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The whole logs going back 20 days thing really screws with ylemlog rewards since the options are pretty much going off an accumulation of all 20 days or having to do all this manual math and tracking.

Any chance we could get ylemlogs set back to 6 day resets? And/or the option to decide for ourselves when we want the logs to start falling off. Or allow us to subtract ylem from the logs, like ylem subtract ezalor 50000 to take 50k off my score on ylemlog summary.


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    This was a conversation we actually had, and I'm curious as to how you guys track it, @Ezalor?

    Do you just make sure you log on at the same time every six days and check the totals? I remember that being how Xavin showed me to do it in Duiran and it works well, even though you have to make sure to be on at the right time or maybe miss it. Not sure, it's been a while.

    The other argument is for tallying up the individual daily logs, which seems like a lot more of a pain unless you have a script for it.

    I'd go for the last option, personally - let the research minister set the time based on how they want to track it. I really wish there was a way to just set a pay system for it. Like, make city currency a mechanical thing rather than something we track via projects and give us the ability to set parameters or add/withdraw from people's totals. Though that might be getting off on a tangent, and I don't want to hijack your thread.
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    I know in Spinesreach we had it tracked every Midsummer and Variach, and then we had a project that kept running totals and the like so we could calculate rewards, we actually canned our long term rewards because it literally took RL hours to calculate and deduct totals and made it really a hassle after Moirean left with the script that had done it previously.

    I think it does seem a bit troubling now that it goes back 30 days, but if you keep an active tally it should be manageable, that being said it has been a while since I have been in charge of totals, I did it for a year I think before we placed Trikal in charge of Research and Kelliara had been doing it before me for a while.

    It is definitely one of the least fun things to do but the most rewarding for players, so most of us have to suck it up.
    (Make the game fun y'all.)
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    Could just have it set to one IG year. That way you check it yearly for the totals?
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    The one thing that tracking usually doesn't account for is that Aetolian months are approx 25 hours instead of 24. Each ylemlog is 24 hours of logging. If you want to do a year, you'd do logs up to 12 but will lose some numbers because of this. This is the same issue with doing it only during certain IC months. That's just something to note, but is usually only something that annoys a person who is very particular about their numbers (IE, how I was on a player level).

    What I did when I handled Research was keep a spreadsheet. Every few IC years, I'd add a 13th day of tracking to compensate for that missing time. But, as long as you are tracking things every day based off of ylemlog city 1 0 (etc), you can get things pretty accurately notated.
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    At times it would be nice if the logs could be connected to the IG months rather than RL days. That way if could be set up to track per 6 months or year, whichever the city needs.

    ylemlog city 0 Variach would show what happened during the last month of Variach, and then it would be cleared out when a new month of the same name began. It would make more sense from an IC standpoint as well, since few can tell exactly what the Howling really means.

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