Just a tad proud.

I assume this qualifies as roleplay.

You greet Keeper Alia with a sincere smile.

Quietly, Keeper Alia says, "Greetings. What do you wish of me?"

You say, in Djeri, "I have essence for you."

Keeper Alia says, "The dirge will sound throughout the lands and my people will never be forgotten."
You have completed a quest objective for The Dirge of the Aalen: Give spectral essence to Alia

Keeper Alia raises her hand, beginning a wordless song that resonates from her very being.

A crackle of primordial magic surges across the Bloodwood, tinging the horizon in a bruise-coloured wash of light as a mournful dirge rises from the woodland's depths.
You have completed the BLOODWOOD_DIRGE quest!


  • @Zaephlyn yay perseverance
  • congrats, I'm going to try and work on this too. 
  • Lim said:

    congrats, I'm going to try and work on this too. 

    Good luck! It's totally worth it, I dunno if you know what the final prize is but I intentionally left it out so I didn't spoil it. It's definitely worth the time and effort though, in my opinion! :)

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