Do you cure in PVP with firstaid or client scripting?

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Obviously, you have a system for defenses, offense, utility etc - but does your system do the curing, or does it let firstaid do the curing? For example, plenty of people use 'Project Source' but that system is firstaid curing, so you'd vote one of the firstaid options.

Also, I'm asking about PVP. Doesn't matter what sort of PVP - if you help out casually at lessers, then you PVP. But if you only bash, please don't vote.


  • RiluoRiluo The Doctor
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    I have mine run via firstaid with secondary messages to detect if I have for example the first few affliction that could cause a lock. In which case it does this:

    If X and Y then firstaid off for some set afflictions and cure x turn on firstaid. Otherwise for ease of control I have settings that will tell firstaid prioritize Y first before you try to cure X.

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  • AvishaiAvishai Portland, Oregon
    I use something really old I found on a forums like forever ago, I know I don't cure alot of things, but im not really savvy enough to figure out how to make first aid work for me, not really being a fighty type though, it does the job for what it does.
  • I use both, Firstaid or my system depending on my mood and who I fight. I built a on/off switch so when I do, firstaid on, my system curing turns off, and firstaid on, turns on my system curing and off firstaid.

    So I cant vote ^
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  • LimLim
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    If I could be arsed to convert my system to being first aid compatible, I would. But since it ain't broke, there isn't much of an impetus to fix it. That is to say, first aid is pretty good, especially when you start switching priorities on the fly. I would use it if I were starting from scratch. 
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    Ye, what Lim said. Firstaid is quite good, some advanced things aside (masked affs mainly). But since I already have everything set up, there's no reason not to use my own.

  • @Ilyon from testing it cures with tree/recon for masked afflictions. I mainly use firstaid on laggy days
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  • System. First aid has definitely improved leaps and bounds but you still need to track what have, cool downs, etc to adjust priorities accordingly. 
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  • Sivekui said:

    @Ilyon from testing it cures with tree/recon for masked afflictions. I mainly use firstaid on laggy days

    I am aware. For some cases it's enough, for fighting classes with lots of masked afflictions (Cabalist, Shaman), it's not.

  • I don't really feel like Firstaid will keep up with the way I cure via my the system I run.
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  • Obviously, not many people voted so it's hard to draw conclusions.
    People keep saying, in the forum and ooc clans, that first aid is good but they don't use it.
    Almost no one that I know of (just a couple of exceptions such as Riluo) actively uses it in pvp outside of casual foci battling.

    I was hoping to get an idea of why, or for a bunch of people I don't know to come out of the woodwork, saying they use it.

    I was also hoping to find people to get ideas from on how to tweak it on the fly and for what reasons, without starting from scratch myself. In other words, I wanted to cater to my laziness, I suppose.
  • i've been using mostly just first aid, but I'm gonna have to switch to some kind of system soon. without gags and highlights and whatnot it's just way too much to take in.

    mfw pvping without a system

  • IshinIshin Retired Lurker Virginia
    You can make your own highlights and gags easily enough in mudlet. I run firstaid and it's pretty much just fine.
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