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Context: in Aymah's long slumber she had a child. She's been yapping and pushing for her to 'cross over' from the realm of dreams. Ft @Omei

You reel in your line and cease fishing.
An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the
distinct impression of movement.
Within a tidy nursery (53805) - Space Realm (346)

There are no obvious exits.

You are afflicted with asleep.
[Source]: Curing: Wake (asleep)

Omei stands at the foot of the crib as you appear, Her brow set as She casts you
an irritated glance.

Raising a finger to Her lips, Omei, the Nightmare says, "Quiet with all that
flailing, you're going to wake the baby."

You smile wryly.

Within a tidy nursery (53805) - Space Realm (346)
You stand within a compact room, one that's been painted a lovely shade of light
pink to match the other pink adornments that fill the room. Stuffed animals,
paper drawings, and wooden toys have been set into neat shelves that line the
walls in an orderly fashion. Positioned off the eastern wall is a beautiful
wooden crib that's been lined with soft blankets. Reality twists and contorts in
slivers of fragment-like visions around the form of Omei, the Nightmare.
There are no obvious exits.

You have emoted: Aymah glances around, briefly rubbing a hand over her eyes.
Slowly she approaches toward the crib, craning her neck to peer within.

You cease wielding a bamboo fishing pole in your left hand.

Omei reaches down into the crib to gently pluck the baby up from its resting
position. She holds it delicately in Her arms in a way that demonstrates a
practiced hand at such matters. "Isn't she beautiful?" She coos as She tilts the
baby in your direction for an easier glance.

You have emoted: Aymah leans her head, cautiously extending a hand to contact
the baby in Omei's cradling hold, barely brushing a finger along the creature's
face. "Yeah-" She barely manages to whisper, swallowing a knot in her throat.

"Just like her mother," Omei draws as She casts the child a smile that displays
blatant adoration. A clawed finger lifts to gently stroke at the girl's
iridescent hair that seems to be in a constant flux of hue. "She's got your eyes
you know," the Nightmare notes with a gentle chuckle as She bobs Her arms
lightly - an action the child seems to enjoy as it releases a bubbly coo in
response to the motion.

You are halted by a sudden shock of nervousness and the reluctance to continue

You have emoted: Aymah inhales jerkily, standing almost unmoving, save for the
hand hovering near the baby, looking like she might burst into tears any moment.
"Aiyaik--" She whispers, and shakes her head. "They're my mother's, actually--"
She continues, her voice wavering. "They're gray like hers-".

The air above the baby held tightly in Omei's arm ripples and contorts as
illusory birds conjure themselves into existence above the baby's head. They
flutter their wispy wings as the bob and weave in graceful figure-eight motions
that seem to capture the child's attention as it releases a babbling series of
joyous coos. "Just beautiful this child," the Goddess notes with a pleased smile.
"She's a dreamer too, like her mother. You should -see- what she comes up with,
just spectacular."

You have emoted: Aymah smiles, though there is a lingering air of sadness and
uncertainty about her. "Can she come with me?" She queries, her hand venturing
out to lay across the baby's stomach and chest, fingertips feeling the child's
breathing. "Can she wake with me? Can she cross to be with me?" There is anxiety
to her voice as she leans in further, speaking in a more hushed voice. "Your
hair will settle in red when you grow a bit more, like Xenia's-- your eyes gray,
like Acabe's... everything else you're me-" she continues to whisper this and
other details, as if she were instructing the baby. "This is how you were born
in my dream... Xenia has your Whaleclaw, it's a bit torn, but I can fix it..."

"You know the answer to that, darling Mine," Omei informs you almost pointedly,
Her lips pressing into a thin line as She rocks the baby in Her arm as the
illusory birds continue their swirling above its head. "Shh, there there child,
I'm sorry too," She coos to the infant as one by one the birds veer off course
to dive into the walls of the nursery and ultimately fade from sight.

You have emoted: "But-" Aymah straightens, a frown set deeply into her features.
"When? Will she be able to come with me?" Her hands rise to briefly cover her
face as she breathes in, clearly unsettled.

