To Enslave or to Destroy..

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Backstory: Avi made it one of her personal goals to push through Thirteen levels to ascend, and thought the ambition of her goal succeeded in a short while (2 RL days) was impressive and really put it for herself to be stronger as Cardinal, for her Order and City, in part she requested Dhar's essence for an ascension the old fashioned way, believing she would become Yeleni, though ultimately after this RP I settled on Azudim as it is what Avi felt within herself at the time.

She had spent the past few days since reaching her 100th level at the Pool of the Departed, listening, praying and thinking to herself, making amends with her past and really having some self discovery, she had prayed to Dhar in hopes to grasp his attention, and a few days later....She got it.

Pool of the Departed (59807) - The Temple of the Underking (450)

Jagged walls outline this underground cavern. The air here is cool and somewhat stagnant. The only light in this area comes from a modestly sized, glimmering pool filled with translucent liquid in the center of the cavern. The waters glow with a strange white light, which seems to originate from the bottom of the pool. Images of ghostly beings float about in the liquid, accompanied by the sounds of strange whispers. A strange pool is here, glimmering with ethereal essence. The shining figure of a guardian angel floats in the air here.

Your pose is now set as:
Avishai quietly sits within the cavern, meditating before the glimmering pool of essence.


The Divine voice of Dhar echoes in your head, "Avishai."

The crackle and pop of flames accompanies your voice as you tell Dhar, "Lord Dhar, it is good to hear Your voice."

The Divine voice of Dhar echoes in your head, "Make your way to the Sanctum."

[Super secret sanctum-ing]

You have emoted: Avishai arrives quietly within the sanctum, taking in a deep breath as she settles her footing and stands within the floating white flames which surround the expansive area, a smile is visible from beneath the cowl of her robes as she clasps her hands before herself.

Motes of white essence surface from the ethereal floor, rising up to accommodate the height at which the Underking's form would usually manifest them at. The two shifting orbs seem to watch you.

"You wish My essence, Avishai?" a familiar, raspy voice inquires.

You have emoted: Avishai lowers the cowl of her hood, her eyes locking with the shifting orbs, she seems far more at ease with the presence as she nods her head once in reply, the words coming off her lips quietly as she speaks in an earnest tone, "If I could be so blessed to have permissions to bear such a gift, it is why I have sought to speak to You, it would be an honor to be bound, one of the Kingbound." she informs, interlacing her fingers with each other and seemingly humbled by the opportunity to make such a request.

One of the white orbs grows in size, the other shrinking. "Then, I will test you. It will not be easy. The path will not be clear. Your choices in this test will change My view of you, and you will be held accountable for your actions," the echoing voice informs you. "Are you prepared?"

You have emoted: Taking the words into consideration, Avishai nods once, "I am prepared, Lord." she informs, unlacing her hands and standing quite resolute for whatever may come, her expression shifting from softer to something more focused and rigid.

"Would you enslave the Desperate to force them away from their path and end undeath, if you were able?"

You have emoted: Avishai shakes her head, taking in a deep breath before answering, "No, I would not." she says quietly, swallowing a moment as the severity of the question resonates within her, "It is one of those situations where if they are not willing to change, forcing them will make them bitter and resentful, and make them a greater enemy Lord, I would sooner keep them as enemies and have them purged for their adamant desire to remain Desperate, despite my pacifism, I feel slavery is not a tool to save the Desperate, Lord."

"You would choose your own morality over the well-being of the Cycle?"

You say, "I would choose morality for the well-being of the cycle, if they do not desire to change and are forced, they are not going to help the cycle, they will still assist their enemies in a matter, letting their Corruption and Desperation seep into the living, with hatred and vitriol. If they truly do not wish to change, then they should be destroyed, if all avenues of logic and reasoning have been exhausted, then so to does their existence."

You say, "If when faced with their death, they do not seek to atone, then the judgement is made."

You say, "I have firm belief against slavery Lord, that will not change."

The orbs of essence shift once more, their shape and size seeming similar for once. Their bright white color is soon tainted by a dark crimson. "The end of their existence in this world, or forever?"

You have emoted: Avishai purses her lips in thought, "If I had the power to stop it forever, to end their existence...." she takes in a deep breath, seemingly at a loss for words for the moment while she considers, something seems to come to her though and she replies, "...I could not refuse that opportunity, to give one last chance of redemption, to show one final act of mercy." she shakes her head, her demeanor relaxing as her hands clasp before her once again, "..if I could end it forever, I would call those willing to be judged and to atone one last time, then yes...given I had such power to end it forever, I would put them at rest." she says quietly, " relenquish the burden, to end their Desperation."

"You would destroy their souls?"

You say, "Beyond this world, I do not have jurisdiction, I would speak to You, to know if my choices were right...I could not take such a charge on my own will Lord."

