More RP, Please!

Hi! I've been playing IRE games for years, and I'm impressed with only two out of four, with aetolia as my new favorite. There are so many features to promote RP, from backgrounds to the unique attire system, but it seems to me that in all the PVE and PVP action going on, there don't seem to be a lot of RP going on. This may be similar to my first post, but I wonder if any of you have any advice on getting my character involved, not just in the game's society, but in the storyline as well, how to turn this run-of-the-mill sciomancer into someone with a dynamic personality and who is just fun to be with. I'm naturally introverted, and I'd also like advice on breaking those habits and being someone you can call on for RP.

I've played one other character that got her feet wet in the RP scene, and I'd like to thank some wonderful roleplayers. A nice shout-out goes to Teol and Cthonias, who did a really good job with playing Aasha's internal conflicts out and turning them into nice scenes. Her concept got a bit stale to me, which ended in a ragequit that I totally regret. Aetolia is definitely the home of excellent RP! Good job, everyone! And a special thanks also goes out to Akara, she gave Aasha a real scare. I hope Feyanna gets the chance to have a rich story arc. If you're interested in RP, I look forward to meeting you, I'm mostly hunting or roaming Spinesreach.


  • FeyannaFeyanna United States
    And Teani, keep up the good RP!
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Roaming around and randomly striking up conversations with people (emoting at them) is still the best way to get involved. There are usually a few places in each city that are the common gathering spots. You can use echinacea to get THIRDEYE, which means you can see where people actually are. If you notice a gathering, just move over there and join in.

    Spinesreach has the Inner Gate or basically any of the various pubs and taverns up there where Spireans enjoy their favorite hobby, drinking. It's also a very good excuse when finding people elsewhere at a tavern or something. You can use the Spirean excuse of trying to find booze somewhere as a means to get involved in conversation.

    Since your character is into music, you could pick up on being a street musician if you want. Use the POSE system and set yourself down somewhere, playing an instrument. That way people will see that you are open to interaction.

    A few small tips!

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