Your dissent with the notion seems to pair in a rather timely manner with the
high-pitched wail that erupts from the small child held in Omei's grasp. Her
brows furrow inwards as She extends the baby towards you with an inviting nod.
"Take her," She encourages. "Hold her, let her feel you close."

You have emoted: Aymah exhales uneasily, but she extends her arms to receive the
child nonetheless, which she positions along her left side, over her heart. Her
eyes lower to gaze upon the creature as she softly rocks from side to side in a
soothing fashion. "We'll be together, baby, you'll come with me," she whispers,
"Some time, yes?" Her eyes rise briefly toward Omei.

"No more questions," Omei enthuses with a wave of Her hand in a clearly
dismissive matter of the notion as She leans sideways against the crib. "Enjoy
your time with her. She dreams of you." The Nightmare's gaze is intense upon
your form, your every movement captured in those starry depths that make up Her
fascinating eyes.

You have emoted: Aymah gently hoists the infant inches higher along her chest,
craning her neck to press her lips to Aiyaik's forehead. "I love you, " she
whispers, remaining near enough that the creature might feel her breath. "I'll
get Whaleclaw back from Xenia--" She murmurs further, "I know you love that dog,
you took it everywhere when you grew and could walk," there is a smile upon her
features as she gazes upon the child. "You'll grow again to be with me... even
with Xenia if you want... do you dream of her also?" Her voice is hushed, and
she continues to sway, taking small steps around the nursery.

As you speak to the child, Omei moves. She reaches into the crib to withdraw a
pillow from within it which She holds lightly in a hand, Her head tilting as She
watches you. Aiyaik shifts in your arms, her eyes bubbly as she releases coo
after pleased coo in your grasp. "She is tired, child," the Nightmare remarks
with a pleasant smile as Her free hand pats the bottom of the crib. "Let her
have some rest, it's been a big day for her."

You have emoted: "I'll see you very soon, darling," Aymah whispers to Aiyaik as
she approaches the crib, carefully depositing the baby within. She secures some
covers about the child, tucking the ends around her. "I'll bring Whaleclaw-" She
adds, leaning down to press a kiss on the tip of the infant's nose.

Omei pivots on a heel at your side to gaze adoringly into the cradle, a content
sigh escaping from Her lips as She watches the child stir within the comforts of
the covers. "Put her to sleep, child," She whispers to you as She hands you the
pillow. "It is time."

You have emoted: Aymah takes the pillow with both hands, staring up at Omei with
sheer confusion. "She'll soon fall asleep-" She says, eying the girl in the crib.

Omei shakes Her head slowly as She swivels Her gaze to land upon your face. She
lifts a hand to delicately stroke your cheek, a claw trailing down the edge of
your face as She does so in a way that raises the almost imperceptible hairs
there on end. Her countenance is solemn and resolved as the pinpoints of
glimmering, star-like fragments in Her gaze flare brilliantly to life. "It is
time," She states again, and it is at this point that the nursery around you
darkens - the bright pink that coats the room shifts into a murkier, almost
blood-like shade of red, and even the toys stuffed into the shelves around the
room dawn a sinister cast to them in the darker light.

The child stares up at you, so innocent, so harmless in the darkening
surroundings. Like a beacon of joy and happiness as your surroundings begin to
close in upon you.

You have emoted: "NO-" Aymah hisses, though there is clear fright in her eyes
and her countenance. She holds the pillow tightly, digging her fingers within.
"She's REAL-" She bursts, "I won't do it!" She is backing away until she can
press no further against the crib, staring down at the girl within with eyes
that well up with tears.

Omei's clawed fingers curl delicately around your hand as She locks Her gaze
with your own. Slowly but surely She guides your hand downwards and into the
crib to hover over the darling child, but She says nothing else. She watches and
waits with the patience of a practiced Monk.

You have emoted: Aymah struggles with Omei's grip, attempting to back away from
the crib. "NO-" She sobs openly, tears streaming down her face. "WHY!"

Though Her grip was light at first, Omei's fingers curl around yours like a
steely vice as Her gaze narrows. "She is not real," the Goddess hisses through
clenched teeth as a pulse of energy ripples forth from Her form that shakes the
very ground you stand upon. A piercing wail fills the air as the child within
the crib releases a high-pitched cry, her fingers balling into fists that shake
in the air as her form twitches and shifts, bits and pieces of her becoming
translucent in jarring intervals. "Do. It," the Nightmare icily instructs.

