How would (or did) your character dress up for Halloween?

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If you made a costume for the Spinesreach ball that just happened, I'd love to see what you came up with!

Sarita didn't go, but I've always imagined that she would hypothetically dress up as a faerie queen. I even made a picture on a character image generation website thing.



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    She is a normal Azudim vampire, or so it seems. She stands a good deal shorter than most, at only three feet in height, while a close inspection reveals a pair of Impish horns, and what looks like folded leathery wings hidden beneath her melodramatic, shadowy cloak. Her skin is powdered white as snow, making her look undead, put patches of her natural, mottled pinkish-grey skin-tone show through in places. Her mask carves her features into a perpetual sneer, but no amount of make-up or costume could possibly stop the Imp from grinning. This looks rather painful with those fake fangs in place, but it makes the 'Primus' look like he might have ingested some absinthe-spiked blood, and is now up to no good.

    (concealing the face and hairline) : a sneering half mask of Primus Abhorash Nehekhara
    (curling over the lip) : a bloody, exaggerated set of faux vampire fangs
    (adorning the fingertips) : pale costume gloves with long, vicious claws
    (creating a darker silhouette) : a melodramatic, shadowy cloak
    (triangulating the torso) : a blood-red military jacket
    (covering the body) : a suit of scalemail
    (worn on the back) : a kite shield
    (hiding her barbed Impish tail) : a pair of formal red trousers
    (clicking the floor with every step) : polished wingtip shoes

    Descs of my own designs:
    The resemblance of this mask to Primus Abhorash Nehekhara is uncanny. The (literally) porcelain skin is pale as snow, presenting an eerie perfection that echoes the Azudim man's own statuesque visage. High cheekbones and a long, defining nose have been smoothly carved, but the mask skims above the mouth and nostrils to allow the wearer to breathe and speak freely. The way it curves forces the face beneath it into a sneering expression, set with firm lines and a tall, derisive blond brow. The wearer's eyes are hidden from view, concealed with a fine net which filters the light that reaches them into an azure hue. Fair, short-cropped hair sweeps from the edges, keeping the 'face' clear and styled into a middle-parting.

    Clearly made for a lark, these exaggerated fangs are far larger than any vampire's would be. They curl over the lip and look deadly sharp, perfectly capable of piercing the skin despite their appearance. They are bone-white in hue, made from kav to resemble actual teeth. Real blood has been spattered over the points to give them a grisly visage, glistening and prone to dripping. A pocket in each fang allows for the storage of venoms to be injected with a bite; or, alternatively, more blood, to ensure it keeps flowing.

    Formed of finest Luzith spidersilk, these gloves are nearly fully transparent, made so they might barely be noticed at all. Their purpose instead is as a costume-piece, lengthening the wearer's nails with a protrusion of long, vicious claws from each fingertip. What can be seen of the sheer fabric is pale as snow, causing an illusory lightening of the wearer's skin.

    Crafted to look like darkness made manifest, this brooding costume-piece is highly melodramatic. Thin, tatty black cloth makes up the swirling cloak, easily buffeted by every passing wind. It is long, high-collared, and has a very broad hem, allowing it to be swept fully across the body to ensconce the wearer in 'shadow'. Tendrils whip forth in the form of long, sinuous cuts, curling and twitching with every movement as they seem to taste the air.

    Despite its formality, this dramatic military jacket is rather small, tailored to fit either a child or an Imp. Its style is clearly military, with broad, tasselled shoulder-pads and double-breasted button straps. It triangulates the torso, with each row of fastenings narrower than the one above it. A series of medals decorate it, signifying that the wearer of this jacket is clearly a very courageous and important individual. However, close inspection reveals that all of these are fake, celebrating nonsensical titles and accomplishments. The jacket is the colour of freshly flowing red blood, deep and bright. The insignia of Bloodloch is emblazoned on its right breast pocket, just above the heart.

