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...dare I ask?

Comments, thoughts, and so forth would be appreciated! Have at it!
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    Well, this is an affirmation thread I was hoping would be made at some point!

    Kelliara is a magnificent character played with such incredible consistency that I often marvel at how comfortable you, as a player, seem in her skin. Faerah trusts very few people in life (three, to be precise), and Kelliara has been on that list from the beginning. Because of that, Kelliara gets away with a lot that others would not - from openly teasing Faerah to pushing her to do things she typically would not (boo Spirean calendar). This throws Faerah off balance somewhat, and often reverts her toward the lighter spirit that she was when they first met. Where most deal with Faerah's rather caustic personality, Kelliara just ignores it entirely and digs at the heart of her because she's just known her for so long (I mean, they've been friends since they were noobs).

    You're also the reason I came back. I don't know whether to thank, or kick, you for it. Whenever I would log on during my two year dormancy you would be there, tempting me to play once more. Finally, when I decided to come back... I made an alt (because I hated the Syssin so much at the time). I saw you about when on that alt, logged on Faerah to say "hi" and quickly decided that if I was going to play Aetolia again - it was going to be with you and your wonderfully constructed, loyal, funny, clever, witty, dry and consistent character. <3

    I am sad that we have conflicting schedules, and that sometimes Fae's so wrapped up in Guild stuff (...needy, needy Syssin-folk <3) that she cannot get away as easily anymore... But please never give up on Fae. She needs Kelliara in her life to take the edge off how harsh she can get and remind her to "relax" every now and again!

    All in all, if you stopped playing Spinesreach/Aetolia would suffer a great loss. Please don't ever.
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    Kelliara is one of my favorite characters and has been for a long time. I'll never forget the first significant interaction Xen had with Kelliara:

    There was some sort of City Fair going on in Spinesreach, 2 weeks of regularly planned events. One of these was an Arena event of hide and seek or something to that effect. Anyway, while I'd been quickly eliminated, Kelliara ended up became 'it' and essentially ran around avoiding Xemnas and a few others for about 20 minutes swinging into trees, and just generally darting around, impossible to pin down. As a player interested in PK, I couldn't help but crack a grin at her mobility and appreciating it, maintaining that with several people trying to catch you can be hard! Anyway, after the event is over and Kelliara named the victor, a starstruck Xenia comes up and offers her a drink, and fumbles about trying to make conversation. She is instead met with Kelliara's more abrasive side and quickly finds herself on the losing end of a debate over Carnifex and their practices with hounds.

    This interaction was perfect for Xenia, as until now, she'd not really been challenged in any real way for her choices or actions in life and immediately Kelliara began to stick out amongst the Spireans. She continues to be someone that is constantly challenging Xenia in ways that others do not. It's been fun getting to know Kelliara and having to chink at her tough exterior walls to try and get a glimpse at the person behind that angry, moody wolf.

    Speaking of wolves I <3 the pack!

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    I'm always bad at posing seriously in these. However, she's one of my favorite characters, and has been ever since Kog joined the Atabots years back. She can do gruff like nobody else, and despite her apparent fetish for making Kog and @Aarbrok fight to the death any time either of them talked on GT, she was an excellent GM. I hated the Atabots got deleted, because I felt like that was a guild that was being run well, even if it was low-key. I also had lots of fun beating you up as Kog, because whatever cheap trick I'd use on you would be met with an 'Ooo' rather than complaints of me being lame. Stay awesome!

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    Ah, I like Kelliara and I have since the very beginning when I made Teani and joined the Atabahi. Her attitude is just fantastically gruff and straightforward and you keep at it qith great consistency. I especially like how she keeps putting Teani on the spot. It's sort of like an older sister in a way; teasing, but teaching at the same time. I enjoy our interactions a lot and look forward to even more of them in the future. We've got an awesome Pack!

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    I guess?

    I've been sort of semi-active and involved lately, and whatnot, so maybe let's see how I'm doing these days.

    So once again...dare I ask?

    Comments, thoughts, etc etc are appreciated!
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    One day we will be online and in the same system in eve
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    I've been reflecting on how Xenia has evolved as a character, and in part, how the relationships she's developed effect her. It's interesting to sit back and see how much our characters have opened up with one another; Kelliara's subtle complexities less a mystery and more a familiar endearment.

    There are many things I like about the relationship between our two characters, however the highlight for me is the consistency in which they navigate their lives while incorporating one another in them; it's nice to see these two still growing alongside one another. In a lot of ways, Kelliara saves Xenia from stagnation and has been key in how Xenia has matured and developed more of a backbone.

