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So, I recently started playing Aetolia using the web browser provided here. I like it, but I am having a problem. Every time I get to Duiran (or am inside there) the map on the left hand side messes up. That doesn't really bother me, but when it messes up, the client lags and it freezes up for a very long period of time each time I move a direction. So far, I only experience it in Duiran, but I have explored much of the world yet.....any advice?


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    I've had the same thing occur. The only work around I could manage was before you click the "play now" button you make your browser smaller than full size. Then click, log in and once you have the game running maximize it again. Stops the lag, however you won't have any of the tricky modules show up.

    Next suggestion is to get and outside Client! Mudlet and Mushclient I think are the two main ones used here. Elyni has a free system called Entropy you could look into for mudlet (I think). You can find the thread in the Tech talk section. I think There is Citidel for Mushclient?

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    I actually have Cmud........I may go back to using it. It is just that the web client is so pretty....and useful hah
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    If you have CMUD, Daskalos has put a free system up and a UI that any Enorian/Duiran-side guilds can use. It is what I am currently using. It is a little outdated now, but if you keep firstaid on there aren't many issues (biggest one I've noticed is it sometimes doesn't clear all affs and will have you keep eating moss, but I have an alias I can give you to force-reset those, and that it sometimes has trouble reading damaged limbs from lycanthropes).

    It's at least a good starting off point! It uses Mudbot, so if you want to see the in-game map you need to use all caps (MAP), otherwise work on building your own map in the mapping module (or see if we can get you Xavin's map - he's MIA right now but Elwyn's supposed to be overseeing it, it's only 50cr which for the amount of work it would take to map the entire game, is not a bad deal!.

    Here is the mudbot system:

    And here is another one Dask's done:

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    Thank you. I will give it a try as soon as I get a chance.
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    @Reeko - That's actually a common issue with the web browser. That's why I stopped using it as well. Mudlet and cMUD both have some systems available. Duckie on cMUD is probably lagging a little behind combat-wise, but as far as bashing and curing that stuff you should definitely be fine. You could also turn Firstaid on and use that too. It's decent for what it is.
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  • ReekoReeko Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the help. Using Duckie now.
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