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    The Essentials
    Name: Squire Svarog
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Templar
    City: Enorian
    Order/Congregation: Omei
    Alignment: Chaotic Good vs Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 18

    The Look
    Hair: Around shoulder length, with numerous war braids. Pitch black.
    Eyes: Bright Blue
    Height: 6ft 8in
    Build: Strong, very much so. Not grossly over powered like some kind of beef cake, but he's atypical in strength for his age
    Clothing: Has a real eye for anything with metal or that has a protective or utility based feel or look
    Tattoos: Has a band of pale blue knot work that wraps around the crown of his skull, and two similar tattoos around his biceps, has another tattoo on his upper back of a red and black colored wolf with a crescent moon in it's mouth
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Brave, loyal, quietly sensitive to others but not overtly so, inquisitive and curious of just about anything
    Weaknesses: To headstrong and ignorant of the world he lives in, has a tombstone brand of bravery and will fight even if he knows he will die
    Attitude: Typically friendly
    Morals: Do what's right. No need to define what is right. It's simple for him
    Pet Peeves: Yet to have any, but for sure in the future
    Best way to piss him off: Be a bad person in regards to how he defines it, be Undead of any type or have anything to do with them directly
    Best way to get on her good side: Be interested in weapons, Omei, music, drinking, or obscure bits of knowledge. Failing all that, be genuine and fair minded

    Color: Red, Gold, Black, Purple
    Location: Windswept balcony in Spinesreach, Esterport, Alcove of the Beast, any location with an Omei shrine.
    God/Goddess: Omei
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Undecided
    Village/forest/region: None yet.
    Memories: First encounter with Omei, a particular interaction with Lexen
    Pasttime: The simple things in life
    Song: None
    Drink: Not that picky though he does love dark beers and high grade stouts

    Goals: Draw closer to Omei's mind
    Ambitions: Become knighted, increase service to Omei
    Nemesis: Iosyne, Alathesia
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: Mileta, Emelle
    Idol: Lexen
    Best personal achievement: Enlisting into the Templar
    Worst personal achievement: None yet.
    Proudest moment: Entering Omei's congregation
    Most shameful moment: None yet.
    Secret Dream: Omei
    Not all who wander are lost.
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    I wrote this down on paper a little while ago. I wanted a record, as I'm expecting some possibly dramatic changes soon, one way or another. Figured I'd go ahead and share it.


    Race: Tekal (Atavian)
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentaari
    City: None
    Order/Congregation: None(its a goal though)/Omei

    Hair: Mostly silvered with age, formerly golden blonde. Worn long and loose to his shoulders, before being tied in a loose gather that goes to his shoulder blades.
    Eyes: Right eye is pale green, left was lost years ago in an accident.
    Height: 6'9" (was 6'2" before Tekal
    Build: Thin, but strong. "Wiry"
    Defining Features: Missing eye. Reddish-grey(from Tekal), weathered skin.
    Clothing: Simple grey Sentaari student uniform
    Tattoos: None, outside of those used for utility.
    Piercings: None, though there are holes from them in several places on his ears.
    Scars: A collection of small ones all over. Only major one is over his left eye and temple.

    Strengths: Very focused. Generally level headed. Strong empathy for others.
    Weaknesses: Singled minded. If he does lose his cool, its very bad.
    Attitude: Generally very mild, slightly joking, manner. Completely shuts down in a crowd. Prone to rare bouts of extreme emotion.
    Morals: Do what you what makes you happy, provided it is not at the expense of others.
    Pet Peeves: Overt brashness and overly haughty persons.
    Best way to piss off: Threaten/disrespect/harm someone he cares about.
    Best way to get on good side: Share some insight to a problem or yourself.

    Color: All and None (He's colorblind now. "acquired achromatopsia")
    Profession: Sentaari
    Profession Skill: Empathy
    General Skill: Dodge (or Flight if racials count)
    Location: Pagoda of the Bells, His haven, (past/unavailable) A withered garden, (past) Source of the Pachacha River (spelling?)
    God/Goddess: @Omei
    Guild Master/House Head: @Kerryn‌
    Tattoo: Starburst
    Artifact: His left eye
    Commodity: None, he's not a crafter.
    Animal: Birds of prey
    Village/forest/region: Any mountainous. Seer's Wood (very recently).
    NPC: Shinobu, (Past) Lucisa
    Memory: Way to many, But recent events would be joining the Sentaari and Omei's congregation.
    Song: Anything instrumental or that makes his think.
    Drink: Hot tea, of any sort.

    Goals: To always be approaching a perfection of self. To understand others. Currently he has set himself to three personal challenges, one of body, one of spirit, and one of mind.
    Ambitions: To be able to understand the "Why?" of people and the world around him.
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: None, but there have been some recent discussions here (@Phoenecia)
    Best Friend: @Aloli or @Niavex
    Idol: Recent, in order of appearance - @Aloli @Kerryn @Emelle Past - @Dreala
    Best personal achievement: Many, as far as he sees, anything he has done to make himself a better person fits here.
    Worst personal achievement: Losing his left eye in a fit of fury and madness.
    Proudest moment: See Favorite memories above
    Most shameful moment: See Worst personal achievement
    Secret dream: To be able to see into the motivations and underlying thoughts of others.
    If he could make one wish..: To be rid of his fear of group gatherings and general social anxiety.

    Why you should hate: Give him the chance and he'll get inside your head.
    Why you should love: He'll probably just extol all your virtues while he is there.
    Why you should fear: His emotions can be explosive and dangerous (even and sometimes especially to himself)
    Why he is harmless: He would much rather know you than fight with you.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Mandatory, face to face, one on one, meet and greet sessions.
    Sentence summary: We are all just a sum of our experiences.
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

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    The Essentials
    Name: Gogrut Everhungry
    Race: Ogre
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order/Congregation: //
    Alignment: His own. He can become good or evil depending on situations.
    Age: 29

    The Look (see my profile picture)
    Hair: The top of his head is bald while around it he has shoulder length dark-brown hair.
    Eyes: black
    Height: 7ft 9in
    Build: Massive
    Clothing: usually prefer vests and pants.
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Can be a loyal ogre.
    Weaknesses: He's quite lazy. He doesn't like to do difficult/challenging tasks.
    Attitude: Loner
    Morals: Eat. Crush bones. Sleep. Eat again.
    Pet Peeves: people who tend to talk too much or don't leave him alone.
    Best way to piss him off: calling him a "stupid ogre".
    Best way to get on his good side: Be interested in weapons,eating,drinking,burping,sport competitions..

