Problem with Character Creation

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Hi all,
So I'm on part three of character creation, class selection, and no matter what class I type, it refuses to continue. I try to type the class that sounded good, Indorani, which is what I really want, then I tried Bloodborn, doesn't matter what I do because I type it and it just keeps bringing up the list of classes again. I even disconnected with mush client and tried connecting with Telnet and even that didn't work.
Any ideas?


  • IaneaIanea Member Posts: 96 ✭✭✭
    Are you using SELECT (class) or just typing in the class itself?
  • UlrichUlrich Member Posts: 3
    Same problem. I'm using various versions of SELECT and then the class name. Also, just the class name. Not working.
    For reference, the class I'm trying to use is nightstalker.

    Here's the readout of what I get.

    CLASS SELECTION (Part 3 of 5)

    Select your starting class:

    Ascendril : A mage wielding the elements of fire, water and spirit.

    Cabalist : Unravel the mysteries of the universe with the famed


    Carnifex : Savage, brutal warriors that work with warhounds.

    Indorani : Arcane practitioners of the feared necromantic arts.

    Luminary : Invoke holy fire and light to smite enemies of Spirit.

    Monk : Fists of fury, masters of the mind.

    Nightstalker : Fledgling vampires, who have yet to obtain a sire.

    Sciomancer : A mage wielding the elements of air, earth and shadow.

    Sentinel : Blade-wielding rangers of the vast wilderness.

    Shaman : Seers of nature who swear oaths to primal spirits.

    Syssin : Stealthy assassins wrapped in shadows and deceit.

    Templar : Righteous knights who empower their weapons with holy magic.

    Teradrim : Masters of stone, earth and sand who create loyal golems.

    Zealot : Flame controlling monks who seek to obliterate the darkness.

    SELECT : Choose which class you want to be.

    That's not a valid class you can be.
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    Try to paste it into a pastebin and post the link? Forums eat the > things due to HTML.

    For reference:
  • UlrichUlrich Member Posts: 3
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    I'll just show you the only difference.

    SELECT <<class>> : Choose which class you want to be.
    The only difference being that specific line. I've tried both with and without the > signs, and it makes no difference.
  • OleisOleis Producer Emeritus Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 1,392 admin
    Sorry about that! Try now.
    You say to Slyphe, "You're so freaking smart."
    "^," Slyphe agrees with you.
  • UlrichUlrich Member Posts: 3
    Worked, thanks!
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