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So, let's start with a confession, here. @Akaryuterra's old as balls, but I didn't really RP with him until Lin, so not until mid-2010. By then, naturally, you'd had a lot of time to fill in to your character. To make a long story short, I tried to hang out with him a little bit when Lin was still a human. He did the talking-to-himself thing and I thought "huh, that's kinda weird." And that was about it. I guess I didn't get him, and I was so stuck in my little world I didn't really care for him too much.

But then of course later, Lin and @Eleanor became pretty tight friends and so I got a lot more chances to play with him. And let me say this - wow, just wow. I have never seen someone put such a ludicrous amount of thought into their character. Akary's one of those brand of bizarre, self-generated Idreth, one who is as chilling as he is intricately detailed. I really wish I'd saved the log of when you visited @Anfini in jail but the illusion, you sent, the one about how he had no musculature or bones in his hand, instead holding the structure intact with some kind of veinlike system, had me staring dumbfounded at my screen, going "this is craaazy". We have our fair share of very loud, very strange, very murderous and very pretty characters in Aetolia, but it is my honest opinion that the boys are probably the most complex.

The writing, by the way, is nothing short of a pleasure. We all know you like to play hard and fast with emote length - it's been the subject of fond jokes - but it never feels padded. I never feel like I have to skim your actions to get the real meat of it, and for all the colossal paragraphs you tend to drop, you type them pretty reasonably quickly. It's obvious that you have a love for worldbuilding, judging by the dense descriptiveness you pack into everything, and the best part is that you never flash it in anyone's face. I wouldn't even have known how crazy cool you are as a player and how cool your character is if I hadn't dived in to look.

In short, I'll repeat what I said in the LOVE thread: If you don't like @Akaryuterra, you're wrong. End of story.


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    Aha! Well, @Akaryuterra has deserved one of these threads for a really long time, so this is excellent! Also SPOILERS for meeting him if you haven't before. Just warnin' the casual reader here.

    When I first met @Akaryuterra, my interest in Aet was waning, and I was doing that thing where you log on sporadically, idle for a bit, and then log off feeling unfulfilled. It was about the last incidence of that, probably, before I quit, when I noticed there was some novice wanting an assessment. I almost just logged because wtf too lazy for old-school Cabalist novice tests... but I decided to just do this one last thing as a favour to the guild, and look after this guy.


    Right from the get-go I could see there was something going on, because he was referring to himself in the third-person (or so I thought, at least) but not in a hackneyed way. Wee baby Ryotega was a real firebrand, and poor frightened Akaryuterra made up the other half of an RP experience that I'm still not sick of some six-and-a-half years later.

    OBVIOUSLY I am a bit biased because I've had a long time to see everything that goes on under there, but hot damn boy, you are pretty much the best roleplayer I've ever encountered anywhere. You're dedicated to your craft, and you're always making an effort to be descriptive, to be atmospheric, to do interesting things with describing your actions. There's times when you tell me you thought an emote was a bit naff that I'm just left staring and thinking 'what kind of human am I talking to here', and there's definitely been times when a passing emote has been so amazingly well done that it's completely blindsided me and left me grinning and/or awestruck.

    You're also dedicated to your character- the sheer depth and complexity involved with the boys blows my mind to this day, and every now and then I spot something, some reaction or detail that I hadn't seen before and it dawns on me all over again that there's still more I can discover about this pair. I mean, seriously. What we're looking at here is two well-crafted characters for the price of one, each with his own reactions and fears and idiosyncrasies and values and I could basically sit and bask in your details all day long.

    Also, watching the boys interact with each other is kind of the best thing and I love it every time I see it even if you feel awkward generating an entire scene on your own.

    Also also, you come up with some creepy stuff, especially now the brakes are off and we're on the Idreth hayride. Some of the stuff I run into roleplaying with you makes my skin crawl, and some of the stuff you tell me you're considering, ooc, is even worse. Don't stop.

    So like, for people who are not @Akaryuterra:
    A+++, 10/10, would RP any time.

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    I met him for the entirety of about 5 minutes yesterday and whilst I was busy trying to type @akaryuterra and spelling it wrong in my haste to emote back, he rattled off a couple of brilliant emotes. It was the briefest of brief encounters based on the most prosaic of subjects, but, I was left a wide-eyed at what I saw and eager for more interaction.

    Anyway, plz to be letting us shorthand @person for emotes
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    Oops. I intended to comment on this thread when it first got posted, but felt bad because I know I've not even really skimmed the surface of who the character(s) is(are), so I decided to wait to get a bit more interaction in so I could make a real post.

    Several months later, and I....still don't feel like I've gotten there. Suffice it to say, there's a lot going on with this character. Beautiful writing, engaging concept, always something interesting. 

