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    Ishin said:

    Toz said:

    Sentinels aren't gonna kill you with no venom, their 1% limb damage attacks not exactly super great prep. Most Templars aren't gonna kill you with limb routes either, they're all dedicated to that speedknight strat. Prae/BB sure won't do a whole lot sans venom, either. It's a pain, and it'll hurt to lose the convenience, but it's sort of like your other vial upkeep - if you run out of restoration vs a monk, it's game over there too.

    Plenty of classes only have 1 method of killing people, though most are limb-specific, and I don't think it's the end of the world there either. Some classes are more supply heavy (here's looking at you Carnifex) than others.

    I will say I think venom rag should make a comeback, but with fluidcache, venom issues should be pretty easily handled.

    I love you man, but that single word just nixed your whole argument for that class. Sentinels and Vamps sure. Templars can certainly deuce someone with limb starts. It's irrelevant that nobody uses it. It exists, and it's possible to kill with it.
    I was more referencing that they need specific supplies to go limb route if they run out of venoms - you're sure not gonna kill someone with scim/rap/whatever blade to the legs unless they mismanage pretty hard. Which loops back to that whole theme of 'have proper supplies'.

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    My personal take is that Syssin are a bit one dimensional in their PVP concept. An alternative route would be welcome (which applies pretty much universally to any class. more options - > more tactics - > more fun). However, unlike many other classes, the syssin are already PVP viable (and successful).

    This has to be balanced against the limitations of the staff (1 x Keroc) and other classes that need a revamp (Cabalists hello). The stuff Keroc listed is sizeable. I don't think you guys would want promises made for the far flung future, either. As is, his plans seem pretty medium term. 

    That said, I think a big limiter in the game design process (aside from manpower), is also inspiration. I don't foresee either raz or keroc complaining if you guys spam their inboxes with compelling proposals on how to expand class concepts. You could tickle their elmos and they end up coding it in in a blaze of fury. However, balanced, new ideas tend to require not just creativity but combat knowledge as well. So there's an obstacle to consider. 

    My personal take. I don't speak for these fellers. 
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    I am both scared and excited by the vamp changes >.< might be cool.

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    Keep up the hard work! All of you! Were all excited about the oncoming changes an are hoping on broken glass to see class changes all around with vamps. Especially excited hearing the cabal future, and while I can't say I am too excited about future war system ((Do we have enough peoples to seriously pull a war off? Unless its being tested again a few more lovely times npc vs pc, I enjoyed the Scouting dynamic of last war! ))
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    I'm very excited! I just need to trans Syssin now, in anticipation of the new stuff. (I ignored Venoms completely because Tradeskills = boreskills for me.)

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