    Uncommonly small despite their grown-up appearance, these shoes have been made for diminutive feet: either a child's or an Imp's. They're nonetheless very formal in design, made of full-grain black leather and polished to a high shine. A classic wingtip garnishes the elegant, masculine toe, and the soles are reinforced with some metal that makes them click audibly with every step.

    Abhorash's actual desc, for reference:
    He is a powerful Azudim vampire and stands six feet high, pale as snow and with a slender, powerful frame. Although he is mostly Human in appearance, a few things serve to distinguish his true Azudim nature. His thin fingers end in long, vicious claws, and deadly fangs curl over his lips, which are generally given to a derisive sneer. His face seems as if it has been carved from marble - high cheekbones, a powerful jawline, and a long nose define his visage, and his baby blue eyes sit beneath his tall brow. His blond hair, cropped short, has been swept back from his face and parted at the middle. Shadowy tendrils whip around his form, curling and twitching near constantly as they seem to taste the air.

    (worn on the feet) : polished wingtip shoes
    (worn on the legs) : a pair of red formal trousers
    (covering the body) : a suit of scalemail
    (over the torso) : a blood-red military jacket
    (worn on the back) : a kite shield

    I thought to myself, what's the most cheeky, Impish thing my character could dress up as? And came up with this, since she had met Abhorash some time earlier and was taught that he's a terrifyingly imposing figure who commands respect. This seemed like the most IC thing for her to take the piss out of.

    I was hoping it would actually get her in trouble, but alas.
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    Sexy Dugger.
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    She is an athletic Idreth of Human heritage, with smooth, almost completely unblemished skin of a
    burgundy hue. In contrast to her dark complexion, her hair consists of long, wavy locks that are a
    brilliant white in color. It has been pulled back and up, the wavy locks fastened in a loose and
    rather haphazard arrangement by small hairpins, leaving only a few locks falling down her cheeks to
    frame her face. Her jade-colored eyes are separated by a narrow nose, splitting down her oval-shaped
    face down to a set of lush, dark lips. She has a slender figure, lithe and well-toned from plenty of
    practice, though by no means lacking curves. Her arms and legs show plenty of muscles, though of a
    lean character, built for endurance rather than strength.

    (worn fit and snug) : a dark, flowy, shadow-like gown
    (covering the face) : a concealing shadow-like mask.
    (dangling from a silver chain) : a silver amulet
    (around one wrist) : a jade rose corsage
    (hanging from the shoulders) : a cloak of shadow

    Cut from black cloth separated into multiple layers, this gown has a flowing quality to it whenever
    the fabric moves. Each layer consists of a thin gauzy material, translucent to some degree, but
    together they form an opaque darkness that wraps around most of the wearer's body. Narrow, enticing
    gaps slash across the mid-section, helped by small obsidian clasps that separate the material and
    offer a hint of reflection off their polished surfaces whenever light finds them. A single strap
    runs over one shoulder, creating a diagonally cut neckline of one single see-through layer above the
    fully covered bosom. The skirt is voluminous, yet the flimsy fabric makes it seem less dense. Here
    the layers have been cut into strips, allowing for more movement and wisp-like strands reminiscent
    of shadowy mists to flare out if brought to swift movement.

    Parts of this mask are opaque enough to conceal the features of the one wearing it, but with enough
    translucence to allow for proper vision, as well as the alluring glimpse of a shape underneath. Thin
    veils of gauzy black fabric are attached to the bottom, concealing the bottom half of the face. Some
    of the layers are plain and some with intricate embroidery to further mask the shapes beneath. The
    swathe of darkness that covers the eyes runs at a slight angle, consisting mostly of several layers
    of the same gauzy fabric, only twisted and folded to add more obscurity. Around the eyes, obsidian
    clasps separate all but one layer, creating hollows to see through. Another set of clasps keep the
    mask secured to the wearer's face by attaching it to the hair.

    The Shadowcloak is indeed a unique garment, as is obvious from a single glance. Any detail about it
    is impossible to discern, for it appears as a hazy shadow.

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