You say, "It would take thought."

You say, "Lots of thought."

You say, "Lots of considerations."

You say, "I am but one person, I would not feel right having such power, it is not my place as a mortal."

You say, "If I was to take advantage of souls, I would be no better than a Carnifex."

"You contradict yourself, Avishai. Answer Me directly, now. Would you obliterate one of the Desperate, in any situation? Would you choose their destruction over their enslavement?"

You say, "Yes."

You have emoted: Avishai frowns, putting her head down a moment, taking in a deep, sharp breath.

You say, "If faced with the choice, destroy or enslave, I would destroy, Lord."

You are making the right choice, you know it in your heart....don't second guess.

I know, I know I would never seek are right Avi, they should be destroyed

Stand true to yourself, you know what you want you know your convictions.

The red eyes darken even further now, distorting in rippling vibrations. His disapproval is undeniably palpable as a stinging chill washes over the Inner Sanctum, weighing over you in a near stranglehold. "UNACCEPTABLE," His word resonates with a deep pitch. "Obliteration is the most serious matter any mortal could face, and the most difficult thing I can ever consider. Through obliteration, you deny a soul their second chance in My Halls. You refuse them the chance to be Reborn," the raspy voice goes on, its pitch fluctuating. "If you would ever make this choice, you cannot know Me or My essence. I would expect you to commit any moral degradation to pursue the betterment of the world and allow every soul a second chance. This includes deceit, murder and even slavery. I am not Damariel."

The darkened eyes flicker and begin to fade. "I will not allow you My essence at this time. Seek ascension on your own, and pursue My essence again in the future if you still wish it."

The eyes vanish abruptly.

Avishai shakes her head, responding with absolution in her tone, "I will not enslave someone Lord, ever." she says quietly, letting out a deep breath, "You want an answer to be black and white and not permit me to weigh options in the grey, then I give you a black and white answer Lord." she informs, standing up for herself and raising her tone to be earnest and direct, "Life as it is, is not One or the Other, there are factors and considerations, and You did not give me those Lord."

You say, "If it is enslave or destroy, then I will stand by my choice."

You have emoted: Avishai shakes her head, her hands are trembling at her sides and she is visible troubled by this, tears streaming down her face as emotion overwhelms her.

You have emoted: Avishai drops to her knees, completely overwhelmed with feelings, thoughts and emotion, her robes swirling around her like a stygian pool as she sits within the chamber now, unmoving and wordlessly.

Your pose is currently set to:
Avishai kneels upon the floor in the center of the sanctum, in a pool of stygian cloth, motionless.

[Some time passes, THINKING, and some considerations to herself]

You have emoted: Avishai pulls herself up, speaking softly to herself, "...and so the choice is made,I have heard it within it shall be." she says, raising her hands and looking up into the darkness to consider the fiery orbs which circulate about the surroundings, "Be true to yourself." she finalizes as she grasps upon the fabric of creation and begins to glow with a vibrant intensity.

Inhaling sharply, you raise your arms beside you, bringing them up above your head as if conducting an orchestra. Cocking your head to the side, you close your eyes and begin to concentrate upon a distant, focal point within yourself. Completely unbeknownst to you, the shadow cast by your frame suddenly jerks to life, slithering from your connecting feet upwards, seemingly guided by a mind of its own. Inky tendrils that form the insubstantial hands of your shadow sink deep into your chest, causing your eyelids to flicker open as you gasp at the sharp pain that resonates from the very fibres of your being. Completely ignorant of you, the formless figment continues its relentless motions, before finally fading away into nothingness. For a moment or two, nothing seems to happen, before agonizing pain ripples through your body. You feel your chest being torn apart, then reformed and re-molded with your plentiful reserves of essence deep within. As the pain ebbs, you are assailed with the realization that you have embraced your new, destructive form as Azudim.

The skies darken momentarily as tendrils of shadow creep across the firmament to form the terrible visage of the Azudim, Avishai.

[Avishai is overwhelmed with emotions and has found herself as a recluse at this point, sobbing and quite upset, trying to put together why this is as it is, I absolutely adore @Dhar and his roleplay, and am thoroughly enjoying developing Avishai as I am, Thank You!]


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    I am going to add a short Addendum here to show alot of love for @Phendegwen -

    -I know its not the right thread but its kinda important to RP and development to not only me but other characters in Enorian and Duiran alike. Phendegwen takes time to just be real with people in his Roleplay, he takes time to give reassurance and be a mentor. I really really appreciate him as someone Avishai can go to for guidance, so as a player for calming her down and giving her insight after her RP

    Thank you.
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    The Force is strong in this one. Join the Dark Side @Avishai, for we are your only salvation.
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    Love difficult ethical questions like these, and it's awesome that they're being incorporated so seamlessly into the game's theological teachings.
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