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Since coming back to Aetolia this April, I was surprised to find out that Artisanals/Bardics have not been announced. I did some research on forums, asked a few Aetolians oocly, and have heard conflicting answers: the first is that we're working on a "multi-month" system, but no one could tell me any details about the contests; the second answer was that it was silently shelved. The question of whether or not Artisanals/Bardic contests are being held has been asked a few times recently, and I haven't been able to find an answer.

I know there's at least a handful of Aetolians - myself included - who would gladly submit to Artisanals/Bardics. I have a few questions:

-Are there any Aetolians who are interested in participating or seeing artisanal entries/reading bardics?
-Are Bardics/Artisanals still a thing?
-If they are still being held, when do the contests take place?
-How long is the turn-around for results?
-Are the contests just not being publicized icly/oocly?

I really hope Artisanals/Bardic contests are still going; it was an engaging experience, and encouraged growth/activity.

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    I would love to participate in these again. I agree with Eydis, it encouraged growth, activity, and creativity. Putting events, ideas, and people to paper instead of in words is amazing. I like visuals.

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    I'd be down for this. I suck at drawing, but I'd totally try.
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    There are Artisanals and Bardics still, but since the shift from monthly to quarterly judgings and no announcements (after a long time of judgings happening arbitrarily rather than as stipulated) people have basically stopped submitting work. At least this is what I was told. It has been brought up, however, and hopefully with this added drive of yours, things might get rolling again. At least then it won't be seen as something coming from just one direction!

    I think it goes without saying that I'm down with this!

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    weird, I could have sworn I submitted something about a year ago and was awaiting the results. However when I checked the website to see, it shows no submissions.

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    I would love to see artisinals/bardics running again.
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    Last few we ran, we didn't even get a half-dozen submissions, unless I'm misremembering. Interpreted it as a sign of waning interest. I'm sure @Razmael would be open to the idea of having one soon, though, since you all seem to be interested.
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    The reason interest was waning was because the judgings, which were supposed to be held every month, never were. That was the deal for a very long time before it switched to quarterly periods, but since then there has been no announcements, no posts to draw attention to it again. It used to be that Admin set up themes once in a blue moon to motivate people and give them something to consider, but these stopped as well.

    I guess I'm just worried that it will go back to the same thing again, with waiting on judgings without a word until you basically forget if you submitted something or not. :frowning:

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    You know I entered for 5 years straight at one point and got nothing so I gave up in early 2009ish. However if they returned I would enter a drawing (mind you I suck).

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    As it stands, the website won't allow submissions (at least not for me) and has not for a very, very long time. It says "You are not authorized to access this page." Will this be opened up for submissions?

    EDIT: Never mind. My computer, for some reason, decided to refuse staying logged in after hopping to the Artisanal/Bardic page. Fixed now!
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