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Hello everyone!

So I played a MUD back in the day on a website called called Darkness Falls: The Crusade. The game offered a three realm player vs player experience where players could take boats to the opposing realms and combat the enemy players.

The PVP has stuck with me through all these years and although the game is long dead and gone, I'm trying to find a new home.

I understand the need for RP and such within Aetolia, but is there cross guild PVP at all? Is PVP a common thing? Is it frowned upon? Any guidance would be great. Hopefully I'll be able to make Aetolia my new home!


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    PvP mostly occurs at Leylines (resource conflict), where people partaking (who have an aura, visible on their QL lines) are open PK. There are open PK areas (The Vortex, The Iernian Fracture, Hunting Grounds, etc) as well. Otherwise, PK (player killing) occurs through story-driven conflict, be it as part of a global event where factions are at odds, rivals making assaults upon the others' domains, or simply having a tiff at a bar.

    You can also raid enemy cities, though the guards (NPCs) will fight back.

    As with all PK (less so with leylines), it is important to remember that the other end of PvP is another real person, who has their own energy and engagement thresholds. If they aren't enjoying the encounter, they'll find something else to do.

    - I should also add that there is also the Sect of the Blades for 1v1 encounters and incentives.
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    PVP in Aetolia is incredibly complex and rewarding, it's some of the most intense PVP I've found in any mud / most any game I've played. That said there are a lot of people who don't like to partake in PVP. Like @Antehe said it occurs through story-driven conflict. If you want to be very active PVP you can usually cause enough sleights to folks that they'll want to fight you back, especially as you're getting going and before you assert yourself as a dominant force. The Leylines are usually group fights that last for ~15 minutes which happen every few hours, and every other day or so there are bigger ones that can last for ~1-2 hours. Every class / guild has viable PVP options so selecting one as you wish based on the RP/style would be more rewarding than just trying to find the strongest one since you can succeed as any.

    Cross guild PVP is less regular than City vs. City or rather Tethers (GvE) which each have two cities in them, but depending on what you want to do and who you can get involved Guild vs Guild rivalries and wars have happened in the past.

    PVP is common if you want it to be, that said most of the time you're not really open PK unless you really work hard to put yourself there by sleighting most every one. If you're looking for a place where you enjoy being scared of getting jumped all the time that's not really Aetolia, you can generally be safe outside of small fights that happen when you say the wrong thing to the wrong badass or whatever, which results in you dying once.

    Also as @Antehe said Sect of Blades for 1v1 is pretty awesome, it's anonymous duel challenges that you can accept be transported to an arena to battle it out. Kills for Sect members earn points that you can use to buy some pretty nifty things involved with PVP things, like special arrows and such.

    The one main thing is you (your character) has to have a reason to actually murder some other character, you can be fairly creative with that so long as you don't go overboard.
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