Returning player, could use RP help/advice

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Hello Everyone!

Sorry that this is long, but it is a bit of a ramble...

I have recently returned to Aetolia (yesterday) and am currently in the process of retiring my old characters. I never did a proper job of roleplaying either of them, and would like to start fresh with some advice on how to do what is in my head for my character.

As a heads up, due to my player preferences this character will almost certainly end up as a Consanguine though I may later multi class.

Firstly I decided to go with Grecht but know very little about them, the help files seem sketchy as well. Any good resources on more grecht history/lore? Basically I'm looking for what upbringing makes sense for the character idea that I'll give below, so specific suggestions are fine.

Secondly, after creating this character (choosing nightstalker and therefore bloodloch/undead because I was forced to, not a fan of that) I graduated from the tutorial immediately (so entered the real world at circle 1) and quit city and class as well as became living. This is because I want to RP all of that.

My character concept is that he's a wanderer with no affiliations for a couple in game years (I'm fine with retconning my history to include more like 5 years by including pre-18 years but 1-2 years is all I can do as a player). He leans undead/shadow (I haven't decided on a motivation yet since he's living, need to figure that one out) so hangs out near Spinesreach (you still get killed on sight in bloodloch right? If not, he'll hang out there too).

So far I've put my lessons from leveling in Weaponry and Avoidance and am doing pretty well in the noobie areas with a high stats buckler, the only shortsword I could easily find for sale, and a high stats scalemail. He's been picking up tattoos as he gets money and been mostly avoiding curatives so far since I haven't decided how long he'll remain living. I will be getting an influx of enough credits to max out weaponry and avoidance (and have plenty leftover for class skills when I get to them) once my characters retire[Actually retirement came through while I typed this, so I'll be maxing those out shortly].

In any case, here are my questions:

1. What are some ideas for character background as a grecht wanderer with undeath leanings? I think learning more about the recent independence that spinesreach and bloodloch helped with may help. Perhaps he was involved in it? What year was it and how old would he have been (born yesterday IRL)? Being a war veteran would explain his insane combat skills (shortly will be Trans weaponry and avoidance).
2. If I stick to remaining a wanderer for 1-2 years in-game as a player I'm going to need to find some people my character can talk to/hang out with. That's just over 3 months IRL! Any ideas here? I will definitely quit playing if I try to stick with the wanderer idea and don't find people to hang out with.
3. Are there some cool RP ways to become undead that I could pull off? Other than the "you want to join bloodloch/the undead house so go become undead". I would love to do it during the wandering phase if possible. (Does nightstalker automatically cause undeath now?)
4. Should grecht be able to wear boots/gloves from an RP standpoint? From the pictures i'd say no, but currently i'm wearing boots for warmth.
5. Any mannerisms/RP things that I should have based on this character idea? Mention even obvious things please, I'm very new to trying to seriously RP (only done DND once).

Sorry for the long post! I'm waiting eagerly for your thoughts.


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    Welcome back! A couple of ideas:

    Definitely add Esterport to your list of places to hang out. It's the neutral port/trade city with several shops and taverns where folks from both sides of the game hang out. I've been a "rogue," as we call it, several times in Aetolia -- it is doable, and especially with the amount of time you're shooting for I think it should be manageable for you!

    One suggestion about character I'd make is to try to make him somewhat outgoing. It may be challenging to start up interaction without a city or guild to rely on, so I think it could help you if you decide your character is curious, or bumbling, or social -- something that gives you an easy excuse to just roll through various environments.

    Re: boots, I think people play that differently. I'd assume you could get custom boots made for your character (there's an easy rp in for you!). Or, if you want to go without but need them to stay warm, just ATTIRE CONCEAL them.

    Lastly, in terms of general character development, mannerisms, and habits, I'd recommend this guide. There's no need to do the whole thing, but it suggests a few core areas to get you going that I think are helpful to think about. The second page has huge lists of hobbies and habits that I've found really helpful to spur my imagination (for habits, I wouldn't choose more than two or three at most).

    I'll leave the particular lore you're thinking about in the hands of people who are closer to those parts of the game than I am. Hope to see you around!