    Akary has an odd role in Moi's life atm - he mostly is kinda an accomplice to Eleanor when Eleanor fixes broken parts of Moi, but there have been a few times where Moi's approached him individually....usually because she doesn't want Eleanor to get mad at her, but she still needs sciency help. 

    Moi's doing her best to take the personality thing in stride, but she definitely is still jarred by it and is never really sure who she's speaking to, or if maybe he's just mocking her somehow, so she tries to be kinda polite about it all and goes a bit over the top to try to make it seem like she "gets" what's going on with the two personalities (eg rewarding him city credits in two batches). She totally doesn't, but that's pretty much my fault for having to qq whenever any emotes start going between us.

    In any case, uhh. I will return to this thread later. Akary is one of those people who are, in my head, definitively Spirean - I love seeing him show up at city events, and I think he brings a really fun element to the city. He's not as goofy as a lot of the younger crowd, and that more serious/rough personality adds a great balance to the kinda zany place Spinesreach has become. He helps tether it down and keep it from becoming too madcap (although I suspect the Cabal have their own sort of madcap going on).

    Anyways! I'll come back and post more later, when I've been able to delve more into who he is.

    On an OOC note, you're really awesome. You've said the right things at the right time to keep my interest and enthusiasm going when it was on the verge of crashing, and I really am grateful for that. :)
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    I just want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has posted in the thread here. I know we all put a sizable effort into our writing, and playing our characters, so I'm not the only person out there deserving of a little recognition. Even so, thanks for the time you spent on writing in my self-aff, which was courtesy of @lin, it is a great feeling to get even a little recognition for the efforts.

    So I just want to let you guys know your kind words have not gone unnoticed, @Moirean, @Eleanor, @benedicto, and @lin (you crafty person you).

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    I spied on you showing the Mhojave to Eleanor. You described it beautifully. As a geology nerd I give you A+
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    That RP isn't over yet, just on hold. But thanks, I appreciate it. ^_^ Put a lot of work into some atmosphere when I feel I have time.
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    Last night, in the story telling event in Spinesreach, was the first time Akary's character finally came together. I never knew who the boys were, always assumed that Eleanor was talking about the group of guys in the SRC. Then finally I got it, AKARY IS TWO PEOPLE! It was a a huge light switch in my head, and in fact made me comb through my previous RP logs, where Akary had been present, just to see the different sides to him. As a newer character, I'm finally getting to that point where I am starting to understand where Xenia is at her point in life, and a personality is finally starting to organically form. I look forward to future interactions with Akary and getting to see more of his. 

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    Akaryuterra Ryotega....

    The boys are something, an amazing something, a unique and interesting something.
    Whilst absolutely dumbfounding Aarbrok and entrancing him in an awed stare upon some of the Roleplay recently, I cant help but be so happy a storyline arc has brought me to such a point where I get an opportunity to work with you.  Your emotes are so descriptive and you have a penchant for setting a great scene for them to play out in.

    Back when I was Spirean the boys and Eleanor always intimidated me due to the Cabal niche of RP being something I was truly ignorant of.  Your personal niches even more unique within that rare sect of Roleplay.  Letting me see a bit of it and learn though has been a truly rewarding experience IC and OOC.  I have told you this already but in all honesty Thank you, I am having a blast and look forward to future interaction.

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    Alright, I'm curious, there's a first time for everything, so here's a bump. Trying to be a little more active recently, how am I doing driving this crazy flying umbrella (to adopt a phrase from someone else)?
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    I enjoyed the little bit of rp you sprinkled throughout our triptycha games! It especially fascinated me to discover that our characters have a little bit of shared history in terms of acquaintances. I would love to see more from you.
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    I love how you handle the split of personalities. Even during such a rushed thing as the timed story-telling contest you managed to squeeze in a bit of their conflicting mindsets. As for handling a very crazy flying umbrella, you're quite the navigator.

    It took a long time for me to dare RP around you, because in my mind you're one of the best out there, which makes me very self-conscious. I've enjoyed all our interactions and look forward to more of them in the future. I think my favorite was the longer painting session with the two arguing reasons for participating and how to pose.

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    Man, it has been a long time. I'm trying to put some more time back into the character and try to interact, how'm I doing?
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    I have not seen as much as I'd like, but our brief interactions have been rather delightful. That moment recently when @Akaryuterra was explaining diagrams and a certain someone decided to take over was really disconcerting for Oemeria, and the mean kids in the class were giggling to make things worse, hehe. She's very convinced he's some sort of numerological incident (or accident?).

    I think things like diagrams, and the depth of the books that I've gotten to see so far are truly amazing, and I'm sure so much work has gone into that, that I would really like them to not be lost, and even want to dig further into that.
    I don't know what you are up to with the latest guild 'task' you've given us, but I am genuinely excited.
    I hope we can RP more!
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    This is Benedicto and @Akaryuterra is one of my favourite people to RP with in the Citadel.
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