    Color: Green,Brown,Black
    God/Goddess: Chakrasul
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Village/forest/region: Swamps.
    Memories: //
    Pasttime: Eat. Drink. Sleep. Hunting.
    Song: None
    Drink: Usually Beer

    Goals: Eat. Drink. Sleep. Hunting.
    Ambitions: Become one of the most feared ogres around.
    Nemesis: //
    Rival: None
    Best Friend: //
    Idol: //
    Best personal achievement: None yet.
    Worst personal achievement: None yet.
    Proudest moment: None yet.
    Most shameful moment: None yet.
    Secret Dream: Scaring citizens.
    If he could make one wish..: To always have food and drinks available anytime anywhere.

    Why you should hate: He is misanthropic and quite cranky. He doesn't like people around him.
    Why you should love: When you manage to become his friend,he can be loyal and protective.
    Why you should fear: Well...because he's an ogre!
    Why he is harmless: There will always be someone much stronger than him.
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    I love you, Gogurt

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    Damn @Valingar watch out you got competition for once.
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    Hm. Haven't seen this thread in a bit. Might as well update:

    Character Name: Seir


    Race: Idreth w/Tsol'aa heritage
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Omei


    Hair: Long, unkempt, sweeping brown hair.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Lithe, flexible.
    Defining Features: Left arm is a tree arm made of bloodwood. His body has patches of flesh also replaced by bloodwood with some vines weaving through his skin in areas.
    Clothing: Wyvern skull headdress, bone armor, goat skull spaulder, relatively basic attire otherwise.
    Tattoos: Tribal markings on most parts of his body.
    Piercings: An ankyril claw earring, but about to be changed to a raven feather earring
    Scars: Nothing save some minor things that he has gained over the years from all the fighting and war.


    Strengths: Speaks up for others. Can lead when necessary and motivate when he has to. Loving to those he comes to care about.
    Weaknesses: A bit morose when it comes to thinking about the past, but he has gotten better about it. Gets taken advantage of sometimes.
    Attitude: On the surface, happy-go-lucky or severe depending on circumstances and who he is around. Affectionate when around those he knows well.
    Morals: He has none, save for his Oath as a Sentinel. Honesty and loyalty are high on that list.
    Pet Peeves: People that are difficult or act difficult to read, people who hide their emotions away, or those who overly indulge in vice.
    Best way to piss me off: Disregard the little things he does to try to make friends. Mock the Tsol'aa race and their situation. Do or say anything that runs afoul of his son, Drestyn.
    Best way to get on my good side: Be his friend and appreciate the little things he does, as it requires much out of him to open up. Giving Seir a little will mean that he'll return it hundredfold.


    Color: Black and Green
    Profession: Shaman
    Profession Skill: Omen
    General Skill: Flight
    Location: Hard to say. Usually Dendara and the site of his future home in Duiran.
    God/Goddess: Omei, but Haern also has a ton of love.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): N/A
    Tattoo: Shield
    Artifact (don't have to own): Iosai Lyre
    Commodity: Wood
    Animal: Ravens, though ina'a are quickly poised to overtake
    Item owned: A wyvern skull headdress
    Village/forest/region: Once the Aalen. Now the Seer's Wood and Dendara.
    NPC: Govon
    Memory: His son being born.
    Song: The Song of the Aalen
    Drink: Absinthe, but he doesn't drink any longer. It'd probably be cider now.


    Goals: Become the Prideleader, the one position he has not fully served in within the Pride.
    Ambitions: Start a family of his own/be adopted into one to replace the one he lost so long ago.
    Nemesis: None nowadays.
    Rival: None, really.
    Best Friend: Edhain
    Idol: Was also Edhain
    Best personal achievement: Lead Duiran to victory in wars as Benandanti of Bark
    Worst personal achievement: Accidentally wore spiked heels because he thought they shoes to give him traction in the snow.
    Proudest moment: Becoming a father
    Most shameful moment: Being as hateful as he was when younger, pushing those he loved away.
    Secret dream: For all of the damage he made to be done and forgotten, reforging those relationships.
    If I could make one wish..: That the spirits of his people in the Bloodwood could find peace forever and for his race to have a new home of their own.
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    It's been a bit, so here's an update! Yay, updates! You'll notice it's very similar.

    Character Name: Missus Oisynne Mallore


    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sciomancers
    City: Spinesreach
    Congregation: Chakrasul


    Hair: Very, very long and very, very pale blond.
    Eyes: A vague dark color resembling black.
    Height: 5'7ish?
    Build: Waifish and breakable.
    Defining Features: Very large eyes.
    Clothing: Prefers modest clothing that doesn't reveal her body (beyond shape).


    Strengths: Intelligent. Plucky. Sociable. Eager to please.
    Weaknesses: Socially awkward. Easy to upset.
    Attitude: A true patriot of the Republic, Oisynne views everything with a Glass Half Full viewpoint in spite of her awkward, awkward awkwardness. She grew up in Torston playing with animal bones and finds living (or once living) sculptures to be fascinating; she's quite artistic when she wants to be. She also holds grudges over perceived small things that upset her.
    Morals: M...orals? What are 'morals'?
    Pet Peeves: Sluttiness. Rudeness. Especially rudeness.
    Ways to Anger Her: Be rude. Be very, very rude.
    Ways to Please Her: Bring her sweets, or dead things, or just talk to her really. She's easy to please.


    Color: Clay brown. It reminds her of graves. Also purple.
    Profession: Sciomancer
    Profession Skill: Enchantment - Essencecaps!
    General Skill: Good question.
    Location: Any swamp. Really. Also the frosty balcony in Spinesreach.
    God/Goddess: Iosyne. She has a spider butt!
    Guild Master/House Head: Still Teani.
    Tattoo: Book.
    Artifact: She really likes the set of tattoo stamps. So useful!
    Commodity: Gems of any kind.
    Animal: Crocodilians!
    Item owned: The tentacle hat Mariena made for her. HEAD TENTACLES!
    Village/Forest/Region: Spinesreach.
    NPC: Still Mazarine's haatun.
    Memory: Warm, fuzzy praise for being a smart girl.
    Song: Good question.
    Drink: Tea!


    Goals: Write a storybook!
    Amibitions: Ascend mortality.
    Nemesis: None.
    Best Friend: Cardie! Also Nenelos. Oh, and Kanivara! And Teani! And Mariena! (She has a lot of 'best' friends).
    Idol: Mariena and Nenelos.
    Best Personal Achievement: Realizing she can be useful and craft essencecaps.
    Worst Personal Achievement: Having to do the Second Proving, like, six times.
    Proudest Moment: Being appointed as a Development Aide by Kelliara herself, and lauded for her work.
    Most Shameful Moment: Shame? What's shame?
    Secret Dream: Shh. It's a secret.
    If she could make one wish?: Her alligator skull would talk to her. SPEAK, VARGA! SPEAK! Also, she would have a little clay and shadow gremlin. Like a baby. Only without the goop.
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    Oisynne said:

    Proudest Moment: Being appointed as a Development Aide by Kelliara herself, and lauded for her work.

