LF Player for Moi + Toz/Benedicto's (it's complicated) daughter

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Contact me via PM or message if you are interested in playing this character. I am going to be fairly picky. The timeline for starting is fairly fluid - she'll be 18 in 440-442, so end of January into February.

- She is the missing child from the poster in Arbothia
- She was killed, in the womb, by Benedicto, and snagged by Moi's soulstone
- A vessel was found and that soul drained empty for her's to take the place. Or. Well. Reaaaaaally close to empty (some room for a bit of fun RP there).
- A RP log about her "birth": http://forums.aetolia.com/discussion/1556/baby-did-a-bad-bad-thing
- She has anxiety and gets panic attacks and separation anxiety. Living inside a soulstone for her formative years wasn't the best for her.
- Her parentage is unclear - Moi ensured that both Toz and Benedicto could conceivably (aha pun) be the father
- Her personality is fairly cold, quiet, astute, calculating. You can make her quietly evil, or intensely academic, or coldly cruel. She's not nice, but not necessarily mean...She's just a bit intense and unnerving to interact with.
- She would ideally be Carnifex, but not joined through the intro as one. Moi has been keeping her away from the guild and soulstone study, given her origin. Should she join, however, she would be VERY good at deathlore. Her sister, Xenia, would be a good route to use to sneak into the guild.
- She and Moi are super close. Moi is a helicopter (airship?) mom, and the girl quietly endures that.
- Yes, I know Moi is a vampire and family is not allowed. Baby was born before she went vamp, and the girl is a factor in why she made that choice. Any other details will have to be found IC.

Fun stuff
- Xenia as a sister
- 2xstarter lesson package
- Access to 75+ room house, with potential for own cottage, rooms, NPC, etc
- Minipet clockwork dragonfly


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    I'll note that Xenia and the child haven't really interacted beyond once when the girl was 8 years old.

    Edit: For clarification, Xenia and the sister have a seed of a relationship but can definitely be expanded on (and should)!
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    I have a few potential people who have PMd me, but just bumping it in case anyone interested missed the thread during the holidays.
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    whoever gets to play it is one lucky person
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