaborate helm stands here, looking imposing. [/spoiler]

    Hidden exit down.

    Spiralling within an emerald abyss.
    No shapes or objects can be seen in the enshrouding shimmering mists that swirls about endlessly in all directions. Ever-shifting, the mists are a rich emerald in colour, and coruscating flashes of silver and green as ethereal slivers of metal and gemstone churn through the spiralling mists. Seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere, the scintillating mists permeate the area completely,
    the constant ebb and flux of the turbulent vapors giving a sense of constant motion and the sensation of spiralling laterally. The constant flow of the air currents creates a wind that is as cool in temperature as the mists themselves, the wind producing a faint sibilant hissing sound as it sings through the mists, pervading the silence of the abyssal void. A whirlwind swirls around violently,
    carrying assorted odds and ends with it.


    Amidst piles of gold and glittering jewels.
    This room is very large, an elaborately arched ceiling vanishing into fathomless depths of emerald green mist. Polished emerald-hued marble shot through with veins of darkly glittering obsidian and djerite cover both the floors and walls of this extravagant chamber. The archways form a lattice of these materials, and small orbs of light have been affixed equidistant from each other along the underside of each arch, of which there are three. The illumination these provide causes the rest of the room to glitter enticingly, for, from floor to ceiling lie little more than pile upon pile of gold, interspersed with assorted jewels, crystals, artwork and the occasional soft cushion. Some of the piles reach up to the highest visible corners of the room, while others are only heaped in smaller mounds. A few cushions form a makeshift bed atop this enormous pile of gems and gold. A miniature crystal tree on a pedestal is here, glinting brightly in any light. A sleek, jeweled mirror stands here, polished to a highly reflective shine.  A fountain of 'Liquid Death' stands here, emerald liquor falling from its tiers.

    From here, you may go into the mirror. Which is a special exit that can only be accessed via the mirror. Or you can go east.

    Amidst a multitude of glimmering reflections.
    A large, reflective mirror stand proudly from door to three-quarters of the way up the wall in a silver frame of interwoven serpents that have been twined about into an intricately knotworked octagon that encircles the mirror. Accented with jewels, the polished mirror reflects back the room from which this room was accessed, rather than the glittering piles of crystals that fill the room. The room otherwise holds little, save for a large chest that has spilled over with gems and jewels, and a large stack of framed artwork that might have been hung up on the walls if the walls were not themselves comprised exclusively of highly reflective, polished mirrors. The ceiling and floors are similarly comprised, the former hung with an elaborate, bejeweled chandelier, set with glittering jewel-tone candles set within globes of light, to brightly illuminate the space, the mirrors reflecting the chandelier's details back and forth infinitely till they are too tiny to see. A large, ornate chaise has been set amongst the piles of jewels, and a plush emerald cushion has been set at its base, for another to sit closely enough to converse to the elegant chaise's occupant. The walls each reflect all of the room's shiny things, making it seem bigger and much more full than it actually is. Enormous piles of a wide range of crystals lie here, glittering in the light.

    This being east.

    Beneath a myriad of coruscating gems and crystals.
    Part of a great collected hoard, this room primarily contains its overspill, massive quantities of gold, gems, and artwork having been layered here in a haphazard fashion. A pathway winds through the room, which is large and generally octagon-shaped with tall, striated marble columns lining the walls. The marble matches that of the floor and ceiling, a generally bright emerald green shot through with streaks of djerite and violanthe crystals as well as true emeralds which stand out less vibrantly against the green marble. Well-placed torches bring a flickering light to the area, the brightness afforded by the dancing flames teasing out flashes of coruscation from the shimmering hoard  and the ornately designed tree which is possibly the most interesting thing in the room. The far back corner of the room is dominated by an enormous tree, its twisted and gnarled form taking up most of the corner. The tree's trunk is textured like a real tree, but is made entirely from solid gold, and the leaves which adorn the tree's branches are hewn from well-crafted and polished silver, each modeled to the vein-like detail after the real thing. The golden branches are full of silver leaves, and the tree bears fruit in the way of shimmering gemstones and crystal that coruscate in a wide array of colour. A myriad of these hang down from the branches which arch over the entire room, which has a very high-vaulted ceiling, all of which seems to be filled with an endless array of dazzling gemstones ranging through several colours and kinds. A small section has been cleared out beneath the magnificent tree, with a soft cushion laid down to allow someone to sit comfortably beneath it. The roots and branches that don't hang over the majority of the chamber follow the walls and floors, and the branches on the far side hang over a sizable doorway that leads down into a glowing green tavern, the source of the glow invisible from this chamber. A gleaming tree laden with a myriad of coruscating gems and crystals grows here. A vast hoard towers here, with sparkling jewels and gleaming metals piled high. There are 2 seat atop a massive emerald cushions here. A perfect skystone orb rests here upon a sleek, obsidian pedestal.

    And then down again.

    A crystalline cavern of glowing jewels.
    The descent into this crystal cavern is fairly fast, only twenty steps on a naturally spiralled stair to get to the chamber below, which glows brightly with primarily green light with flashes of purple that seems to emanate from the crystals which form the walls, ceiling, and floor of the area. A wide array of crystals have come together to form this glittering location, despite having come from across the world. Streaks of malachite find themselves wedged between embedded emeralds and amethysts, which are alongside sparkling ankyrils and dazzling violanthe crystal. A large swathe of coruscating taerzseralla crystals with their shifting green-purple hues are wedged betwixt a series of glittering black opals and pale green peridots. Moss agate sits aside jasper, jade, onyx and pounamu with a smattering of pyrite adding a touch of glitter to these more solid stones. In the side of one of the walls is a large rift, where all of these cross at some point or another, the glittering crystals having spilled into the crystal-lined rift, an assortment of varied crystals lying loosely on the crystal-lined bottom. A natural hot spring follows most of the opposite wall, curling around the cavern delicately, a glow seeming to backlight the crystal of the pools just as well, causing the clear waters to glow green. The pathway to the rift is clear of the pool, being closer to the stairway to enter the area than to the pool which winds throughout the myriad of crystal-lined tunnels that the hot spring has flooded with its soothing warm waters. The spring is heated but not scalding, the temperature very warm without being too much, and the temperature of the water is a stark contrast to the cool air in the glowing cavern. Glowing faintly, a crystal-lined rift has formed in the wall. A twisting spiral of living marble has grown up out of the ground here.