    I was the one that did that, bub.

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    Drestyn said:

    Oisynne said:

    Proudest Moment: Being appointed as a Development Aide by Kelliara herself, and lauded for her work.

    I was the one that did that, bub.

    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
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    Wait, nvm. I aided her the first time around to Development. :>

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    You aided me, she aided me, THEY ALL AIDED ME! (Because I love aiding people.)
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    Aishia is the Matrix!

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    Alright, new breakdown time.

    Character Name: Drestyn


    Race: Azudim w/Tsol'aa heritage
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Omei


    Hair: Black(Originally brown), long, single braid reaching mid-back.
    Eyes: Green-Blue(Originally Slate-Grey)
    Height: 5'8"
    Build: Athletic but not lean.
    Defining Features: Cat-like eyes and very 'aristocratic' features when it comes to looks. Resting face could be mistaken for anger(Resting unicorns face?). Otherwise very Tsol'aa.
    Clothing: Depending on the season: Winter/Fall is usually a more rugged and bundled up outfit. Summer/Spring are loincloth seasons.
    Tattoos: Dath from right shoulder to elbow. Markings of the constellations Treyes and Ulgar from the elbow to the edge of his knuckles.
    Piercings: No.
    Scars: Rojalli claw mark on left shoulder arcing down across his chest.


    Strengths: Confident in himself and in general, Prideful, Willful, Protective, and a good heaping helping of tenacity.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't tend to speak to others about his issues or feelings. His pride tends to get the better of him a lot. Often when his confidence doesn't succeed he ends up broken and very disheartened. Can be very cold to anyone and everyone.
    Attitude: Generally a happy fella around -most- people. He tends to drink a bit much but is otherwise less inclined to be an a-hole than he used to be.
    Morals: None save for when he takes his Oath to the Sentinels.
    Pet Peeves: Eh, none really. A lot of things can annoy him but they aren't really pet peeves.
    Best way to piss me off: Hurt anyone close to him is a surefire way to get on his bad side. Disrespect his family in any way(like he hasn't, haw).
    Best way to get on my good side: Be kind to him. That's it.


    Color: Blue, green
    Profession: Sentinel
    Profession Skill: Heartbreaker(*Waggle*)
    General Skill: Gripping(Free fist sigil!)
    Location: A mound holding a monument to Hearn in the Western Ithmia
    God/Goddess: Omei. Will always be Omei. SHOULD be Haern, though.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Sibatti.
    Tattoo: Tree(Permatat)
    Artifact (don't have to own): Gem of Transmutation
    Commodity: Iron
    Animal: His wolf(Yeee, sentinel minipets)
    Item owned: The mask given to him by his father
    Village/forest/region: Western Ithmia
    NPC: Lokhani(His sister)
    Memory: His son being born.(Same as his old man)
    Song: N/A
    Drink: Rum but he's starting to like the new gin Rasani made.


    Goals: Become a Ranger and a stronger warrior. Bring pride to his family and those around him.
    Ambitions: Same as above
    Nemesis: None
    Rival: He sees no one capable of being his rival... yet.
    Best Friend(s): Runas, Omnaen, Phoenecia(All givens, considering)
    Idol(s): His parents. His aunts.
    Best personal achievement: Returning to the Great Oak
    Worst personal achievement: N/A
    Proudest moment: He's proud of a lot of things and doesn't hold any other moment above another.
    Most shameful moment: Having to leave his son in Spinesreach
    Secret dream: To be looked up to. To inspire others.
    If I could make one wish..: Wishes are for people without his sense of confidence.

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    Might as well leave some kind of historical record before Tacitus grows up!

    Character Name: Tacitus


    Race: Typical Human
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Luminary
    City: Enorian
    Congregation/Order: No congregation or order


    Hair: Bright blonde, moderately short.
    Eyes: Pale woad-blue
    Height: 5'11"
    Build: Lean and athletic
    Defining Features: He's young (18) and played as such? That's about it.
    Clothing: Zaila calls him Mail-Man for a reason
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Eager and friendly! Acute loyalty of a very high degree regarding city and guild.
    Weaknesses: Anger is his most corruptible attribute
    Attitude: Vibrantly youthful outlook on the world. Warm and friendly to just about 99% of everyone he encounters.
    Morals: It seems cliche, but he's fairly straight laced. Tries to be as upright as possible, but stumbles at times
    Pet Peeves: None currently
    Best way to piss me off: Affront or insult gods, guild or city. In no particular order. Come after people he loves
    Best way to get on my good side: Multiple ways to do so, it's not so cut and dry for him


    Color: Gold, Silver, White, Sunglow, Black, Red
    Profession: Luminary
    Profession Skill: Spirituality
    General Skill: Smite, Toughness, Inspiration - Strength
    Location: Temple of the Gods
    God/Goddess: Dhar, Ethne, Omei
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Rosdes
    Tattoo: None
    Artifact (don't have to own): Lexen's necklace
    Commodity: Gold, Steel, Silver
    Animal: Eagle
    Item owned: A coronal, prayer inscribed helm
    Village/forest/region: None
    NPC: None
    Memory: Becoming a Luminary
    Song: None
    Drink: Some kind of gin that Sirris introduced Tacitus to that came out of Rasani's tavern.


    Goals: Transcend being a typical human. Become an efficient combatant
    Ambitions: Advance in guild and city.
    Nemesis: He wants to feel like Kelliara is his Nemesis, but the two are so cordial it's hard to title her as such
    Rival: Sirris (it's a lot of fun)
    Best Friend(s): The entirety of his guild. Zaila.
    Idol(s): Nola
    Best personal achievement: Becoming a Luminary
    Worst personal achievement: None yet
    Proudest moment: Becoming a Luminary
    Most shameful moment: Losing to overconfidence in a chess game with Kelliara
    Secret Dream: Crusade

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    Character Name: Cordia


    Race: Wise Undead Azudim Human
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Indorani/D'baen
    City: Bloodloch
    Congregation/Order: Iosyne


    Hair: Black, slicked back against her skull
    Eyes: Grey
    Height: Around 6'
    Build: Very thin
    Defining Features: She looks like she's sixteen. Otherwise, nothing too notable.
    Clothing: Typically some sort of pretty dress (lady-like). If having to fight often, switches to trousers and a tunic.
    Tattoos: Thirteen pointed star and fists (Indorani and Iosyne)
    Piercings: Both ears at the bottom and tongue
    Scars: Markings on her chest from when Aoi re-embraced her


    Strengths: Hard-working
    Weaknesses: Being naive to some things and quick to rush to a conclusion in her search to get things done swiftly. Impatient. Prideful.
    Attitude: Acts friendly to new people, stuck-up to ones that get on her bad side, and to the point as much as she can be. Overall, a lot more friendly and happy than she used to be.
    Morals: None, really. Though, she is careful to not betray those that she is loyal to - even if it is a struggle at times.
    Pet Peeves: People who assume that, because she's a vamp/in D'baen, that she wants to be called by title. Or has to be formal. Also, people who boss her around.
    Best way to piss me off: Boss her around.
    Best way to get on my good side: Strike up a conversation.


