Darkest Dungeon



  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    My badass Occultist got triple crit and died on the next round to bleed. I'll light a candle in his memory.

  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro

    I regret everything.

  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    I've been playin it a bit again too. My Crusaders name is Reynauld too!
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro

    Update came out yesterday. New bosses, new mechanics, and the Man-at-Arms and Arbalest are in.

  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    edited May 2015
    Man this game is so addicting already, I keep naming my characters after Aetolians
  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    Paste us your graveyard some time >_>
  • IngramIngram Alaska
    Hadrak said:

    I regret everything.

    God damn it, I did the same thing. Wrecked my guys and I couldn't finish the quest.
  • Been getting destroyed on the regular, of late. I'll say I feel like my favorite group is a Leper in the front, then a Man at Arms/Crusader/Hellion (this is my variable spot, I'll throw anyone low on stress in there). Then a Plague Doctor or an Occultist, my current favorite being the Occultist for that totally brilliant 1-10 heal with the poison that all of my guys resist anyway, and all of the bleeds and utility besides. And then fourth, the Vestal of course. The Vestal with the totally unreasonable heals. That's my team. Sometimes I swap out a Highwayman for the Occultist, because god DAMN they are good with those guns. But this team does generally get me more than halfway through a run without taking damage.
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro

    Next big update is coming on September 29th.

  • Got this game, then yelled at my computer for 2 hours. Holy crap, this game.

  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro

    Wooooo, release is tomorrow.

  • AvishaiAvishai Portland, Oregon
    Vestal and Leper are wonderful....I really need to play a bit more I have been neglecting for Schoolwork D:
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    Team of Occultist, Arbalest, Abomination, and Man at Arms for me on my new save. 

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