    ETA: I can't believe I forgot to plug the RP clan (The Roleplay Syndicate)! Anyone who belongs to the clan can induct you, so please feel free to ask. That would also be a good place to solicit some ideas/advice.
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    There is a lore dump for the Dehkay Plateau - a Grecht continent essentially, though not the mainland Grecht group you'd come from:

    Areas with Grecht: Arget Massai, a place in Tundra that I can't think of the name. Other things: BL doesn't auto-enemy people anymore, so you won't die going into it.

    1. I can't comment on that, so going to let other players do so.
    2. There is a RP clan you can join to find people to RP at - some on either sides of the alignment. Take a look at CLANHELP RP. Esterport is a good hanging out spot, around the Black Flagon Inn. Also, if you're rolling around Spinesreach people, sometimes the main gates are good for lurking.
    3. You can go through the ritual to become undead, which many newbies still have to do. You can have a vamp drain your blood, or slash yourself down to low blood (forget the specific command), and then bury yourself in a graveyard. Nightstalkers are technically considered undead, but you can still do the ritual and become a nightstalker after.
    4. I don't think they should be able to, but you could always get custom ones made to fit. You never know!
    5. Going to leave this to players, too. Hope the above information helps some!
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    Thanks for the great advice so far!

    I'm going through the RP guide you linked @Emelle. Great so far, hard to decide on a prime motivator though. In contention are power, discovery, and understanding. All 3 will definitely play a role but I agree one prime is good.. I'll have to think on it :smile:

    @dristin Thanks for the lore dump, looking through it. Should be helpful. Cool that i'll be able to hang out in BL now. I knew about the ritual of undeath, just hoping to find some RP stuff leading up to it that makes sense for my wanderer character. Perhaps he fears mortal death and looks to avoid it? Idk.

    Both: Thanks for the recommendation on the RP clan, I joined up. Sounds like it'll be a great help!
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    The Northern Tundra Grecht settlement is Arget Efri, it's an imperial outpost. Arget Massai in the southern mountains was settled by refugees fleeing from the Dehkay Plateau and is a lot more lax about the Grecht caste system.
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    Love seeing people interested in roleplaying, so I'll definitely harass you if I see you hanging around 'Loch! Iselle generally likes to corrupt people, so it would be interesting to see that play out.

    As far as motivations for undeath - it could totally be a fear of mortal death, or fear of other things related to mortality (disease, vulnerability, sensitivity, etc.) Or perhaps your character despises what he's had of mortal life so far and wants to ascend to something he thinks is better. You can get creative!

    (And yay for RP clan plugging!)
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    @iselle if your character like corrupting then i'll be sure to try to run into you. It'd make it easier to transition to undeath (and eventually consanguine) if he was being convinced
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    Made some progress on my thoughts here, would be interested in other people's ideas:

    This is based off the link @emelle gave.

    Mordtrius Profile
    • Primary Motivator: Independence(for himself, not others)
    • Emotional Disposition: Curious
    • Moodiness: Even-tempered
    • Outlook: Optimistic but not trusting
    • Integrity: Conscientious but tends toward some manipulation
    • Impulsiveness: Controlled
    • Boldness: Cautious but confident
    • Aggreableness: Agreeable but not altruistic
    • Interactivity: Reserved but only slightly
    • Conformity: Heterodox
    • Humour: Dark
    • Conversation: Philosophy, hunting, nature, science, humor.
    • Group affiliation: Tolerant, agnostic, solitary, hermit. (this is the beginning, based on other attributes I expect him to gravitate toward bloodloch/chakrasul/an undead house)
    • Quirks: Collects odd things, blade sharpening.
    • Hobbies: Collecting, hunting, fishing, reading/philosophizing/research, pipe smoking?(not sure if this even works for undead)
    Mordtrius Background
    • Urchin/orphan grew up in the streets
    Background obviously a work in progess, I'd like to write a multi paragraph story.

    Based on this Mordtrius recently became undead(in a private "cermony" by himself in a isolated cemetery) after reading about it in the library/scrolls and deciding it was a better path than relying on Varian's good will to resurrect him (this realization came after dying for the third time). I need to figure out what in his background made in predisposed to undeath in the first place though.

    I still want to roleplay being convinced to join bloodloch in a few in-game months as well as eventually becoming a Consanguine. He hangs out a lot in bloodloch now that he has become undead.

    Based on his primary motivator I feel he is predisposed to Chakrasul's order as well as Ve'kahi house(he went to alcazar[spelling?] and talked to the consanguine npcs about the houses) but he could probably be convinced otherwise in game.

