Battle Honour and Role Models: An Aspirant's Interview

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(Tells|Rashar): You tell Rashar, "If you are available, we can tend to your interview."

(Tells|Rashar): An abrupt memory strikes you - the notion of Rashar telling you, "Very well."

(Tells|Rashar): An abrupt memory strikes you - the notion of Rashar telling you, "Allow just a moment."

Well-lit study adjoined to the archives. (Enorian.) (29421)
This chamber has been adjusted to serve two needs - that of a formal archive, as well as a more secluded office. A circular room primarily, the circumference is lined with book shelves, and sectioned off into categories and segments, with some cases bearing locked doors while others are more open for perusal. The southern edge protrudes into a squared half-chamber, within which a desk and small hearth are positioned, and through threshold in the corner, what appears to be a smaller chamber with a cot and chest can be glimpsed. Across from the hearth, a painting has been hung in a rough frame. A war-torn scene stretches across the canvas, filled with warrior women in various stages of undress engaged in heated combat. Long hours of work have called for further modifications to the space, a kettle often hung over the flames, and a bread-board upon the desk similarly bearing needed vittles.
An impressive, silver display case has been set on a marble pedestal here. A wooden chair is here, its high back turned against the north. A large, well-used desk is here, a wooden tray hosting a ceramic tea service and an azure, gold-mended ceramic teapot atop it. A sturdy leather-upholstered armchair has been placed at it.
You see a single exit leading east.

Seated in the armchair behind the massive desk, Areka pours over the stacks of paperwork before her.

Rashar arrives from the east.

Rashar glances back over his shoulder as he walks into the study, looking at something outside but shrugging and grunting before turning around, squaring up, and offering you a salute. "Pentarch," he rumbles.

The chair beneath Areka groans in protest as she shifts her weight, leaning away from the papers enough to give Rashar a salute. "Rashar." She replies in turn.

Rashar relaxes, dropping his hands and then moving to clasp his arms loosely, comfortably behind his back. Turning slightly, his attention wanders to the shelves - and the books lined across them. "Your chair," he notes mildly, "It doesn't seem to have much longer."

Grunting, you say, "I'm hard on furniture, though with my weight, I should make a more durable one. Maybe stone."

Rashar's lips twitch, and he casts a sidelong glance at you. "Some might call it a throne, then," he notes with a pair of raised brows. With a shrug, the Idreth steps away from the bookshelves and comes to settle himself before the desk.

You say, "What use would I have for a throne? I am not royalty or a God. Just..something that will last more. Preferably something that will not disintegrate if I lose my temper."

Rashar grunts quietly. "No use at all, I'd imagine," he says dryly, "But fellers will ever find a reason to gossip, yeah? It is the nature of things." His gaze follows the hammer, and a chuckle precedes a casually spoken, "Though I doubt much will withstand that hammer, given enough of a temper."

You say, "My hammer isn't the issue with my temper."

Areka utters another grunt, muttering something about the wife not yet forgiving the last dining table and the soot stains on the walls.

Rashar's lips are pulled into an almost imperceptible sort of smile, but he otherwise gives no indication of hearing the quiet words.

You say, "What what sort of role model should a Knight be? What qualities, what habits, what actions?"

Rashar speaks quickly, but in a natural way that says a lot of him thinking much, and holding back little. "Courage," comes first in the line of attributes. "Honesty. Integrity." His head cants slightly. "Despite what Sir Taras would beat into my brain, I still maintain that a Knight should at least be willing to step into the breech, even if not skilled at it. We are not an order of scholars, after all, those certainly there are scholars among us. A Knight should be someone the citizenry looks to as a symbol of their safekeeping, as well as what is good of the Beacon." His right shoulder rises quickly, and then lowers. "Purity? Mm. A worthy goal for the Daru, but not one I think is attainable, or even reasonable."

You say, "Do you feel you are this sort of role model?"

"It is doubtful that anyone that speaks with sense rather than anger has ever questioned far my courage, or my honesty." Rashar pauses, leaning back slightly and studying your face, forming his thoughts. "Integrity is a matter of perspective sometimes. There are times I have acted without it, but I would not consider those times the same as others might. So perhaps an argument for another time." He reaches out, tapping lightly the top of your desk. "Actions speak louder than words, Pentarch. Save that Valingar is present, the citizens come to me to lead them in battle. I have protected and avenged, defended and led." He waves a hand, sweeping it to the side as if dismissing the words. "I speak with sense, I teach with patience, and I am taught with.. ah. As much humility as I am capable of, I think. If my temper runs hot, well. I am no saint, yeah? Moirean pisses me off, and so does recklessness."

A wisp of smoke precedes Areka's words, paired with an idle drumming of fingers against the desk. "That was very round about and qualifying. I will reapproach. Do you feel -others see you or recognize you as this sort of role model?- Aside from being asked to lead forays into a leyline, that is relevant but not nearly close to the entire of an example."