    I had just the first three for a long time. Now I kinda feel like I should go back and re-desc them, since the other rooms are double their length, and the original three have all had things added that feature prominently enough to be notable.

    All of 'em excepting the first one have ambient shiny messages.
  • Entrance

    An old-growth forest.
    You are surrounded by old forest growth, thick and green. Trees stretch far, far
    upward, thicker than the armspan of two trolls together. Moss marches up the
    trunks and covers the ground, flowers clumped in patches between the trees.
    Sunlight spears through the patches, growing brighter as the trees thin out to
    the north. Birdsong floats through the air, little colored bodies flitting
    through branches overhead.  You see a single exit leading north.

    Room 2.

    A picturesque cottage squats in the middle of a large clearing here, backed up
    against a tree that is almost as big as a cathedral. The forest opens up
    somewhat here, where the shadow of the giant tree has kept anything else from
    growing besides grass. Smoke trickles out of the cottage's chimney, and shadows
    flicker past the upstairs windows. The front door stands ajar, either in
    carelessness or invitation to a stray visitor.

    imageimage "Little pig, little pig, let me in, let me in. You look tasty and smell like bacon." *LICKLICKLICK*
  • @Omei I have refined quite a bit since the visit to my haven before.

    A hillside garden
    You find the weather around you imperceptible. A rocky path leads one to enter this lush garden,
    full of life and botanical scents. The out of the way placement makes this garden overwhelmingly
    peaceful. Small flowers are blossoming amidst the lush green of the grass surrounding this little
    garden. Placed carefully, a pine bench offers comfort from under a tall oak tree, to allow one to
    fully appreciate the gift of nature. Softly the wind blows, carrying with it a refreshing aroma that
    embraces it's currents as it wafts past the nose. The tranquil atmosphere broken only by the soft
    burble of a small stone fountain in the center of the garden, providing host to various water
    flowers. Mixtures of day and night flowers pepper the room in no true orderly fashion, but pleasing
    on the eyes no matter the time of day. A marble fountain choked with fragrant lotus flowers bubbles
    placidly nearby.

    Cozy living quarters
    Entering from the garden, you find yourself inside a warm living area. Night blooms are potted and
    placed within the room to give it a more cozy and homely appeal, some moonstone has been set into
    the fireplace carefully as if to depict stars in the night sky when the fire is lit. Hardwood floor
    of a deep cherry color, is covered with a plush rug seeming to decorate. A large comfortable couch
    placed carefully as if meant to follow with the atmosphere. The softest scents of lavender permeate
    the room meant to soothe a restless body. A small vial of what is labeled 'Myrrh extract', rests on a
    nearby table, it's use only known to the owner.

    A dimly lit bedroom
    A large canopy bed with drapes of black and purple seem to draw the eye when you first enter the
    room. Subtle scents of sandalwood and lavender relax the senses, and several pillows dot the floor.
    A chest sits at the foot of the bed, locked tight from prying eyes. A smaller fireplace decorates
    the northern wall, a pile of wood carefully stacked to knock the chill from the night air. Several
    moonstones decorate the rather large room casting a soft glow in the dark hours, as small candles
    have been placed inside the hollowed stones unnoticeable to most eyes. A faint sound of water can be
    heard, though it is indeterminable where the source of the sound is. Artfully arranged smokey quartz
    sits atop an ornate altar to the Nightmare.

    A mineral bath
    Stepping into this warm room, you are met with the scent of rose oil that seems to seep into the air
    from the heated mineral pool with various rose petals floating atop the waters. Cool marble stone
    greeting bare feet, has been placed in an array of primarily dark stone with some white marble here
    and there, looking like a starry night sky. There is a small rack containing various hand towels and oils
    that will interact well with the pool of water that has been placed in the center of the room. There
    are small seat like slabs of carved marble that allow one to sit comfortably in the warm waters. to
    the outer edge in the far northern corner of the room a small wicker basket of large fluffy towels
    are rolled carefully and placed to allow one to wrap up in after finishing their bath or soak.

    No...Elliana doesn't have a thing for things that go bump in the night.... >.>
    I am not a morning inside four walls. I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is alive or awake. I live in my own flames sometimes burning too bright -too wild to make things last and so I run. Far and wide until my bones ache and lungs burn..and it feels good.
    Do you hear that?
    It feels good, it feels good because I am both the slave and the ruler of my own body and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
  • MorwenMorwen Under The Sea
    Upon a driftwood platform
    Constructed of broad slabs of driftwood held together by long steel spikes, this platform is large enough to comfortably seat two people. It is sturdily anchored into the sea-bed below, preventing it from swaying despite the churning and swelling of the water that surrounds it. The oceanic view is undisturbed by any other signs of life, or any end to the water in sight, and the taste and scent of salt heavily hangs in the air. The sky above is cloudless, whether day or night, providing clear views of the sky and its many celestial bodies as they move across it.
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