    Color: Blue and Gray
    Profession: Indorani
    Profession Skill: Necromancy
    General Skill: Decay
    Location: D'baen Castle
    God/Goddess: Iosyne
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ezalor
    Tattoo: the fists on her neck
    Artifact (don't have to own): Her cloak (sip 2 on it)
    Commodity: Silver and Iron
    Animal: Spider or Beetle
    Item owned: an intricately woven suit of spiderweb armour and the spider that goes with it
    Village/forest/region: None
    NPC: Vinessa
    Memory: Becoming Ezalor's childe
    Song: None
    Drink: Blood. Doesn't care much for alcohol, but can handle bloodwine.


    Goals: Make Bloodloch and D'baen strong again. Perhaps one day ascend to something more than Azudim.
    Ambitions: See above. Not much else being worked on actively.
    Nemesis: Dato, though just because they had some witty banter a few times. Maybe Elliana now.
    Rival: Alathesia
    Best Friend(s): Zisra, Alathesia, Mephistoles, Tobius
    Idol(s): Iosyne
    Best personal achievement: Being chosen by Abhorash to become an Overlord
    Worst personal achievement: Not being awake enough nor proving enough to become Ezalor's childe again when he became Emperor
    Proudest moment: Becoming Ezalor's childe also being appointed by Abhorash
    Most shameful moment: Getting married too fast, hurting Aoi because of it.
    Secret Dream: See the world in Chaos, burning, as Bloodloch watches in contentment.
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    Character Name: Ary Autumn Gallant


    Race: Typical Azudim Human
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Congregation/Order: Omei


    Hair: fiery red in mostly untamed curls
    Eyes: light blue
    Height: 5'8
    Build: thin/athletic
    Defining Features: long legs but she slouches, her hair
    Clothing: a long loin cloth, criss crossing top revealing her abdomen, and a cracked hematite medallion of the Pride
    Tattoos: none
    Piercings: None yet
    Scars: None


    Strengths: Hard-working, loyal, willingness to learn
    Weaknesses: A crippling social anxiety, lacking in confidence, she tends to be overprotective of those she is close to
    Attitude: assessive, quiet, has a hint of abrasiveness to those that don't know her to know her short responses are mainly because she does not know how to really take most people.
    Morals: always stand by what you say you are going to do, honesty, she is brutally honest when she doesn't like someone, and will try to remedy this privately, before washing her hands of them.
    Pet Peeves: People that think she dislikes them when she is indifferent, liars, people pressing to much in to her past.
    Best way to piss me off: Talk bad about her mother.
    Best way to get on my good side: Ary is hit and miss with this, more or less its taking the time to actually get to know her instead of trying to force her to like you. Being there and allowing her to warm up to you is really the only way.


    Color: Onyx
    Profession: Sentinel
    Profession Skill: dhuriv
    General Skill: throatcrush
    Location: That is a secret!
    God/Goddess: Omei
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Aymah for sure!
    Tattoo: >.<
    Artifact (don't have to own): hmm probably tattoo stamps
    Commodity: Obsidian
    Animal: Cardinal
    Item owned: a black thorned circlet with a red rose
    Village/forest/region: Northern Ithmia
    NPC: Esine
    Memory: Ary's first interaction and well every interaction with @Lin. And @Mihaketi and Ary's friendship starting
    Song: None
    Drink: The messed up slurry that @Aloli didn't think she would drink and did anyway. Gut of steel!


    Goals: Become something better than she is now, She wants to grow and learn new things, pushing her limits, and breaking through what holds her back
    Nemesis: She's too quiet to really have one
    Rival: not sure yet
    Best Friend(s): @Mihaketi , @Lin, @Rasani, @Dzekk (Though most of them do not realize this :P )
    Idol(s): She doesn't really have any.
    Best personal achievement: ascending
    Worst personal achievement: Thats a secret she shares as part of her past. SHHHH
    Proudest moment: Becoming a Huntress
    Most shameful moment: hehe well she really doesn't have any just yet
    Secret Dream: Also a secret, you should interact with her if you can to learn this!
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    So, thought it would be nice to update this because character development is a thing. It's not much, but it's definitely there. >w> Oh, and a few missed details from the last time.

    Race: Yeleni (Atavian)
    Guild/House: Illuminai
    City: Enorian
    Order: None

    Hair: Straight, waist length black hair.
    Eyes: Emerald green. Her pupils have a low-grade orange-yellow glow.
    Height: 5'5 (and a half)
    Build: Petite, fit.
    Defining Features: Her skin is covered with a low-key pattern of embers, which do glow and are influenced by her mood. Large golden brown wings. She's almost always on fire, courtesy of her elemental shroud.
    Clothing: Red gi and black Tekura belt, kimono on occasion, dark red Godgift gloves, Auresian prayerbeads, trinket of living flame.
    Tattoos: Aside from the functional tattoos (she has arti moss and tree on torso and right arm, respectively), she has a red dragon squiggle drawn on her left cheek by Nola that she decided to make permanent when she ascended.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: Faint, well healed hand-shaped burn scar on her left outer bicep. Way back in the day, Lexen left a handprint on her throat after she left House Ve'kahi. Long gone, since you're only as scarred as you want to be (read: I no-sold it. Sorry, man).

    Strengths: Highly disciplined, unshakable conviction, knows the wisdom of choosing her words carefully and well. Fiercely devoted to family and friends. Loves wholeheartedly.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes a bit too quick to believe the best of someone. Extremely unwilling to compromise. Very dependent on personal relationships; she gets lonely easily. Since Auresae's death, she grew very rigid and is only just now regaining her flexibility. She's still prone to sinking into grief and self-recrimination.
    Attitude: Generally slow to speak and soft-spoken when she does, but slowly becoming more outspoken. Not shy at all about showing affection, often exuberantly, and extremely protective of those who have earned that affection. Her sense of humor is very dry, mischievous, and much more pronounced in recent times. Her personal mantra is 'Grace and graciousness', though she's unbent considerably.
    Morals: Self-discipline, self-restraint, honesty, discernment.
    Pet Peeves: Being condescended to, catching someone in a lie, Dark arts.
    Best way to piss her off: Actually fairly difficult, but don't diss the Daru where she can hear you and don't embarrass the cause of the Light.
    Best way to get on her good side: Be earnest and willing to learn. Do not lie to her.

