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    Three cheers for beer!
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    I'm going to Universal for the first time in Orlando for my birthday with my best friend. I'm excited! We're actually leaving on my birthday, next week (the 15th). I GET TO VISIT HARRY POTTER LAND!!


    I also started classes back, so I'm taking Drawing 2 and College Algebra - a little love, a little pain? My drawing class instructor complimented this charcoal picture I did of a dolphin skull (dude there's like a LOT of teeth in one of those).. she whispered that it was the best rendering of it she had seen to me, and it made me feel guud about myself.

    I don't really have much else in the way of exciting news.. My life is pretty static right now. Hope everyone is having a great night.
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    Finally getting to work on my thesis, and to make things even better it allows me to return to the US this year!

    Made contact with a School district that will allow me to gather data there, so looks like I'll be in Wichita, KS for about 10 days in the middle of October. I'm stoked!

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    Teani said:

    I'll be in Wichita, KS for about 10 days in the middle of October. I'm stoked!

    This might be the first time those words have ever appeared in that order.
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    Are you gonna work the straw/Make the sweat drip out of every pore?
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    found out how cheap flights outta montreal are, so me and the GF are going to Hawaii in late february/early march
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    Hey, Kansas is nice! It's my second time there. I plan on enjoying the higher speed limits in my rental car, watch the local wildl... er.. people, as well as the fantastic thunderstorms and battle large dust devils.

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    Finally got around to watching Steven Universe. I didn't realize how much I actually like this show!
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    just beware the rabid fans. They're what give the show a bad name honestly. The show itself is actually pretty good, accepting, and inclusive. And it's mostly balanced for an older person in mind, from what I have seen of it. But the fanbase HAS driven people to attempt suicide, and forced one of the show's artists to delete her twitter account for the absolute stupidest of reasons.
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    It looks like we're all on track for being able to move out at the end of October!
    My roommate has been giving me the silent treatment for some reason but I've honestly just been enjoying the space. It's still kind of tense but it's nice to be able to work in peace at home. I've been more productive and I've been able to concentrate on me plus it doesn't hurt to make MORE money because of it! Unfortunately, I won't have as much Aet time but once I move and have lower rent it will be all worth it.

    I still miss my cat, especially now, but I've been feeling a lot better and more positive.
    Awhile ago I wrote how upset and hurt I was in the moment in the other thread but now it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a tumultuous summer for me but fall has been full of blessings and things to look forward to so far. I'm feeling good about myself.
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    I told him, "Water me."

    Affirm Pilar!
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    As one of the few (I think) who uses the webclient almost-exclusively, I really really like the new "minimal" layout option. So, just wanted to throw out love to whomever made that happen!
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    Some love [email protected] I don't think I can remember being in a guild that I have enjoyed as much as the Carnifex and it truly does start from the top down. Having someone who goes out of her way to accommodate different styles and changes things based on activity instead of staying to a stringent, rigid architecture is really fun to be a part of! She always has a great attitude about PK, welcomes discussion on how to make or do things better and is generally awesome. 

    Love also goes out to the Carnifex guild and Spinesreach in general. I know I don't get as much time to be around as I used to or would like, but you guys are awesome too! You guys all make logging in fun and worthwhile and I am glad to be part of both.
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    I agree. :D Always available to be my target dummy... even when I'm on an alt.


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    Love to @Tenshyo and @Kallah for letting me be a part of their wedding. It was a beautiful IC ceremony.

    No love to me passing out 40 minutes in just after "I-dos" and the rings and walking up with my glasses bent.
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    edited September 2016
    So, I made a post a few months ago outlining the issues that were plaguing Duiran.

    I'm happy to say that it has gotten better many, many times over. As have the Sentinels for the most part. I've enjoyed working alongside both @Kerryn and @Kheoss so far in trying to come up with new ways of adding a little excitement here and there for the Council on a whole and refining some aspects of Duiran to add more flavour in little ways. Additionally, I've seen some pretty positive attitudes coming from a lot of councilors and a lot of potential in our new novices. The roleplay out of many of our folks has been also top notch and there's a lot more willingness to get involved in other ways.

    As for the Sentinels, @Aymah has done a fantastic job with her work on the new Sentinel face paints. A lot of the previous animosity has mostly disappeared and we're progressing towards a more welcoming atmosphere with far less bickering than we had previously.

    In short, I'm happy all and all with the progress that we've made as an organization and really appreciate all of those who have had a large hand in helping bring Duiran back to the place where it was in the Sibatti days.

