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Is there anyone who can simplify mudlet windows/UI/GUI/miniconsoles/etc for me? I've tried looking at the manual and tried picking apart tripwire... but i'm more confused than when I started. The main issue I have is no one seems to code in simple terms. They all seem to make it as complicated as possible so that they can sell their system and no one can learn/code/get their own without either learning the hard way or buying it. Which don't get me wrong i'm not saying anythings wrong with that. But I am wondering if anyone can dumb it down for me a bit.


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    Your problem is Tripwire.
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    You can't really dumb it down making a UI like tripwires when you can't even take the one from the system. As taking the one from the system would be easier to do then explaining how to make one like that UI.

    Look on mudlet forums it has a few different types of template UI's
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    You can probably find the script section of the capture/printout for the chat frames by searching for "chatconsoles = chatconsoles or {}". Just take out those quotes when you search. For the map, look for "mapDisplay = ". I'm not using Tripwire these days, but any Earthshaker system should be fairly similar in this regard. Most of the stuff, in general, will be in a similar section to the picture I've attached.
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    The Geyser docs are pretty good, I thought. They start with the introduction of containers then build up to creating a full-fledged interface.
    A big helper is the use of the flash function when you're building containers. bottomDisplay:flash() would light up the area on your screen that the bottomDisplay container covers.
    Check out the Akayan Gui Creator, too. You can download it in the Mudlet forums. There's good, clean code in it plus it comes with a drag and drop feature for all of your UI windows.
    P.S. When you're a little more steeped in this whole thing, look up "svof" in github.
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    Oh, and if you ever want to check out Oasis, send me a message in-game.
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    I'm having all kinds of problems with getting Vyzor and the GUI Creator to function. Can anyone help?
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