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So, I was at work today and talking with a coworker about Dark Souls 3 and the way grinding there works and got to thinking about how to translate that into Aetolia. Yes, I know that the grinding there doesn't equate to Aetolia bashing, but that's how my mind works. If anyone (@Celani, @Admin, @Razmael, @Hadrak, @Dristin) likes this idea or would want to speak with me more about it (as I'll probably think more about it after I finish posting this), feel free to contact me via tells/messages. Anyway, onto my idea:

This new bashing area/mini dungeon would be considered a high bashing area (Level 120-150). My lore might be a bit off here, but it could be an area inside a cave that gave a portion of Nazedha that came with Baelak a sanction of reprieve from sending themselves to the flame to summon Lanu Du. This kind of RP/lore would allow Duiran and Enorian cause to hunt it as well (because I know they have some kinds of rules regarding where they can hunt).

I'm not sure how large it would be, but it could be somewhat large... maybe the size of the Vortex, maybe a little smaller/bigger (definitely nowhere near Tcanna size). There could be small mini-bosses/boss stages (either Night Tiger equivalent or Marcello equivalent) that open up the next area. I wouldn't expect there to be aggressive mobs simply due to the fact that with it being such a high area, aggressive mobs would probably wipe out lower level people who went with a high powered team to get powerleveled (cause I completely expect this to happen as it happens quite often now with the areas we already have). As with any other type of area, it would focus on high experience/gold (this will help combat the increasing credit prices and maybe stabilize it with more gold income, even though gold for most is inherently useless).

To continue, this would be a great way to encourage inter-player relationships and inter-player communication. I don't think this should be an open PK area because it would destroy any idea of people actually doing it. I'm not sure what would happen at the end of it, maybe an honours line for completing the area and killing the final boss.

I'm open for criticism and ideas. As previously said @Celani, @Admin, @Razmael, @Hadrak, @Dristin, if you guys like this idea but maybe need a bit more, please contact me. :)
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    There's also the option to build on something that already exists (aside from Zsadist's idea of the super-high level area).

    For example,
    - Luzith's lair could open up to a level further down with even meaner creatures, and a new boss. Then another, then another.
    - Chapel Garden begins with questing, then you can enter the prison with systematic bashing. That could be expanded upon too, with another level opening up after this, and some on.

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