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Well, Kendri is 25 years old now and I feel like she's really hitting her spot in the world. She's branched out in a lot of different areas and found her Guild and Order finally. Though @Rashar and @Roux gave me a bit to go on, I think I've really taken the character and made her my own.

I've been trying to push outside of my comfort zone. Kendri is assertive, can be abrupt and abrasive at times and has a healthy bloodlust. She really doesn't respond well to any insults to her family, implied or otherwise, or to those who act holier then thou because she's young. She is loyal to an extreme degree and sometimes she can judge people quickly, both positively and negatively. I've tried to make her a mix of both @Rashar and @Roux, with sprinklings of her more extended family as well. (Mainly @Trager and @Arbre as people who would have interacted with her as a child.) She is wolf to the bone and prefers that form over Yeleni, her best friends having been a pair of lava hounds growing up.

So, what do you think of Kendri as a character?

Feel free to drop in and poke me for some RP or even a message if you need someone to set up something a bit more scripted. Or you can leave a comment here and I'll try my best to search you out.


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    Kendri isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and is ready to rumble (I blame @Rashar for that!)
    She's a bit swift to jump the gun on things, as you stated yourself, but that doesn't prevent her from getting what she wants.

    I think my favorite thing about Kendri right now is how grounded she is with herself. She's proud, she's confident, but she isn't full of herself. She knows where she can succeed, she knows where she can't (even though she'll try anyway!)

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    Thanks @Tenshyo. That's a pretty good idea of what I'm going for currently! Of course she's still young and filled with all that youthful ignorance.
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    We don't ever interact, but that does not mean that from a distance I don't observe and take notice to the character. I'm very interested in Kendri, though due to circumstance of 'sides' and such, I don't necessarily foresee a future in which Xenia and she interact further beyond casual crossing of paths and lesser fights.

    The point is, even though we do not interact it's clear to me that this is more than just @Rashar's and @Roux's kid. This is a fleshed out, full on independent character.

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    I love love love love Kendri. 1000x. As a great character that has gone so far beyond what either Roux or myself envisioned, and also as an absurdly high quality player. People like you are absolutely great for this game.

    I know I am in a bit of a slump as far as being able to dig into any significant RP is concerned, and I've been semi-afk for two months for my trip and the recovery, but I adore all of the interactions. A few says at a lesser, an emote or two at the four corners. Order talk, or sitting and throwing legitimate emotes at each other.

    I am, in some weird way that probably makes no sense, extremely proud of what you've done. And thankful.
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    I need a better button then like! <3

    @Xenia, thank you! I'm surprised anyone has really even taken note of Kendri from that side of the game.

    @Rashar, I'm always thankful that you and @Roux picked me for the role and allowed me to develop Kendri as I would. They have a great little family dynamic and the small interactions are just as important to me in maintaining that as the big ones.

    Though I'll admit I've been itching for some roleplay that is a bit bigger and character effecting. I have a few things in the works, so we'll see when I get a chance to plan it out a some more.
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