    Colour: Carmine
    Profession: Zealot
    Profession Skill: Tykorima kata
    General Skill: Clarity
    Location: The Radiant Valley in the Dahkota hills
    God/Goddess: Auresae
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Nola
    Tattoo: Firefly
    Artifact (don't have to own): An arti'd mithril handbell given to her by Nola
    Commodity: Mithril
    Animal: Dragon
    Item owned: Her gloves. No longer has special interaction messages, but she cherishes them regardless.
    Village/forest/region: Arurer Haven
    NPC: Draryn
    Memory: Becoming Nola's sister.
    Song: Surprisingly enough, she doesn't really know any songs. She does enjoy humming, however.
    Drink: Tea in general.
    Food: She has a newfound fondness for sushi

    Goals: The supremacy of the Light. That cannot be overstated. Specifically, that it is an absolute and objectively defined Good that will destroy Darkness and all it embodies. Every aspect of her life is governed by that belief and working to see it come to pass. How likely she is to see it come to pass is of no consequence to her.
    Personal ambitions: Bring as many to the Light as possible.
    Nemesis: None really officially.
    Rival: Again, none really.
    Best Friend: @Jaymi
    Idol: Nola
    Best personal achievement: Being appointed as co-Order Head by Auresae.
    Worst personal achievement: Defending Auresae's original decision to take away Trager and Aryanne's child.
    Proudest moments: Staying Auresae's hand in relation to the above. Being granted Yeleni from Auresae's Essence. Being appointed as the Head of a guild advancement path. This was how she got her dragon squiggle.
    Most shameful moment: Always seeming to be asleep when she is needed most. (Curse you, real life!)
    Secret dream: It's changed, but still keeping it under my hat.

    Why you should hate her: She will pounce on any opportunity to debate beliefs.
    Why you should love her: You can count on her to help keep you straight. She does what she can to bring out the best in everyone around her. She is free with counsel and with rendering aid to those that ask her, provided that the latter does not conflict with her beliefs and morals. She loves teaching and will go out of her way to make sure she is understood.
    Why you should fear her: If you should choose to put herself under her instruction, you will find her to be a demanding taskmistress. She is patient and expects no less of her students than what she expects of herself, but you should be absolutely sure before undertaking her regimen.
    Why she is harmless: She places a high value on group support, forging relationships into her self-image. Take that away, and you pull the rug out from under her. She'll stand up again, of course, but that's the easiest and most lasting way to throw her off. Needless to say, she goes to great lengths not to be made harmless, especially since it's happened to her twice now.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: No Undeath, and the means to attain it made useless.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: Still very strict, but passionate and kind with a broad streak of mischievousness.
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    Always interested in knowing how I'm doing!
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    Character Name: Sigmund Almeric


    Race: Typical Human

    Gender: Male

    Guild/House: None

    City: Republic of Spinesreach

    Congregation/Order: Lady Chakrasul


    Hair: Straight. Short. Dirty blonde.

    Eyes: Blue.

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 175lbs

    Build: Thin. Athletic. Lean. Wiry.

    Defining Features: None.

    Clothing: Go take a look.

    Tattoos: Two hatchets crossed over each other (back of the neck).

    Piercings: None.

    Scars: None.


    Strengths: Team player. Conservative loyalty. Active political mind. Calculating. Guileful. True fealty. Polite. Executes orders. Analytical. Respectful of command structure. Disciplined. Clever. Listens. Militant work ethic. Focused on the big picture. Curious and inquisitive.

    Weaknesses: Substance abuse. Psychopath. Unforgiving. Wrathful. Deceitful. Can get carried away at times. Craves overkill. (Negatives define as much as positives). Paranoid.

    Attitude: Salt merchant (keeps a pocket full of the stuff). Reserved. Aloof at times. Critical. Stoicly curious of any reality at all times. Cold civility.

    Morals: Morals are subjective.

    Pet Peeves: Traitors. Misunderstandings. Failure to respect superiors. Macrocosmic duality beliefs. Brown nosers. Fratinization. Failure to give due credit. A**holes. Directionless rogues. Arrogance. Failure to set aside personal actions for the team/organization. Hope. Sex mongers. Overt swagger. Unprofessional conduct within the team/unit/city.

    Best way to piss me off: Negative impressions are subjective.

    Best way to get on my good side: Positive impressions are subjective.


    Color: Onyx. Obsidian. Red. Jade.

    Profession: Wayfarer.

    Profession Skill: All.

    General Skill: Axe chop.

    Location: Any high point within Spinesreach. Beach east of Esterport. Above the Landward Gate. Core of the Heartwood.

    God/Goddess: Chakrasul. Severn. Iosyne. Maghak.

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.

    Tattoo: All of them.

    Artifact (don't have to own): All of them.

    Commodity: None.

    Animal: Wolf. Eagle. Hydra.

    Item owned: His throwing axes.

    Village/forest/region: None.

    NPC: None.

    Memory: Joining the Republic of Spinesreach.

    Song: None.

    Drink: Dark beer.


    Goals: Only known to one person.

    Nemesis: None.

    Rival: None.

    Best Friend(s): None. Plenty of fellow citizens/comrades/allies/superiors though.

    Idol(s): His parents. His Mentor. His superiors.

    Best personal achievement: Joining the Republic of Spinesreach at the age of 18.

    Worst personal achievement: Talking to much.

    Proudest moment: Receiving a city favor for the first time.

    Most shameful moment: Talking to much.

    Secret Dream: Not even his superiors know.
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    Okay, it's been like three years since I've done one of these. There's been a lot of change!

    Esrytesh "Sibatti" dur Naya

    Race: Yeleni with Mhun heritage
    Gender: Female
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Haern

    Hair: White, long and thick and half up in a topknot.
    Eyes: Almond-shaped, large grey irises.
    Height: 6'5"
    Build: Lithe and feminine. Dextrous and agile.
    Defining Features: Grey horns, slender tail with a feathered tip, black claws, long feral ears.
    Clothing: A mesh leotard, wraps, and way too many accessories.
    Tattoos: An "Eye of Horus" design around her eyes, Teshen scripture on her inner thighs, geometric pointillism inside either forearm.
    Piercings: She has a hematite navel piercing and an aventurine labret.
    Scars: She has nearly invisible (white) scars on the interior of both wrists.
    Art: Loincloth Sibatti, Pinup Sibatti, Kimono Sibatti Credit to @Eleanor and @Lin, respectively.

    Strengths: Incredible martial discipline, physical and mental. Has a knack for strategy and manipulation, but would never admit it.
    Weaknesses: It's harder for her to keep her unicorns together these days, and she bends fairly easily under intense pressure.
    Attitude: Zen mindfulness interrupted by short-lived periods of frenetic obsessiveness.
    Morals: Haha, what?
    Pet Peeves: People overstaying their welcome.
    Best way to piss her off: Have nothing to bring to the table.
    Best way to get on her good side: Relax and have a drink/smoke and talk shop with her.