    I always enjoy our interactions, you're fun to write and learn combat with.

    10/10 would interact with Kelliara!

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    Kelliara's great, always excellent to be around and RP with, and you put up with my client deciding to crash every 5 seconds like a real trooper (I am going to strangle that thing, omg).

    More specifically: I'm looking forward to really spend more time with Kelliara when Zaila's not off gallivanting around the countryside causing headaches and testing language filter tolerances. I really like the aunt/niece relationship they've got going on, and I want more of it.

    GIVE ME MORE /salivates disgustingly
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    I love Kelliara. Even though she is a grump in the beginning, the more you get to know her, the more you understand. We haven't been able to interact much lately, and for that I'm sorry. It's always interesting to learn what she's up to, even though she can be difficult to make talk.

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    Highly wary. That's how Tacitus is right now with Kelliara.

    Besides that, an excellent RP'r with a well developed character! The chess game between Tacitus and Kelliara was fun and borderline edgy for the young man. Kelliara maintains a dominant presence, for sure, and it's easy to visualize it. In short, a well crafted character that's solid and fun to interact with.

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    Epic RP is epic, Kelli. She is an awesome character, and I can remember the beginnings. You've done very well in character development.

    Even though Cardie is 99.9% certain that Kelliara actually hates him, and can't put his finger on why.

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    Rhoynn has always kept a fair berth around Kelli and in return she's done the same to him. Whereas some people take being an unpleasant person and use it to be actively combatant, Kelliara was always the "Devil's Advocate" in Rhoynn's learning. Any time he had an idea, she would push back. In return, he did the same when she spoke up, and I'd like to think there's this sense of mutual dislike and mutual respect between the two of them.

    What she balances, beautifully, is that idea of "You don't have to like your leaders, but you damn sure need to respect them". Kelli doesn't set out to earn people's affection, but it can't be said she doesn't earn their respect. She's efficient, adaptable, hard-working and dedicated, and knows to recognize merit and worth in others, instead of relying on favoritism or spontaneity.

    She's amusingly reliable, both set-in-her-ways and always looking for something new. While she was a bit strange as a Cabalist, at least where the rest of the members' ideologies came into play, she's a great comrade in the Archivists. No matter what path it takes, I'm certainly excited to continue working with/beneath/aside Kelliara
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    Ice queen of Spinesreach - Love the power politician angle. Being around Kelliara in person puts Sigmund on his toes right away. Her roleplay has a sharp edge to it, and it's always to the point. She don't mess around, and is real careful and deliberate with any words that come out of her mouth. Makes a good city leader, hope their paths cross more often.
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    Sigmund said:

    Ice queen of Spinesreach - Love the power politician angle. Being around Kelliara in person puts Sigmund on his toes right away. Her roleplay has a sharp edge to it, and it's always to the point. She don't mess around, and is real careful and deliberate with any words that come out of her mouth. Makes a good city leader, hope their paths cross more often.

    "Words are weapons as surely as any blade. Do not wield them carelessly." - Kelliara Vetra.
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    OMG how have I not commented here before? Kelliara is a blast to interact with and she is a major reason why I gave aetolia a chance (@tiur you should give her a raise ;) )

    One of my absolute favorite things to do in game is tee up some obvious innuendo for Kelliara to respond to completely straight.

    Paraphrasing as I did not log it but like this example from today:
    archivists : Kelliara "Which hand do you like better"
    archivists : me "I think both of your hands are great but you should ask Xenia as she would know better"
    archibists: Kelliara "I was asking about your personal hand preference"
    archivists: Kelliara "Xenia would say I am good with both hands"
    archivists: kelliara "As I can wield an axe equally well with either"

    I love how in character Vash has never seen kelliara perform any really violent act but if you asked him under some kind of truth spell who he was most afraid of pissing off he would not hesitate to name her.

    You have a real talent for imbuing her actions with lots of personality while using minimal extras. This makes the impact of your RP that much more powerful.


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    Tentative bump?
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    The brief interaction with Kelliara last night made me go "huh I should bug her again" so EXPECT ME
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress SwedenMember Posts: 2,204 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ah... Kelliara. How I love that grump. It is a delight RPing with you, even when there's tension and frustration in terms of communication. I really like the contrast between business and relaxation, and am very happy I get to experience the diversity that is this character.

    10/10 would recommend RP with you.

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