You have emoted: "No--" Aymah exhales, watching with horror as the baby's form
wavers. "She is..." She struggles still, her eyes wide. "That's not Aiyaik-" she
squeaks, yielding, slowly but surely. "That's not her," her eyes are pressed
tightly shut as the pillow comes into contact with the warping child. "YOU ARE
NOT AIYAIK!" She screeches. "You tricked me!" She presses the pillow down with
force, face contorted with a myriad clashing emotions.

The room around you continues its jarring transformation as you press the pillow
into the baby's face. The stuffed animals sat upon the shelves dawn leering
expressions that watch you with wide eyes as if encouraging your feral actions.
The wood of the crib creaks and groans as you press against it as the wood rots
and reveals decaying vines slithered up and down its bars.

The screams grow louder in volume despite the presence of the pillow that would
otherwise muffle such noises. Omei watches, carefully, as an inky mark begins to
snake its way into existence upon the underside of your left wrist that sears
and burns the skin it comes into contact with. She says nothing - even if She
did, it's questionable whether Her voice would be audible over the jarring
screeches that push forth from the child.

You have emoted: Aymah's frame is heavy upon the crib. "YOU ARE NOT AIYAIK!" She
screams now, pressing down with force into the rotting cradle. "LIAR!" She
bursts, climbing with a knee onto the uncertain piece of furniture, until her
entire body is pressing down upon the child.

Slowly, ever-so-slowly, the seconds seem to pass in excruciating intervals as
Omei watches you like a hawk, Her lips pressed into a grim line. The cries grow
gradually softer, and then, suddenly, there is no noise. No motion. Death. Death
sits below you, smothered beneath the pillow you hold in your hands.

You have emoted: Aymah collapses in a pile of sobs and cries, fitting almost
completely within the crib as she curls in on herself, clinging still to the
pillow and daring not to look beneath it. Her chest heaves with the cries that
flow from her lips. "Fake Aiyaik-" She whispers with an anger to her voice, her
head moving side to side in a sort of negative fashion.

Within a sinister nursery (53805) - Space Realm (346)
You stand within a nursery that dawns a sinister red glow the shade of blood.
Shelves lined with toys have been hung upon the walls here, the toys set upon
them each bearing twisted and distorted features that leer eerily upon you as if
constantly watching and threatening to jump from their seated positions at any
moment. A wooden crib has been placed against the eastern wall, the wood that
makes it up rotting and covered in dying vines. Reality twists and contorts in
slivers of fragment-like visions around the form of Omei, the Nightmare.
There are no obvious exits.

L omei
She is an Immortal. Tall and slender, She stands at the height of a Human, but
everything about Her screams larger-than-life, Her very form harshly
breathtaking. A shaved head frames Her face, each side shorn clean, while the
mane atop Her crown itself seems to be formed from the stuff of Dreams - a cloud
of moths one moment, writhing tendrils of Nightmare the next. Her skin is a deep
purple, the hue of a forest's vespertine shadows, and Her complexion is dark,
Her angular cheekbones creating sharp planes across a thin face. Sunken eyes
rimmed in kohl-dark earth are a piercing, pure violet, with dilated pupils star-
flecked and fathomless. Her dark, bruise-purple lips are full, bisected by an
intricate tattoo slicing down the middle of her lower labrum and chin to twine
around her neck, unfurling in stunning swoops and slashes across her shoulders,
breast and belly. Inked in a rich, lustruous black, the tattoos scrawl out words
in every language, from common Aetolian to Rajamalan to words and thoughts only
known to the denizens of the Dreamworld. A soft haze hangs over the markings, a
faint purple fog that seems to gather and recede of its own volition - and, as
the mist skims the Goddess's skin, there are whispers, faint and susurrant,
murmuring half-heard prayers of battle and glory and war.

"No, child, SEE, as Mine do," Omei pushes as She reaches into the cradle to
snatch the pillow from your grasp - and there she lies - Aiyaik. There is no
mistaking her, that hair that already begins to bear the reddish tints of
Xenia's, the nose and lips remarkably yours, now entirely still and lifeless
within the cradle beneath your weight.

