Coding help for Mush client

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I fail with even making a simple trigger to keep hitting something, even after taking a specific line from the game and telling the client what to do, so now I am looking for someone who can help me code for MUSH client, specifically on how to make an auto-basher. It's really all I need since I am not big on pvp and firstaid is good enough for me as is now. A simple autobasher, where I can type in the target, press a button and then it will kill all things with that name in that room. I don't need to switch targets automatically, I just need something simple.

And if there really isn't anyone out there who can help me, then is there someone who can help me reduce things and customize things on that free mudlet system that is available? I don't want fancy stuff, they confuse me. I want one window where Everything happens and just simple aliases. No maps or chat windows or anything like that.

Yeah, that's about it. Send me a tell or msg in game on Adali if you can help one way or Another.


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    Ask your questions over in this thread, you might find some of the previously answered questions helpful to you.

    Going to close this thread to keep everything in the one spot for future users.
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