    Colour: The shade of green the grass takes just after a quenching rain.
    Profession: Telepathy
    Profession Skill: Insight.
    General Skill: Furniture.
    Location: An overgrown rainforest temple.
    God/Goddess: Muadi Mheribus, in terms of true religion. Haern, in terms of Sapience Gods, whom she's fiercely loyal to.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None.
    Tattoo: Tentacle.
    Artifact (don't have to own): a resplendant, gilded chest
    Commodity: Kava.
    Animal: Her eland, Chelan.
    Item owned: a gleaming silver playing card
    Village/forest/region: Saluria.
    NPC: Makiah, the DIRTY CHEATING blackjack dealer in the Ivory Bough
    Memory: Doodling in the margins of the letters she would send to @Lehar and Lin.
    Song: The birdsong of her quetzal companion.
    Drink: Odreb Mhida mead by @Rasani
    Food: All manner of seafood, especially fish. Anything with curry or chilepepper flavors. Succulent, juicy fruits. Urooba flowers.
    Flower: a spicy-scented urooba flower

    Goals: Figure out how to repay a very serious and life-changing debt.
    Ambitions: Fulfill her childhood dream of being a respected builder of her people.
    Nemesis: I don't think she really has one.
    Rival: @Aisling or @Kelliara.
    Best Friend: Chelan (her eland).
    Idol: Nesventesh
    Best personal achievement: So far, she's failed to surpass the acts of heroism of her early days.
    Worst personal achievement: No ragrets.
    Proudest moment: Forgiving her son @Drestyn after he was a B A D B O Y Carnifex.
    Most shameful moment: Accidentally insulting Lin's way of life.
    Secret dream: To be married someday.
    If she could make one wish...: All of her kin were together again in the same place, at the same time.

    Why you should hate her: She can be insufferably entitled and arrogant.
    Why you should love her: She's done some pretty cool stuff, all considered.
    Why you should fear her: If she cares enough about something, she's unstoppable.
    Why she is harmless: Nothing really captures her interest long enough to ever see any follow through.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Abolition of dress codes everywhere.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: "Now you're just Sibatti that I used to know."
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    Camille Bahir'an

    DISCLAIMER: I haven't really played since like 2012, so expect swaths or ignorance either from things that have been introduced/changed since then, or from me simply not remembering things about Camille. So yeah, things might seem a bit canned. Think of it as a roadmap showing you where you could join together to roleplay some development, if you had a mind to!


    Race: Human Vampire
    Gender: Considers himself female. Others may disagree.
    Guild/House: Bahir'an
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Whuh?


    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Indigo
    Height: The low end of 5 feet.
    Build: Slender at best, reedy and sickly at worst.
    Defining Features: The twintails!
    Clothing: Prefers ostentatious, gaudy clothing in dark colorus with subtle accents.
    Tattoos: None aside from the Aetolian sort.
    Piercings: Nada.
    Scars: Flawless beauty!
    Art: Wants to wear her art - that is, start a fashion line. Also is/was a musician for House Lunare way back when. Don't let her near a piano.


    Strengths: Good artistic eye, resilient in hardship, interested in the ins and outs/mechanics of vampirism. Especially likes the Sanguis minions (nerfed so hard ;-;).
    Weaknesses: Cowardly, sycophantic, and kind of whiny. Needs constant reassurance lest she crumble under the weight of her own insecurity. Also ignorant of just about everything since she's been in torpor for way too long.
    Attitude: Inquisitive, shy, malleable. Wants to prove himself.
    Morals: Doesn't believe that mortals are useless food as the Mentis skill descriptions imply.
    Pet Peeves: People who insist he's a male annoy him, but not as much as they used to.
    Best way to piss him off: Being rude or blunt, or not repaying good manners in kind.
    Best way to get on his good side: Join in the dance of his excessive politeness and formality.


    Colour: Purple.
    Profession: Pianist. Failing that, admires Carnifex and magicians. (would've said Bloodborn but those are also gone ;_;)
    Profession Skill: Sanguis Raise
    General Skill: Thirdeye
    Location: Bloodloch's House halls - he loves visiting them and drinking in the opulence.
    God/Goddess: n/a
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): I guess it'd be @Sarita by default, as she's head of Camille's favorite House!
    Tattoo: Wand
    Artifact (don't have to own): Uh
    Commodity: Cloth
    Animal: Bats - particularly his own bat form.
    Item owned: The keys to secret rooms in the Lunare estate (which probably doesn't even exist any more).
    Village/forest/region: Delve and Old Moghedu.
    NPC: Lucisa
    Memory: Playing piano for Lunare, and hanging out with Aarbrok, which is probably ancient history.
    Song: A thing he wrote for piano.
    Drink: Blood, of course!
    Flower: The flowers of the Morgun forest.
    Food: You!


    Goals: Do something noteworthy enough so that he doesn't feel like his unlife is a waste. Preferably playing at a notable concert or designing a successful fashion line or some other artistic thing like that.
    Ambitions: Fame and glory and recognition, rather than being looked down on.
    Nemesis: ???
    Rival: ???!!!
    Best Friend: ?!?!
    Idol: Has a couple, but I don't want to share them here. That's something you can pry out of him via roleplay.
    Best personal achievement: Lunare stuff. Was also proud of his reanimation ability, but we all know what happened there.
    Worst personal achievement: Getting involved with a person he shouldn't have been involved in, for far too long.
    Proudest moment: Clearing Arurer Haven on his own was a big step!
    Most shameful moment: See "worst personal achievement".
    Secret dream: is secret!
    One wish: To understand the way of the world again.


    Why you should hate him: It doesn't take long to realize that he's always only telling you what he thinks he'd like you to hear. His hides his own feelings even from himself. Also he can be shiftless and unmotivated when he gets depressed.
    Why you should love him: Want a makeover or sartorial critique? Want someone to play you a song? He'll do both!
    Why you should fear him: You probably shouldn't, really. He'd be the one fearing you.
    Why she is harmless: He runs from the first sign of harm, either to himself or to others.
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Efforts at mortal-vampire coexistence, or at least greater incidence of each researching the other, rather than fighting.
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: The condescension and fashion sense of the most devastatingly risque vampire combined with the courage and bravado of the most gentle-hearted Enorian pacifist.
    My avatar is not representative of how I or my character look.
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    Rijetta D'baen

    Race: Azudim (Human) Vampire
    Gender: Female, asexual
    Guild/House: Carnifex/D'baen
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Chakrasul

    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Yellow
    Height: 5'4 or so
    Build: Sickly
    Defining Features: Cat eyes
    Clothing: Desert Carnifex uniform, formal uniform, D'baen formal clothing
    Tattoos: Chakrasul's mark of a duskywing butterfly with a scythe overlayed atop it on the left shoulder
    Piercings: Nah
    Scars: Many
    Art: Rijetta Chibi Full size, not colored

    Strengths: Blunt, to the point, goal-oriented. Fiercely loyal.
    Weaknesses: Horrifically blunt, honestly kind of rude, impatient, quick to violence.
    Attitude: Self-assured.
    Morals: Despite being in the Carnifex, she has something resembling honor, in that she finds no pleasure in beating weaklings. Cull them and move on, or just ignore them. Mortals are cattle.
    Pet Peeves: Yes.
    Best way to piss her off: Cure vampirism.
    Best way to get on her good side: Be D'baen!