    Finally, i've been having some trouble bashing and am writing a newbie post asking for help shortly.
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    Update: Made character wolf shapeshifter and nightsalker for OOC reasons (needed better hunting ability). Going to figure out why he did it in character shortly so that my internal character makes sense.
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    Yes to smoking a pipe! It will give me a good excuse to bump into you for rp. Emelle has a smoke shop in Esterport, v57024.
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    Feel free to stumble across Asaraii too. I started her as a Grecht, she's endgame now but still keeps the look. She's also incredibly disgusting looking for various reasons that can be weaseled out of her, if she feels like someone's smart enough to understand it. She doesn't really open up to many people (mostly because I don't like roleplaying simple little things, relationships, drama, etc. She has a lot on her plate, and running around showing weakness isn't good form, from a character perspective. I do enjoy roleplaying the loyalties to orgs/religion, and helping others with their roleplay, though). Regardless, could give you some ideas if interested. Also good at babbling away about Corruption.

    Iselle's my favorite, too. She's great to interact with and also helps people develop their RP.
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    @Asaraii I think @Iselle and I may not have much overlapping playtime unfortunately. Of course, it has been easter and stuff so maybe that has something to do with it.
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    Also I hear she is a member of the sacred order of the leek. #LEEKTHETRUTH.
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    Thanks for the conversations @iselle and @Emelle. I think I did better with presenting my character to @emelle than @iselle. I blame tiredness and lack of preparedness :P. I'd love any feedback from both of you!
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    Mordtrius said:

    Thanks for the conversations @iselle and @Emelle. I think I did better with presenting my character to @emelle than @iselle. I blame tiredness and lack of preparedness :P. I'd love any feedback from both of you!

    I feel like that every time I interact with someone. Keep at it!
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    It really just takes practice! Interact with more people, even if only briefly. Every interaction doesn't need to be long and substantive. Roleplay with NPCs, or even by yourself -- it might sound odd, but figuring out what your character thinks and does while alone will give you some good insights and ideas for the next time you interact with another character. You could also try using "thinkmotes" (I believe the syntax for that is in HELP EMOTE). Getting in the habit of articulating your character's thoughts and feelings early on will give you a better window into their experience, too. And check out some roleplay logs!
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    @emelle Yeah, I think the trick is going to be getting into my character's head enough that I just intuitively know how they'd react. Thinkmotes/emoting all the time will probably help with that.
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    So based on my character profile I feel he will definitely go Idreth rather than Azudim due to wanting to transcend himself rather than instilling some kind of divine essence. I don't really just want to run the command and be done with it though, I'd like to RP it, so would a good plan be to track down an RP-open existing Idreth and have a little "teach me how to become idreth" moment?

    To prepare ahead of time, is Mordtrius going to get a hard time from Consanguine for choosing Idreth over Azudim @iselle?

    Finally, based on my character profile so far, anyone have arguments for why my character might choose Azudim instead? I'm honestly pretty neutral about which to pick now that they are the same from a gameplay standpoint.
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    Ooh, also I'd love to see the message from the person's point of view when turning into Azudim, Idreth, and Yeleni. I found Azudim in the Roleplay Logs but only found idreth from an outside point of view and haven't found Yeleni at all.
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    Nah, no issue with choosing Idreth! Actually, one of Iselle's childer did it and I completely forgot to ask about the decision. Anyway, I've seen a few Idreth vampires and it's viewed more of personal choice.

    As for our interaction, I liked the glimmers of humor and also uncertainty I saw in Mordtrius, which makes his decision-making seem more realistic. If I had to make a suggestion, it would be the use of more emotes now and then. Don't get me wrong, sometimes simple dialogue is all you need, and there's also the opposite effect of using too many emotes when you don't need it...but other times, cuing others in on an expression or a tone can really add to an interaction.
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    Mordtrius said:

    Ooh, also I'd love to see the message from the person's point of view when turning into Azudim, Idreth, and Yeleni. I found Azudim in the Roleplay Logs but only found idreth from an outside point of view and haven't found Yeleni at all.

    I've got the message saved somewhere for idrethi, I'll edit this post once I dig it up for you.

    The long and short of it, however, is you basically start to dissolve into a cloud of essence, and dissipate, before having an epiphany, and reforming from nothingness.
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