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Firstly, i'd like to say the attire system is awesome! Is there a way to have the character description be dependent on your attire. What I mean is if my character has killer abs for instance, they would not be visible if he is wearing a sweater, but would be if he is sheartless. Is there anything like that or should I just stick to description that concentrates more on facial features and such?


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    I do not know if you need to COUNT your ripped abs (though my character has a habit of doing just that when alone) in your description, but you can certainly describe your physique and tattoos and scars. We're perfectly capable of inferring what we can and cannot see based on what you are wearing when we LOOK at you. Don't sweat it. :)
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    That is how Aisling knew that Areka was The One.
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    As the previous folks pretty much said: Aetolia doesn't have a cool system built in where your character's description will change depending on the clothing it is attired with. (But it would be awesome if we did. That would be quite convenient!)

    BUT! If you want to effectively have this happen anyway, you could make some sort of trigger/alias thing that when you REMOVE SHIRT it automatically also changes your desc to one describing your ABS OF GLORY, and then another so that when you WEAR SHIRT, it changes back to a more generic description where we just see that you're well toned or something.

    You could even keep going and have a set-up desc for the removal/addition of all your various clothing bits aliased.

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    Thanks for your replies guys! That's a great idea @Aryanne
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