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    [6:11:25 AM] Zach: You ain't even up yet.
    [6:11:27 AM] Zach: I'm so ronery.

    [6:15:29 AM] Casey Diaz: Sorta am
    [6:15:53 AM] Casey Diaz: I didn't see any messages earlier so went bacm to sleeo

    [6:16:07 AM] Zach: Oh.
    [6:16:12 AM] Zach: I came home and then CRUSHED THE GYM.
    [6:16:14 AM] Zach: THE WHOLE GYM.
    [6:16:24 AM] Zach: Collapsed it. They said rebuilding might take several months because we crushed it so hard.

    [6:25:39 AM] Casey Diaz: Jeee that was rude of you

    [6:25:59 AM] Zach: Yeah well I rolled up in there and some dude was occupying the bench and doing NON MAN THINGS.
    [6:26:21 AM] Zach: And he said 'No sirrrr, I have to finish my pectoral butterflies.'
    [6:26:34 AM] Zach: And I just grabbed the bar and put every weight on it, and then I THREW IT THROUGH THE CEILING.

    [6:26:40 AM] Casey Diaz: unicorns pectorial butterflies

    [6:26:41 AM] Zach: And I said SEAT'S TAKEN BOY.
    [6:26:58 AM] Zach: And then the rest of the ceiling collapsed on us all. My friend Christopher was killed unfortunately, but these things happen.
    [6:27:18 AM] Zach: As my last translator Nuey said, 13% of the people that die in Asia come back to life. I am hoping he is one of them.

    [6:27:28 AM] Casey Diaz: Omg is it whiskey wednesday or something?

    [6:27:39 AM] Zach: No it's TERRIBLE TUESDAY.

    [6:27:48 AM] Casey Diaz: You are out of control

    [6:27:57 AM] Zach: Good. Take it to the bank lady.

    [6:28:23 AM] Casey Diaz: Alfredo needs to stop this madness before you destroy his whole home

    Ah, when you find that special someone that can wake up and deal with your unicorns. And also participate in your make believe story about a clan of tiny tree lizards led by a prince named Alfredo Garcia, engaged in terrible war to protect the secret last nest of the giant tortoise from an invading sea turtle army.

    P.S. this is what happens when I drink C4 pre-workout on squat day. My b, @asaraii.
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    Wait a minute, @Rashar ... Alfredo is a make believe story?

    Are the giant tortoises even real?

    Who are you? :(

    I mean, I know you threw the weights through the ceiling and destroyed the whole gym, and Christopher is alive again by now, but man. That's the unimportant unicorns. :/
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    Draiman: I wonder if it's possible to call the fbi on my house
    [1:11:46 PM] Draiman: My step sister is downloading so much I can't even stay logged into aetolia
    [1:12:01 PM] Asaraii: Rofl
    [1:12:03 PM] Asaraii: Do it.
    [1:12:06 PM] Draiman: and she's seeding every download too just to clog up my bandwidth more
    [1:14:03 PM] Asaraii: The motives behind you wanting to call the fbi on your own house just made my entire day. Google something to atttract internet spies- like 'help my stepsister is downloading bomb instructions' and see if you get dinged. Cus bro I don't know fbi's number.
    [1:14:17 PM] Draiman: HAHAHA
    [1:14:41 PM] Draiman: maybe I pinged them with skype
    [1:15:03 PM] Draiman: fbi pls I want to play league of legends but sister is downloading non-american tv shoes. How very unpatriotic of her AND SHE'S BREAKING THE LAW STOP HER
    [1:15:09 PM] Draiman:
    [1:15:11 PM] Draiman: I meant shows
    [1:16:18 PM] Asaraii: They might get confused by shoes cus no sane fbi agent would want to come between a woman and shoes, murica or not. Hmm
    [1:17:12 PM] Asaraii: Say like 'help my stepsister is making non murican shoes out of her kids skin, AND DOWNLOADING HOW TO BLOW UP THE WHITEHOUSE' instructions now.
    [1:17:24 PM] Asaraii: That might even work
    [1:18:43 PM] Draiman: idk the fbi is crazy risk is too great
    [1:20:07 PM] Asaraii: Dude my biggest dream is they show up and are like WE NEED YOU ON OUR FORCE. If you nark out your own stepsister for dling unamurican unicorns that's like top candidate worthy. Let me live vicariously through that unicorns's crimes
    [1:20:18 PM] Draiman: haha
    [1:20:59 PM] Asaraii: Or you could just hit tje breaker switch with the intrawebs.
    [1:21:20 PM] Draiman: I should drill a hole underneath the house and run an ethernet cable to the modem
    [1:21:31 PM] Draiman: and turn off the wireless
    [1:22:11 PM] Asaraii: YES.
    [1:22:30 PM] Draiman: Or
    [1:22:41 PM] Draiman: I will give Aiden a really really big glass of water
    [1:22:48 PM] Draiman: and turn on youtube for him at his moms laptop
    [1:23:01 PM] Draiman: The natural order of things will take care of the rest

    Problem solving. Waiting to see which decision he went with.
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    I'd like to point out that spilling water on a laptop is not a 100% guarantee to mess up the laptop. Sometimes it just makes it a wet mess. Could throw sand/dust into the vent and let it overheat and burn out.
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    could log into your router and block the website she's using

  • ZsadistZsadist Member Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭
    Won't stop the seeding
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    If you live with ur parents you could forge a letter from your ISP threatening a lawsuit.
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    [7:59:53 PM]You have emoted: Bolstered by his present success Trikal looks away from his feet and into Sollace's eyes, as he leads her in dance, confidence showing in his brilliant green eyes.
    [7:59:53 PM] Kent McCullough: brah
    [7:59:54 PM] Kent McCullough: I'm learning
    [8:00:06 PM] Garrett Chaney: sniffle
    [8:00:08 PM] Garrett Chaney: I'm so
    [8:00:09 PM] Garrett Chaney: Proud
    [8:00:12 PM] Kent McCullough: lol
    [8:00:20 PM] Kent McCullough: could be bashing getting xp and gold right now tho....
    [8:00:23 PM] Garrett Chaney: ^
    [8:00:29 PM] *** Kent McCullough shifts his eyes from side to side. ***

    @Trikal and I like to support each other during our RP escapades. Then remind each other how valuable our time is.
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    10:06am, Me: I'm about to go to the DMV.

    10:07am, @Seir: The DMV is the monster
    that no amount of critical hits can save u from
    He will mob_impale u
    wit long lines
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    Out of all the possible euphemisms, tatas is the best you've got? Really? What about bosoom, or the ladies, or even chocolate and vanilla?
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    [2:41:57 AM] Jayce Ko: tell zakyra // you should be able to check with FC MISSING
    [2:42:01 AM] Jayce Ko: gah
    [2:42:05 AM] Jayce Ko: all this alt tabbing
    [2:42:13 AM] Ani: lel
    [2:42:29 AM] Jayce Ko: wow, I managed to mischan on a whole different program
    [2:42:40 AM] Ani: snicker
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