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    Ishin said:

    Vaskar said:

    Headlights are the worst for me. It's not that it is particularly complicated or technically difficult, it is that they apparently assumed that anybody changing the headlight bulbs would have both the hand size of my two year old nephew and the grip strength of the incredible hulk.

    Yeah I had to like, stick my hand in and twist my upper body to put my fingers at the right position to twist the plastic lock-washer thing lol. I was like damn what is this.
    Yeah, it's not like the old Volvos where you could basically stand in the engine room and change stuff, easily reaching everything with just about any tool you had at hand. Or the older models of Ford for that matter. Changing the fan belt with nothing but a lug wrench (for leverage), a normal wrench (for the bolts), and a hammer (for extra force) had some heads turning in the parking lot, but I had fun! The good old days... Thankfully I have small hands, so reaching the headlights are usually not that much of an issue.

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    My Volvo has foggy residue that makes my headlights dim INSIDE the goddamn glass
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    Toz said:

    I bet all of you level dex

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    Is anyone going to play No Man's Sky, and if so on what what media? I was thinking about steam but sometimes that's just too laggy.
    They did WHAT to druids?

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    Logging in to do mundane administrative stuff and getting ambushed for surprise wtf roleplay! <3
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    Dristin said:

    ... staying in an old, country home...

    I read that as SLAYING in an old, country home, and thought "Good god, that baby is a badass."

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    I love the weather these last couple of days. I just wish I wasn't stuck indoors for work, but ah well.

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    In three weeks and a few hours, I will be on my way to the US. It's gonna be amazing and scary and awesome and terrifying and I am so excited.


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    While dealing with a job change, the end of undergrad, looking for yet another job, and the family drama @Zarni, @Corvo and the Syssin have really been there for me oocly. They've even put up with gradzilla me. I know this is both a love and a thank you but I recognize everything you do and I appreciate it <3

    Edit: Oh, -somehow- I left out @Mariena and @Kelliara. You both are p great. :)

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    I'm coming to accept that Cabalists in combat are like players in Super Hexagon. The stage gets easier or harder depending on the status of the Cablist.

    I <3 this game. I've been playing it during breaks at work on my phone.

    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    I'm a pretty big bibimbap fanatic and Maangchi decided to finally post a video of her recipe for it.

    Dolsot bibimbap is too good for this terrible earth.

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    ahem. AEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you got to see Protomen I am SO JEALOUS @Orisae

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    Orisae said:

    Ten guesses who got to watch, live and only a few feet away, Patrick Rothfuss DM a game of D&D. This girl.

    Just got back from PaxEast and had a grand time. Finally finished my collection of Tanto Cuore and got a new gaming mat for my card games. Also watched a few awesome tournaments and saw Protoman live. :D

    There are not enough 'likes' on this whole unicorns forums for me to click like for you getting to watch PR DM a game of DND. I love his books so much. I can't wait for the next one to come out :)
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    Too much cool stuff at PAX East this year. Very jealous!

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    @Hadrak Yeah, the expo was brilliant this year. It's one of the few conventions that I highly recommend going to!

    @Ishin It was awesome. He's usually just a player for Acquisitions Inc but he blew the crowd away by standing up to DM. Typically it's C. Perkins that DMs (he's amazing, too) but this year, they switched things up. When it comes out on the intertoobs, I'll post it up for everyone.

    To be completely honest, the Con is great but I really only show up to watch AI, check out the indie games, and board games.

    Here's from last year's PAXeast. Basically, PR plays Kvothe.

  • HadrakHadrak DorohedoroMember Posts: 874 admin
    I really wish I had the time to watch more of the D&D streams online like Acquisitions Inc with Perkins. I've caught a few episodes here and there especially with his work on the Curse of Strahd (YAY RAVENLOFT), but keeping up with Critical Role has been monumental as is and I have a hard time dropping it with my love for the entire group.

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    Godddddddd I love Patrick!!!!! Went to a book signing and discussion of his last year, and he's my favorite in all the landsssss.
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    I'm goin' to a concert in May! I haven't been to one in ages, and for awhile I thought I'd never be able to go to one again because of the dog, but we've been practicing and he's getting better, so here goes!

    It's not a big one, it's just something at a large church, but still! I've just recently discovered Plumb and tripped upon that she's playing a couple of towns over, so I'm excited! Here's a picture of Nitro in the ear muffs he'll have to wear for your viewing pleasure.

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    Man, @Hadrak. You're going to be hurting when I tell you that that same group is starting up a series in June. They announced it after this last weekend after they cut the streaming. :dizzy:

    The dude and I are planning on starting up Critical Role at some point soon. It's just hard to follow something new, as you already know, when your time is already busting.

    @Asaraii I KNOW! When he stood up to DM, both my boyfriend and I started squealing like children going 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!' I'll msg you the link when I post the link if you want to watch him DM. It was HILARIOUS and wonderful.

    Spoiler- Perkins plays as Drizzt
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    There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.
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    Reux said:

    I'm coming to accept that Cabalists in combat are like players in Super Hexagon. The stage gets easier or harder depending on the status of the Cablist.

    I <3 this game. I've been playing it during breaks at work on my phone.

    That is one of my FAVORITE games to play. Good choice!
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    I love Legos. And both of these things are way too cool to ignore. They also taught me about... the actual thing they're mimicking.

    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    Come on, Bandai. You know you want to release this here. (I mean, w/e, they won't--but that sweet, sweet 90s anime blu-ray quality)

  • TenshyoTenshyo Member Posts: 413 ✭✭✭✭
    Hadrak said:

    Come on, Bandai. You know you want to release this here. (I mean, w/e, they won't--but that sweet, sweet 90s anime blu-ray quality)


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