Pilar Believes in Neither Marriage nor Extortion

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In case you haven't read the public news, the short of it is that Trikal is attempting to extort Duiran. At first, Pilar had no plans to ever respond but Trikal approached her first.

It's all tells but I thought it was funny and we had fun with it!


Trikal tells you, "Have you given thought to my proposal?"

You tell Trikal, "Hm? Proposal? I'm afraid I'm not very fond of marriage."

Trikal tells you, "On the public news boards, regarding the lives of your guards, which I assume you value highly."

You tell Trikal, "You assume so many things. That I will marry you. That I will bend to your demands. It's insulting really."

Trikal tells you, "I'm already married, but thanks for thinking I'd be a potential partner."

You tell Trikal, "You asked me, remember?"

Trikal tells you, "Ah well, a misunderstanding there, apparently in Duiran proposals only refer to marriage, sorry for using words differently than you're used to."

Trikal tells you, "I only mean to offer something that can be mutually beneficial for all involved, if my demands are too steep I'm open to a counter offer."

You tell Trikal, "Mutually beneficial for whom? We have not extended even a finger of aid or ill toward your kind outside of the usual every day practices. Also, do you really believe that 'mutually beneficial' and 'demands' can be made in the same sentence? And I am the one who is confused, hm."

Trikal tells you, "Well if you care for the safety and lives of your guards, then yes mutually beneficial. I can't imagine it feels good to watch those who you have trained cut down and killed."

You tell Trikal, "It does not, I admit. Though I'm sure you've seen, before you were slain again and again at least, that all members of the Council take their oaths seriously. No?"

Trikal tells you, "Eh, that doesn't resolve the issue at hand for you though does it?"

Trikal tells you, "Visiting Dhar's mirror does not dissuade me."

You tell Trikal, "I don't see an issue at hand here. I see a man not afraid of death but much afraid of something else. So much so that he believes he can bully entire organizations. Sad and trife, really, to see you not have guidance or a purpose. Unfortunate."

You tell Trikal, "What more can we expect from an extortionist."

Trikal tells you, "Death."

Trikal tells you, "Destruction."

Trikal tells you, "Decay of the forests you claim to protect."

You tell Trikal, "The Underking tells us that death awaits us all. The Hunter teaches us that destruction is a necessary force for new growth. The Verdant once taught us that even decay can feed new life. Do you have more threats?"

Trikal tells you, "Nope, if that's what you wish, than you shall have it."

You tell Trikal, "Perhaps when you're ready and worthy, we can be wed in the future. Farewell."
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Affirm Pilar!


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    I'm pretty sure Pilar is in love with Trikal.
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    Pilar wants them mandible hugs.

    Seriously though, it's really cool to see some activity. The game has been suuuper quiet. I'm glad to see Pilar not letting Trik boss her around lol

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    I prefer reading logs like these, because they give more insight behind a characters interaction than emote-throwing does... at least in my opinion. +1 to both parties.
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    Pilar was giggling about the interaction, I thought it was wonderful, so far in all honesty @Trikal has been fun to interact with through this conflict, so has @Akara (But...I didn't say anything your secret is safe with me bb)
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