Rashar shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know," he states immediately, though the words are spoken with a drawl that says he considers it. "And I try not to concern myself with it. In my experience, fellers are apt to hold onto their bitterness long after it should be laid to rest. I have concerned myself only with trying to act in such a manner as befits the position you have given me the opportunity to reach, and as befits how I want others to see me. I can do no more, yeah? Only work, until they see. Or they do not. I would hope the first, sooner rather than later." Scowling slightly, though not at you, he eventually adds, "Some do. Some do not."

You say, "Again dodging. This is about the idealized mold of sorts, and whether or not you feel you fit into it - not 'People know I can pay attention in a fight enough to shout', not 'Well people have opinions and hold grudges'."

Rashar tilts his head. "You misunderstand me," he says simply, though he doesn't seem concerned or defensive. "You asked me if I feel I fit into it, and I told you why I feel I do. You ask me if I think others see me as such, and I tell you that some do, some do not, and I care less for if the masses -do- than I do whether I -am-." His brows lift. "Rather I had said yes and yes, Pentarch? It would have saved time."

You say, "A more direct answer, yes, rather than a lot of qualifiers."

"As you say, then," Rashar rumbles easily. "A difference in approach, is all. A lot of fellers'll tell you they're this and they're that, and couldn't ever tell you why. Then I will answer yes, and as before - some do, and some do not."

You say to Rashar, "You know I am one to probe where I feel needed, and find out reasonings beneath the answer."

You say, "How do you feel we should handle Knights who cease to behave or fulfill this role?"

Rashar's lips twitch. "I am aware." He pauses, then, pursing his lips. "Depends, I suppose. Who is it? What is their history? What is the reason? What is the offense? There are far too many possibilities there for an easy answer, I think."

You say, "Let us begin with the general practice of those who wake but do nothing to act. Not matters of torpor, but simply ceasing to lead, to initiate, to look to the outside world, or to our ranks."

Rashar shrugs slightly. "So long as they are not placed in charge of men or duties that affect others, it is what it is. Are we to dismiss anyone who has lost their motivation?" He grunts, at that, and seems indifferent. "We hold too few, I believe, for that to be common practice."

Rashar adds idly, "The impetus is on us as a collective to create a place where they feel the urge to act, I think."

You say, "Mm. What would you do then? Let us take the Lady Provost as an example."

Rashar grunts faintly, and it's clear the subject is one of distaste for him. "Fire her," he says bluntly, "But that is because I have seen how shallow she can be." He reaches up, dragging fingers through thick tangles of silvery hair, considering. "Little interests her, save her companions. Already they wake less, and so does she. It is a pattern, Areka. I would challenge her, personally. She is not a self starter, and she is not truly a leader. But she will accept a challenge, I think. So challenge her to create something, or achieve something." He shrugs again, and then offers you a wry grin. "Glad that's your headache."

You grunt noncommittally.

You say, "Everything's ever my headache. "Just motivate them." isn't a realistic of practical response, however, to any of this."

The corners of Rashar's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

Rashar Kynoura says, "We differ in our opinions, Pentarch. I'm not certain you would appreciate me telling you to fire your Exemplar, hmm?"

You say, "It has crossed my mind. The trouble I find myself is that it is a time of waiting for another to wake."

You say, "Or who has both the interest and ability to do the work."

You say, "Or at least make a show of doing the work."

You say, "If you could change one thing about the prospect of Knighthood, what would it be?"

Rashar grunts. "It is a hard position," he says idly, "In that without novices that require assistance, there is very little to do. If it isn't broken, there is no need to fix it." He shrugs. "Honestly, most secretaries in most guilds strike me as needless. A position to reward a feller with, and to make him feel useful and appreciated. Occasionally vote on some things."

Rashar puts his hands on his hips and goes, "Hmmm!"

Shaking her head, you say, "Provost covers all ranks below Knight, in terms of attention and work."

Rashar's lips twitch slightly, and he rumbles to you, "To be honest, there are many below the rank of Knighthood that could teach her a thing or ten about the world." He waves, moving beyond the topic and considering your question. "Nothing, I suppose. Though I dislike the pomp and ceremony, I understand the need for it, and that many enjoy it. Nothing you ask is unreasonable, save perhaps wearing boots during important things." Interestingly enough, the man doesn't even seem to be joking. "Me personally, I would require at least a minimum in regards to fighting - we are a Knighthood, yeah? A militant group, charged with protecting and defending the weak. There are those within that would avoid it like the plague, if they were ever expected to fill that role in truth. But I understand why we cannot."

You say, "We have a defensive requirement, but I cannot enforce an offensive component until we have the support and resources to provide that training and knowledge."

Rashar nods his head emphatically.

Rashar Kynoura says, "Understandable."

You say, "Now, if you boys can assemble such, I would gladly integrate it. But it needs to start there, and then to drill the Exemplar in at least those basics so that the threshold of knowledge is consistent."

Rashar Kynoura says, "Therein lie the problem - maintaining a standard is only acceptable if one's leadership is willing as well. I'm less concerned with that than simply doing my best to teach. I am sure Edain is of the same thought."

Rashar Kynoura says, "Can't help it if not everybody wants to fight, but everybody that -does- want to fight should be taught."

You say, "I am willing to learn and practice. I would enforce it among the Exemplar."