You feel your stomach lurch as the Goddess speaks, each feature of the child
visibly brought to light.

"Look at her, look at her -face-," Omei instructs as a hand curls around the
rotting wood of the cradle.

You have emoted: Aymah bares her teeth like a wounded animal might, withdrawing
unsteadily as she gazes with visible pain upon the child. She falls to her knees
at the foot of the crib, clinging to the rotting bars with both hands. She
breathes out a whimper, her eyes wide and filled with regret upon the lifeless

Omei kneels into a crouch beside you, a stray arm lacing itself around your
shoulders. "You did it," She remarks in more of a whisper. "I am -so- proud of
you." Her free hand taps idly at the crib - an action that is almost jarringly
loud in the otherwise suffocating silence that pervades.

You have emoted: Aymah seems to be having some manner of difficulty breathing,
inhaling shaky gasps of air. "Why couldn't I have her-" She cries, turning her
blood-shot eyes to Omei. "You denied her to me--" She breaks, sobbing, and
clinging to the crib.

"Indulgence," is Omei's simple answer as Her grip tightens comfortingly upon
your shoulder. She takes in a slow breath through Her nostrils that She slowly
releases as Her gaze flicks to the baby for a moment before returning to you.
"Overindulgence leads to incompetence, a weakening of senses and purpose - you
fixated on her child. It was time, and you have grown," the Goddess murmurs
before rising to Her feet. You realize now that the inky mark upon the underside
of your wrist has solidified, finally, a faintly burning tingle left in its wake.

You have emoted: Aymah snuffles noisily, gazing down to her wrist even as a pair
of salty droplets fall upon the newly-inked mark. "I loved her-" She murmurs
bitterly, "I loved my Aiyaik-" She turns her gaze away from the lifeless child,
staring blankly at the rest of the sinister nursery.

"It is time to love yourself instead," Omei remarks as She crosses Her arms over
Her chest, Her gaze set carefully, tenderly upon you. "Go. Go grieve for her,
make her a memorial and pay tribute to it," She instructs. "We are done here."

You are afflicted with asleep.
An unusually vivid dream swirls through your sleeping mind, and you have the
distinct impression of movement.

You are transported by the power of the Divine.
North of Trees (road) (1299) - the Highways of Sapience (70)
Many of the stars are disguised behind looming clouds, tracing their slow paths
across the sphere of the heavens. A shop directory stands here, detailing the
wares for sale at the Ashtan refugee camp. Torso split open and insides bare,
the corpse of the Haag lies here. The sternum driven through her holds a sign
that states, "This is what happens to those that mess with Barkhul." all written
in blood. A small wooden sign is here. A dirty bird has made some dirty
droppings here. Resting upon a tall pedestal, a set of conch shells shine
brightly here. Rising stark towards the sky, the spindly frame of the Wheel of
Fates is here. Cast aside, this bundle of poles and rope seems useless. An ebony
hooded long coat lined with wolves fur has been left behind here. Covered in
dirt and grime, a shovel merchant has set up shop here. Precisely placed on the
ground, a humgii shaped box sits here. There are 7 blank tarot cards in 7 stacks
here. Humming softly to himself, Blackscales, the drakt villager stands here.
You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for
You see exits leading north, southeast, south, and southwest.

Omei, the Nightmare has invited you to join the Divine Order of Omei, the
Nightmare and awaits a response.
AGREE if you wish to join the order.

Omei grants you entrance into Her Order. Congratulations!

You awake with a start, the image of the still Aiyaik still stuck in the back of
your mind. The mark upon your wrist remains present, acting as a chilling
reminder of the reality you'd just faced.

You have emoted: Looking lost and confused, Aymah scrambles to her feet and away,
dragging her feet through the road.

(Order): Omei says, "Send your welcome to Aymah. She has triumphed over her
nightmares and rightfully earned a place amongst you."

Bonus, this was awesome:
Omei has expressed Her esteem of you for the following reason: This isn't
exactly standard, I know, but brilliant job. Your writing was fantastic, and
your character's responses were visceral and real. Very, very well played.
Experience Gained: 90000 (Special) [total: 229918]


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