    Color: Purple
    Guild: Carnifex
    Skill: Sanguis - Feast
    General Skill: Survival - Overkill
    Location: D'baen Castle
    Goddess: Chakrasul
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Ezalor
    Tattoo: Tree
    Artifact: EQ crown~
    Commodity: Cloth
    Animal: Wolves
    Item owned: a bloodstone ankh signet ring of House D'baen - Molded from pure silver, the shape of this ring follows the pattern of the classic signet: a thinner band at the bottom of the ring flares out on either side to a flat, circular bezel at the top. Instead of a traditional intaglio, a small ankh is inlaid in the center of the rimmed bezel. Delicately cut from bloodstone, the ancient symbol of immortality and House D'baen has a glossy, dark red appearance, like freshly spilled blood. Small in size, the ring is intended to be worn on the little finger with the signet facing outwards to enable wax impressions without removing it.
    Region: The Shadow Keep!
    NPC: Vinessa, Datlotl
    Memory: Zisra
    Song: ???
    Drink: Blood.
    Flower: Chakra blossoms
    Food: People.

    Goals: Vampire supremacy
    Ambitions: Primus
    Nemesis: DZEKK
    Rival: DZEKK!
    Best Friend: Estheld
    Idol: Ezalor
    Best Personal Achievement: Being named To wo Esityi
    Worst Personal Achievement: Getting involved with Aisling dur Naya
    Proudest Moment: Coronation as Empress of D'baen
    Most shameful moment: Having to take Maldoror as Sire
    Secret Dream: Kill Ethne
    One Wish: To stop fighting.

    Why you should hate her: She's a unicorns.
    Why you should love her: She's a unicorns!
    Why you should fear her: She'll gladly impale you.
    Why she is harmless: She's bad at impaling
    If she ruled the world, you'd best expect: Mandatory worship of @Chakrasul
    If you were to describe her in one sentence: Angry vampire baby
    A low, sultry voice resounds within the depths of your mind, "I look forward to seeing your descent."
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    Runas Elindian

    Race: Yeleni (Tsol'aa)
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Archivists
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: None

    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Red and blue (Pupil-less)
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Slim
    Defining Features: He has purple skin and glowing eyes - Also Missing a Left Hand
    Clothing: Flowing, iron-bound clothing, lots of tomes
    Tattoos: No Tattoos - Lots of stained flesh
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Many - Generally from when the master Crystal exploded and pierced him.

    Strengths: Gathering knowledge, Infiltration, Cooking
    Weaknesses: Naive, Masochistic, Selfish
    Attitude: Haughty.
    Morals: Selfish
    Pet Peeves: Combatants and people who flaunt might as being superior to intelligence.
    Best way to piss him off: Challenge knowledge with a fist fight.
    Best way to get on his good side: Assist him in whatever he is doing

    Color: Purple
    Guild: Archivists
    Skill: Tenacity - Dropstrike
    General Skill: Vision - Nightsight
    Location: Top of the Spire of Mystery
    Goddess: Chakrasul -or- Iosyne
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Kelliara
    Tattoo: Cloak
    Artifact: Wings
    Commodity: Celestite
    Animal: Raven
    Item owned: His magic tome.
    Region: Court of the Consortium
    NPC: That old syssin guy that constantly runs around.
    Memory: Iosyne removing the mark of Omei from his force.
    Drink: Blackberry and Opium wine
    Flower: Opium poppies
    Food: Cheesecake

    Goals: Collection of knowledge and lore
    Ambitions: Gaining enough courage to return to Albedos one day
    Nemesis: Himself
    Rival: His Sister, Siofra
    Best Friend: Phoenecia
    Idol: Drestyn
    Best Personal Achievement: Joining Spinesreach and finding a new home
    Worst Personal Achievement: Joining a pack and becoming insular
    Proudest Moment: Escaping his previous life and joining the people of Sapience
    Most shameful moment: Eating the aalen sludge
    Secret Dream: Remove the alliance with Bloodloch and instead befriend Duiran
    One Wish: To become a real boy.

    Why you should hate him: He's absolutely nuts
    Why you should love him: He's absolutely nuts
    Why you should fear him: See above...but really, he will cut you in half if you cross him.
    Why he is harmless: He doesnt understand half his classes aside from artifact damage.
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: A moderate tithe to his highness, Runas
    If you were to describe him in one sentence: Crackhead Eggplant with a vendetta.
    The Divine voice of Tiur echoes in your head, "You know better than that. Bad."
    A telekinetic newspaper swats your nose.
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    Lycurgus the Wayfarer

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: None
    City: Esterport
    Order: None
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Hair: Bright Blonde
    Eyes: Woad-Blue with gold rings around the pupils
    Height: 5'8"
    Build: Muscular
    Defining Features: None really
    Clothing: Protective, field-inclined, bush attire
    Tattoos: A six headed hydra with a triple tail
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: N/A
    Weaknesses: N/A
    Attitude: N/A
    Morals: Particular. Eccentric based. Anchored core-values
    Pet Peeves: Assholes.
    Best way to piss him off: Think you have all the answers. Blind violence
    Best way to get on his good side: Be polite

    Color: Prismatic
    Guild: None
    Skill: None
    General Skill: None
    Location: Mechanical Room in the Enorian Temple complex
    God: Slyphe
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): None
    Tattoo: None
    Artifact: None
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal/Creature: Hydra, wolf
    Item owned: A manuscript from Evilo
    Region: All uninhabited regions void of a population
    NPC: None
    Memory: All of them
    Drink: Clean water
    Flower: Nightshade, payote bloom
    Food: Suber duper ultra hardcore blue rare meat, most seafood

    Goals: Complete his work and research. Become an active warrior one day
    Ambitions: Read GOALS
    Nemesis: None yet
    Rival: None yet
    Best Friend: None
    Idol: None
    Best Personal Achievement: N/A
    Worst Personal Achievement: N/A
    Proudest Moment: N/A
    Most shameful moment: N/A
    Secret Dream: His work leading up to the end of the Age of Midnight
    One Wish: Rebuild Kelsys

    Why you should hate him: You decide
    Why you should love him: You decide
    Why you should fear him: You decide
    Why he is harmless: You decide
    If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: Imperial policy. Strong rule of law. Strong technological and scientific cultivation
    If you were to describe him in one sentence: That odd, rogue Wayfarer
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    (I thought I would give this a try!!!)

