Masochism Mystery!

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Hi all,

Need a little help figuring out where the masochism went in this log:

I've checked for erroneous gagging, but haven't found anything.

You'll see that the slices eaten were either lobelia masks or paresis. Tree tattoo cured impatience, and then focused away stupidity.

The only one not accounted for in the excerpt is Ankyrean renew. I was tracking those just fine, so I don't think it's the problem. The fuller log is here, for the entire fight: mystery - full log.html?dl=0



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    As a side note, I was actually capturing the full log to give a picture of the luminary problems as regards its inability to capitalise on affs.

    From my point of view, the fight ended with me having 10-ish affs on Mazz, and him having 6-ish on me. I wish I had a way to log the side window, so we can see the affs placed side by side.

    The difference is that the Bloodborn can mindburrow at any point, while the Luminary is stuck without a good way to perform an overwhelm - no_blind has no mask, and stupidity and hallucination prones are procs.

    That said, Mazz says that he had only 5-6 affs at the end. So I'm looking into whether I have tracking errors before I can consider this log as helpful in demonstrating the problem. I couldn't find anything, and so need help!

    Thanks again!
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    Mazzion grimaces as cracks spider across his dried skin.

    How do you track this? There might be something getting confused there, since you have to guesstimate what they are getting.


    Tears blur Mazzion's vision as he attempts to strike you with a gruesome crescent scythe, causing
    him to miss.
    You are afflicted with blurry_vision.



    Luminaries don't kill the same as BB, so it's not really analogous and it's a bit misleading to try to compare the two directly.

    - Luminaries kill at a generously high 50% mana.
    - If you have a full stack of angel affs, angel will passively drain mana every tick. If you have a full stack of chasten affs, chasten delivers damage.
    - You can actively drain mana, with no conditions, through shield.
    - You have a heavy capitalization off prone. Tfix and dive aren't the only prones.
    - You have multiple attack routes. Limb route is very potent, especially with the new raze, and it synergizes well with your affliction route and mana kill.
    - You have multiple ways to hinder curing, including ways to slow down/disable curing.
    - You have multiple passives.
    - You have heavy self-healing/curing.
    - You can combo your no-blind.
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    Just looking for help on the masochism issue. Thanks! :)
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    You posted a long tangent about Luminaries. We're allowed to reply to it.

    I also started my reply with a comment about your masochism issue. I spent 30 minutes reading your log. Guess I shouldn't have bothered.
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    Naw, shadow doesn't clash with masochism tracking.

    Thanks though!
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    Fighting a Bloodborn as a Luminary is rough considering our own attacks hurt us in addition to their already potent offense. I was gonna make a report to help with that but I... kinda stopped playing for a while. That said, I can't say I see what happened to your masochism. I'd say repeat the fight and see if the issue crops up again. I'll run another look at it just to make sure though.
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