Not A Normal Day

So like, I wanted to tell you all about something that happened to me today, and I wasn't sure where to put it in an existing thread.

As some of you may or may not know/remember, I work at a pizza place. Well, today I was working in the morning and things were going pretty slow and good, and we were doing what we were supposed to do.

Me and my coworker were standing by the back door to the store, which has a glass window you can see through. All of a sudden, I see this little 2 year old child walking across our back parking lot, completely unattended. Barefoot, too.

We open the door and go outside and watch him cross the parking lot, and thinking perhaps he was going to his parents next door(we have a car wash parking lot directly next door, with only mulch dividing the two lots). He goes to the car wash parking lot, and we keep watching him and walk around the building. He starts walking up the parking lot, by himself still, towards the highway/interstate that goes directly through our town. He got about 38 feet from the road when my coworker made it up to him and corralled him back to behind our store.

At this point we called the police, and they made it there in about 5-10 minutes. About six of them arrived, and asked us questions, and they let the little kid play with the cop siren in one of their cars while another one of them went knocking on doors. After some time, the mother arrives(she was with her own mother in a car coming from the opposite direction, and had been at a doctors appointment), and she was super crying and asking if he was okay. The police gave the toddler to the mom, and then they went and handcuffed the stepdad who was 'asleep' inside for neglect and endangerment. They walked him back towards our parking lot and arrested him in front of our building, and took him away.

After this, a few of them came inside our building and asked if we could give statements. Me and the coworker both gave digital statements into their little iPhones and then they took our names and addresses and phone numbers and noted that the Prosecutors may contact us to be witnesses, if it goes to trial.

After they left, a local news cameraman who was nearby and taking pictures came inside and talked to us about it. He took my coworker that grabbed the kid outside and interviewed him for the local news. A few hours later, a separate news crew came by and interviewed me outside as well on film. Then right before I left, the first news team that came had one of their anchors come back and ask if he could film a live spot for 6 o clock outside by himself.

This has been one of the craziest/weirdest days I've ever had. I'm glad the child is okay, and it was certainly quite the experience.

Sorry for the long post/rant, I just wanted to have this down somewhere and get it off my chest and thought you all might find it interesting.

Here's a link to the news article if you randomly wanna read about it and see a picture of the place I work(I don't mind).

"Hell hath no hold on a warrior’s mind, see how the snow has made each of us blind. Vibrant colors spray from new dead, staining the earth such a beautiful red."


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  • So, a bit of an update for this story for the few people who seemed interested enough to click insightful on it.

    I got a letter yesterday from the State of West Virginia to show up in County Court in our capitol city this coming Thursday and testify as a witness.

    I'm a bit nervous as I've never even been in a courtroom. And now I have to like sit there and tell the story again.

    I don't have a suit and tie or anything either. I don't exactly dress very fancy. Oh well.

    Lets see if we can get this neglectful jerk some jailtime. The charges filed against him have a punishment of 1-5 years and/or 2000-5000 fine.

    Here goes nothing!
    "Hell hath no hold on a warrior’s mind, see how the snow has made each of us blind. Vibrant colors spray from new dead, staining the earth such a beautiful red."
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