    Character Name: Moxie Celaeno


    Race: Azudim

    Gender: Female

    Guild/House: Illuminai

    City: Enorian

    Order: None


    Hair: A curly mass of vibrant red hair, with streaks of copper mixed throughout to add a layer of dimension.

    Eyes: Hazel

    Height: Short! About 5'-1"

    Build: Lean

    Defining Features: A pair of roseate, bat-like wings.

    Clothing: Often careless in her fashion and tends to wear clothing geared towards comfort and the ease of lounging around.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: None

    Scars: None


    Strengths: Loyal towards close friends/family, means well, independent, will assist other people if it's not too troublesome and/or it appears exciting

    Weaknesses: May come off as rude or indifferent when the situation irks her, horrible liar, sleepy, slow learner, and easily bored/flighty

    Attitude: She can appear self centered to those that don't know her, and generally does what she wants with little apology.

    Morals: Since she is loyal towards relationships, she does not have a particular passion towards a specific moral ideology. She is actually quite lackadaisical in her beliefs, but can and will adapt to what she thinks will please those close to her.

    Pet Peeves:  People that believe she is not busy and therefore interrupt her quiet repeatedly, One-Uppers, Interviews that take too long

    Best way to piss Her off: Tell her she is responsible for another person, take her somewhere crowded

    Best way to get on Her good side: She LOVES gifts


    Colour: Red

    Location: Nirvana & Poppy fields

    God/Goddess: None, but perhaps when she grows ambitious in the future she'll pursue one.

    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Tenshyo

    Artifact (don't have to own): Her magical crown

    Animal:  Her tiger <3

    Memory: The memories she collects centers mostly around relationships - her first mentor expressing that she was proud of her, when she discovered who her parents were, and the first man who sparked rage in her heart.

    Drink: Tea

    Food: Red Meat


    Goals: She has goals based on whim, but none of them are lofty. Combat interests her the most because it's unpredictable and she hopes she can become better at it.

    Nemesis: Karhast - Will readily goad him any moment she can get. He is the antagonist to her daily life just by breathing.

    Best Friend: Tenshyo - One of the few remaining people that remember her when she was a novice luminary. He is the calming mechanism when she is most cynical.

    Idol: She has a few but the most notable are Valingar & Aishia

    Best personal achievement: Ascending to Azudim- it took her nearly twenty years to do.

    Worst personal achievement: Losing her mentor and ending up depressed for many years.

    Most shameful moment: N/A

    Secret dream: To fall in love.

    (Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

    (Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

    Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

    (Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."
  • LuasLuas Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Character Name: Luas Joran Harker

    Race: Yeleni/Human
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Templars
    City: Enorian
    Order: Damariel

    Hair: Short, greying black-brown
    Eyes: Grey
    Height: 187cm
    Build: Fit
    Defining Features: N/A
    Clothing: Uniform
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: Many inconsequential ones from training and battle. And a large gnarled burn scar beginning on the left palm, covering up to his left shoulder and lower neck.

    Strengths: Honest, loyal, hard-working, practical.
    Weaknesses: Aloof/impersonal, self-loathing, addict, isolationist.
    Attitude: Takes life far too seriously. He doesn't appreciate and rarely understands jokes. Basically the ultimate stick-in-the-mud, but too polite to actively spoil anyone's fun.
    Morals: Redemption is the cornerstone of all his beliefs.
    Pet Peeves: Smoking, pranks, untidiness, and the worst crime of all: chit-chatting at Morning Prayer.
    Best way to piss him off: Dodge responsibility.
    Best way to get on his good side: Diligence and sobriety. He also has a huge appreciation and admiration for creativity, as that's something he lacks.

    Colour: Blue
    Location: A limpid pool (v58604)
    God/Goddess: Daddy Dama <3
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Rasani
    Artifact (don't have to own): a tactician's handbook
    Commodity: Steel
    Animal: Horses
    Item owned: His signet ring
    Village/forest/region: Pash Valley
    Memory: Too spoilery!
    Song: Something he overheard Emelle playing
    Drink: Whiskey
    Food: Rabbit stew

    Goals: To bring about the Age of Dawn and earn his Redemption, one small step at a time.
    Ambitions: None.
    Nemesis: Nobody! Spot's wide open, come fill it for me! Let's make glorious hate-RP together!
    Rival: Lexen
    Best Friend: Zaila
    Idol: Dzekk
    Best personal achievement: Knighthood.
    Worst personal achievement: Knighthood.
    Proudest moment: Completing a task set by Damariel.
    Most shameful moment: Too spoilery!
    Secret dream: To smelt his arms/armour down for tools and work as a farrier.
    If he could make one wish: For the Age of Dawn to begin tomorrow.
  • CaileanCailean Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Let's do it.

    Character Name: Cailean

    Race: Atavian
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Haern

    Hair: Black, shoulder length. Kept in a lazy ponytail.
    Eyes: A nice mossy green.
    Height: Six foot-ish?
    Build: Tall, not overly muscular.
    Defining Features: The eye warpainted on his forehead.
    Clothing: Whatever he feels like at the time.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: None.

    Strengths: Magic. He's obsessed with it. Also cooking pastries.
    Weaknesses: Dealing with strife. He hates to see the people he cares about at odds.
    Attitude: Generally very happy and upbeat.
    Morals: Life and Spirit good. He likes the Rhythm and Light.
    Pet Peeves: Nothing specific.
    Best way to piss him off: Bad mouth his loved ones.
    Best way to get on his good side: Have manners, eat his cooking.

    Colour: Red.
    Location: The Aerie
    God/Goddess: Haern
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Probably Iesid, since he didn't really know any before that.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Warpaint
    Commodity: Cherries
    Animal: Raven, wolf or horse
    Item owned: Warpaint
    Village/forest/region: Augerweald
    Memory: Gonna omit this one.
    Song: The sounds mage crystals make when they vibrate.
    Drink: Mead!
    Food: Sweets of all sorts. Fruits and honey.

    Goals: To become a well known pastry chef.
    Ambitions: See Goals.
    Nemesis: Nobody.
    Rival: Nope!
    Best Friend: @Rhine
    Idol: Nobody.
    Best personal achievement: Having his first recipe approved
    Worst personal achievement: Nada
    Proudest moment: He's too humble for this.
    Most shameful moment: Nothing really.
    Secret dream: To own a shop, I suppose?
    If he could make one wish: Magical cookie making machine.
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