    Edit: Alright, since some are disagreeing, it means that some feel that there are some issues still. If you're having an issue within Duiran, please feel free to message me about it if it's an OOC thing or notify me in-game so I can try to address it for you. For the most part, I haven't heard any complaints, but if people are having them, I obviously can't discount that. So, please let me know if you're having problems because otherwise I haven't seen any nor have had any reported to me as Speaker. There have been a few isolated incidents, but nowhere to the scale of what was happening months ago. However, I can't do anything if you don't contact me about it.
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    Date: 9/23/2016 at 17:04
    From: Razmael, the Synthesist
    To : Everyone
    Subj: Wheel update

    Hi folks,

    - a floating meteorite
    ...The Wise One?

    01.png 24.9K
    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    edited September 2016
    I'm feeling like a broken record, but:
    @iosyne - you just make my day. Tears. I got some tears.
    EDIT: The affliction is what really did me in
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    The sheer joy I experience adding in new spells to Roll20. It's almost like coding a system. But way more fun.
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    Albedos- Dramedo Crags- There's something there that I hope we see more of as more Albedos areas are released.

    There's a fishing spot. I want more of them, especially ones that pull from different fish tables than the Sapience fish tables.
    The rushing sound of waves breaking upon a shore fills your mind as Slyphe imparts to you, "Meltas is a bit..special sometimes..."
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    I lost the pen for my little drawing tablet a few weeks ago, and have been unable to use the brand new screen tablet because I still haven't got a power supply for it. But the replacement pen I ordered arrived yesterday. I can finally do art again. :D
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    I love this change exclusively because there are no longer 100 ridiculous credits at 64000 gold a piece.
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    Lol give it time 
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

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    Ok, my turn I think

    @Rasani you have been such a sweetheart, always checking on Elliana. It's so sweet and it truly does make her feel you genuinely care for her and her well being.

    @Rosdes You are probably one of the most amazing people I have met. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you when I needed someone the most.

    @Tenshyo <3 just <3. Thank you and you know why. I have had so much fun pushing Elliana to see her potential, and you also push her to think.

    @Yeras -dude- :) You rock, thank you for bearing with the incessant chittering and questions, you do take em like a pro!

    @Kallah <3<3<3<3 You are so sweet, thank you for taking Elliana to experience the beach for the first time and taking Elliana's mind off of the things that were really bothering her. Also for making sure she was okay after a little -teeny- meltdown.

    @Meltas Cobwebs and dirt <3 You have totally invoked the stubborn side of Elliana, and she -will- get her feather. Thank you for tolerating Elli and her tormenting, while you are trying to kill stuff...and not killing her...even though you threaten to being all cantankerous and crotchety. <3

    AND I am almost done I swear
    @Mileta you make me giggle like really giggle. Speaking with you keeps me set firmly on my feet from the ic persepective. Its refreshing to see and feel flaws and express them in our characters. I am really glad you have incorporated so many different aspects and levels to Mileta. It's been soo much fun learning about her when Elli doesn't expect it.

    You guys are so wonderful and there are soooo many more of you I have yet to meet.
    I am not a morning inside four walls. I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is alive or awake. I live in my own flames sometimes burning too bright -too wild to make things last and so I run. Far and wide until my bones ache and lungs burn..and it feels good.
    Do you hear that?
    It feels good, it feels good because I am both the slave and the ruler of my own body and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
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    Big ups to the most high.

    No, no. Thank you to the Spinesreach folk for being so welcoming. Its been a bit of an awkward shift but I wanted to get a bit grittier and explore a side of the game I knew I wouldn't otherwise encounter. Lots of people in small ways, but a few stand out

    @Qephah - You've managed to worm your way into his confidence, which isn't easy, and you're wonderfully helpful while keeping most, if not all of it, IC, which I can't say how much I appreciate.

    @Fezzix - Fezzers, General Fezzix, the Big Boss. How you've not killed me with all of my not-so-minor problems with FirstAid and Source and the many, many workarounds we've had to figure out just to make sure I don't die, and do what I need to do, is beyond me. I can see why you're GL, and you're a good man, IC and OOC

    @Atarah - Fezzer's sweet other half. Guildmom, to the max. You've been so welcoming and I really appreciate it

    @Nia - Lady Imp, always good for a laugh, I hope I can dish it back half the time

    @Zaila - You're awful, condescending, confusing, mind-boggling and frustrating. And those are the good things Xanchol has to say about Zaila. Don't ever stop being you.

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    hroagh xenia
    "HROAGH!" you shout at Xenia, unable to tolerate any more of his pusillanimity.

    Just learned my new favourite word.
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    pusillanimity #REKT

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    I love that this is my last day as a Nursing Assistant/Direct Supports Specialist. I got a new job as a Behavior Analyst/Interventionist, making $2.00 more an hour with great benefits. 

    I love that we finally got rid of our 10 year old rust bucket and got a 2017 Kia Forte S. This is our very first brand new car.

    Also, I love that working for a non-profit + the pay-as-you-earn plan = lower payments and a cap of 20 years on my student loans. 

    (Spinesreach): Xiuhcoatl says, "Oh man, grab the children-corn. This is gonna be good."
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