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So I've been thinking lately about further uses for haven points. As it stands, the only time their useful is once you hit endgame where you bash enough to get the racial skills you need and maybe the special haven powers for your rooms; otherwise, people tend not to really spend haven points and instead accumulate them to such a vast degree that is just plain out ridiculous.

Now, I've spoken to a few people, @Toz being one of them and his voice rings loudest in my head, and they have pointed out that it might be better to suggest utility uses than just plain raw effect uses, also to make keep things away from the PVP aspect of things. Which, I can agree on all of these points as bashing should not dictate PVP balance or vice versa. Now, that being said, I still think that we could use haven points in both aspects of utility and raw effect.


- Ylem Harvester - 2/3 point racial skill - Increases the chances of finding ylem mist when bashing
- Ylem Hoarder - 2/3 point racial skill - Decreases the amount reserves necessary to use ylem skills
- Critical Endurance/Willpower - 3 point racial skill - Allows you to regenerate a small portion of endurance/willpower for a critical hit (This is just my own opinion, but I'm not exactly sold on this utility as most people I know never run out of either when bashing. Of course, I could be wrong, still possibly useful)
- Ghostwalker - 5 point racial skill - Allows you to walk through rooms with aggressive mobs and not get targetted until you make an aggressive move
- Berserker - 5 point racial skill - A move that makes all things you're bashing target you and you exclusively. Would have to have some sort of timer or cooldown effect.

Additional Haven Powers
- Stockroom - 10 points - This ability allows the room to have the same restrictions as a shop and removes the decay time of anything dropped in this room.

Raw effects would be more in place with like permanent buffs:
- Experience bonus: 5 points for 2% permanent xp bonus - This can have a max stack bonus much like enhancements do. Now before we get onto the argument that more xp will gain more haven points, I would like to point out that the experience needed to level rises at a rate of 4.8% each level. So at some point, you will plateau.
- Crit chance: 4 points for 2% critical hit chance
- PVE Dodging: 4 points for 2% dodge rate

If you guys have an other ideas on utility or raw effects, then feel free to post and I'll add them into the slots. :)
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    maybe an ability to imbue a furniture container in a room with haven points to make anything inside nondecay (according to current code/practices, things that continue to decay in spite of being stuffed in say..a shop's stockroom for example will still decay, but if you put a piece of clothing in an armoir with this imbuement, you can have the clothing cease its decay-rate until you take it out again.)
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