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I was wondering if anyone had some viable iron coin artifact ideas they would like to share.

Having collected a few hundred coins myself with nothing worth purchasing I was kind of hoping we could all throw out some cool ideas for admin to see for future items. Mostly because I know that people disliked a lot of the new ones that we recently got. So perhaps if we explain the types we like it could make it easier for admin to adopt ideas and more people will purchase.

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    I have no idea what it'd do for balance, but a paintball or something you throw at a target. Every room they leave shows the direction they left in with that color paint (visible only to the thrower). Save you farseeing someone who runs, just follow the paint!

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    I would like a glass eyeball I can throw into rooms an take an image of what and who is in the room. Combines the effect of the eye patch arti. Throwing it up in the air lets you see what is above in the sky, with a 15% chance to catch the eye back in the socket
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