Rashar grins crookedly. "You do well enough just whackin' at fellers with a hammer. Most don't even realize you haven't made it a study yet."

You say, "I am Trollish - if nothing else, point us in a direction and tell us to go and we will swing whatever bludgeon we can reach."

Rashar inclines his head. "A useful enough approach, most times."

You say, "Better than nothing."

"Give me a feller willing to stand where I tell him and swing at who I tell him to any day," Rashar says lightly. "I'll take that over fellers like Conner, or Dato, who'll run off chasing a kill and leave the rest to fall."

You say, "With your time here, has your view of our Duties changed at all? Or how they are applied, or what resonates, or clashes?"

"I have found nothing about them or our purpose," Rashar says immediately, "That clashes, as you say. Save perhaps in maintaining a standard of behavior, which I will admit to having had to put a touch of thought into, I think a feller meant for this path will find it natural enough." He pauses, and then purses his lips. "Mm. Honor. There is no honor on the battlefield, though some might argue. Only victory. Honor is for the dueling yard, or the halls of the Palace."

You say, "So we should disregard all of our values in battle?"

"No," Rashar says with a shake of his head. "But should we risk our charge for the sake of an honor that the enemy cares nothing for? Should the Carnifex bring two to Jaru, should we send only two to duel them?" His brows lift, and the Idreth shakes his head. "I will do what I must to protect what is mine. That is all I mean."

You say, "We do not maintain our honour for the sake of the enemy's regard."

You say, "Bringing enough people to ensure the safety of our wards is very different than bringing the whole guild to a duel, or to the arena."

You say, "Just as we should not be using children as shields."

"If a leech challenges me in the streets of Delos, I will indulge him. Perhaps. And I will fight fairly, and with honor." Rashar holds up a finger, then, and adds, "But when the threat falls beyond my body, and my own life, I will take no chances."

You say, "What lines do you draw in regards to your conduct then, in the field? So that your -integrity- is not lost by those who look to you for example, or who look to you for an excuse to justify their own?"

"As with your earlier question, there are so many possible scenarios here that I think the answer isn't so simple." Rashar nonetheless pauses, considering it. "If it is a challenge to the honor or integrity of the city, or the Knighthood, I will exercise restraint and respond in a manner as befits us. I do attempt to try and approach foci in the same fashion, though it is something of a moot point lately. I think the root of it is this, as I said: If threat falls to the innocent, or the weak, I will exercise no restraint, and I will take no chances. In this case, honor is simply an extension of pride. I will not allow it to cause me to fail in my duty."

You say, "What honour in the field to you think I am implying or referencing?"

"I'm not certain," Rashar says honestly. "I was trying to bring you to an understanding of where my idea of honor ends. If you've another angle to your thoughts..?" He trails off, but his query is evident.

You say, "You are certainly referencing something, so I would like clarity, as honour in the field versus what you are stating is..muddled?"

Rashar's brow furrows. "I think the only claim to honor I've seen made in the field is to bring an unfair number of allies," he says after a moment. "Or perhaps to not use methods such as luring the enemy from their host and picking them off. That, I've heard decried as dishonorable. Other than that," he tilts his head slightly. "Some would argue that beheading the enemy and leaving a pike as warning is dishonorable, but I'm not sure I agree with that, either."

You say, "Those are tactics."

You say, "Changing the numbers of participants is dishonourable if there was an agreed understanding prior - though such is usually a matter of duels or specific challenges."

Rashar grunts, at that. "Glad to see we're on the same page, then. I'm not sure what else you would be speaking of? That is what I was referring to. Sacrificing strategy for someone else's notion of honor in the field."

Rashar nods his head at you.

You say, "By honour in the field I mean not shouting about each other's netherbits and acting like children. Not using the weak as shields. Holding to your actions and learning of them. Battling in a way that builds faith and trust in those who depend upon us."

Rashar inclines his head. "Been guilty of the shouting before," he says dryly, "But not usually about netherbits. And I have not held to that particular belief. Argued it a time or two, actually. With Fyerin."

You say, "We have a responsibility for life, and the Undead will simply return. A temporary inconvenience is NOT worth the lives of the others."

Rashar Kynoura says, "Agreed."

You say, "Very well. While others object, I find you acceptable."

Rashar inclines his head. "I'll do my best to convince them, then," he says simply.

You say, "We can tend to your ceremony next month, if such is agreeable. Just need your oath and shield."

"I have both," Rashar says with a shrug, "And I am not concerned with ceremony - I would prefer as simple as possible, and I need no recognition. Whenever you are ready."

Nodding, you say, "Next month whenever you are available. If there are any you wish to attend, let me know. We allow guests to expect proper conduct within our halls."

You say, "Had a few ah, problems, in the past, with outsiders."

"My heart is with me always," Rashar says with a shrug. "But if she wakes, she will likely come. Aside from her, I'm not concerned. But we shall see. I appreciate your time, Pentarch."

You nod curtly.

Rashar finds his feet and offers you a simple salute, smooth and short but no less than genuine. "I'll be off, then."

You give Rashar a respectful salute.

Rashar leaves to the east.


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