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    @Moirean‌ and  @aryannne , I can get with the joys of not playing the cycle game. I don't have the IuD or anything (frankly, that scares the unicorns out of me) but after the illustius doctor at my tech college ran me through 5 different packs of birthcontroll in 3 months, I apparently don't have to ever worry about rugrats. Angry because I wanted kids eventually, but with the curent social and ecinomic climate, maybe I'm better off. More angry that they did it without telling me the possible effexts, and -really- angry that I wasn't the only one they did it to. 
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    That.. really, really sucks @Volka.

    I won't do the Mirena, or anything like that. My brother's girlfriend (mother to my 4 year old nephew) had one put in after she had my nephew, and because it was such a risky pregnancy, they said she couldn't have anymore kids for at least 4 years. Not that he was planned to begin with, but. Even with that, she still got pregnant - what's more, the child was not ectopic, it was alive. She didn't know, and carried him for four months before she went to the ER with horrible stomach pains. She was having contractions, because of the IUD. When that happened, it pulled the Mirena up into her uterus. They had to let her have the child because they wouldn't have been able to save it, and he was considered a 'live birth'.

    Overall it was a heartbreaking experience, and she tried her best and couldn't do anything about it.

    Hence my strong aversion.

    Other than that, the pill makes me wildly emotional and sometimes puts me into depression, and I just can't deal with it right now. No good experiences so far. But I haven't had a kid yet, so I guess I'm doing all right without.
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    I'm double posting.

    My REAL rage here is that I went to the interstate fair (I go every year it comes to pensacola, it's a favorite of mine) and road a ride with some friends.

    I didn't know what kind of ride it was to start, I hadn't paid much attention to it and it was a new addition. I was all ADVENTURE MODE.

    The ride was speculated afterwards to 1. Not have been put together all the way, or properly, and 2. Not supposed to go that fast.

    I have a terrible, terrible bruise on my hip now and the rest of me, that was already sore for garden work, is aching.

    It started off fine, you know, and then it jolted (and you wondered if it was supposed to do that) and picked up speed. This is a good speed, a speed that seems like 'the' speed.. But no, it gave another uncertain jolt, and you're being slung around against the metal bar to your side, and the safety harness is just barely keeping you secure, but not snug enough on you to keep you from slamming your stomach into the bottom of it over and over. Terrifying. Worst ride I've ever experienced. I thought I might die.

    We all went on the kiddy mouse rollercoaster afterwards to get rid of the bad taste.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that, @Volka. It really sucks.
    Personally I've never had any issues with b-control pills or period, so for me it's difficult to comprehend all the trouble some women go through. I would never use something that might potentially make it impossible for me to have more kids though. I've not reached that point yet.

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    Doc today said the pain remaining in my ears and sinus was more due to fluid left behind after anti-biotics. No infection, whoo! I've no freaking idea how to get the rest of that crap cleared out. I can't hear, and still coughing from time to time today (thankfully not all day anymore!), but bronchitis coughing apparently takes a couple months to shut up.

    So tomorrow I have to do laundry. Somehow I timed it just right to run out of clean EVERYTHING the one day the Laundromat closes early without warning WTF.
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    Aldric said:

    So I walked into Gamestop today thinking I'd apply on a whim just for a between-classes job to fill some time and put some extra money in my pocket. Cool.


    I've worked at a pharmacy back home for 6 years now that's about ~40 minutes away. It makes more money for sure, but I've got that drive (this place is only ~15 minutes) and I absolutely hate it. I've reached the point where I've done all I really can do there, and the manager and I tend to clash because she thinks I'm gunning for her management spot. Despite this, she offered me a spot whenever classes slow down/I need the extra cash.

    Soooo... both of these places cater to my class schedule while I'm at university. I absolutely hate the one, but make more money, and there's a chance I would enjoy the other more but make less money.

    I have no idea what to do.

    Aldric, by all means take the pharmacy gig. I worked at gamestop before on non-season hrs when they wanted people trained for the Christmas rush. I literally got 32 hrs total in 5 weeks doing part-time.
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    I weigh almost 300 pounds (136 kilo). I should weigh, with my original activity level and for my body size, about 175-180. I've been terribly exhausted, though, and feeling horrible beyond what I think is depression related. My mother finally went to the doctor with me and he said he couldn't give me anything to help me lose weight because of all of the psych meds I'm on and agreed to check my blood even though he just thought it was my activity level. My mother has a history of severe thyroid problems so she was all CHECK HER THYROID so, probably to shut her up, he did. Guess whose thyroid is out of whack? Yep.

    While this means MORE medication for me, minimal internet research has told me that it could be a large part of both my constant exhaustion, a good portion of the weight gain, AND the tremors in my hands I've had lately. If I can get some energy back and not be fighting my body chemistry, I think I'll be capable of dropping this weight.

    I'm just angry and exhausted. ANOTHER health problem. -Great-.
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    Sibatti said:

    I hate women's fashion. More specifically, I hate the huge cropped shirt trend that has refused to die.

    Normal-length shirts are already "cropped shirts" to ladies like myself who got it goin' on in the chest region. Cropped shirts, therefore, become 90s-era belly shirts. No thank you.

    WTB tops, shirts, sweaters that are cut long, just so I can enjoy an average-length shirt. Pls. :(

    I dislike how sizing is inconsistent in the first place. I usually wear large but in designer fashion I wear a goddamn 2x. I wear a 16 at Old Navy and a 22 at a local designer store and have to order my stuff out. I'm not pretending to know a lot about fashion, but as a customer it can be irritating trying on multiple shirts/pants to find a size instead of having a consistent go-to size like my boyfriend does.

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    @Arbre: You know, there is a connection between issues with the thyroid and depression. I had a friend who went in to check for bipolar/depression issues and that was one of the first things they checked to make sure that wasn't what caused it all. In her case, that was not it, but you never know. Treating this for you might mean a lot of improvement on those other issues too. *hug*

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    I can't do the copper IUD--allergic reactions to metal. And apparently all the hormonal ones make me batshit crazy except for the pill. Which makes me nauseous. Can't win. Though the shot DOES seem to have the happy side effect of making me not have monthly periods ever. So that's good. Particularly since I'm otherwise given to having 6-month long ones at random.

    Going to the doctor this weekend to see if I can't get something to help with the crazy. :/
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    Spent a couple days trying to find comfortable size 5 steel toe shoes/boots. Finally get them, such many blisters. Guess not as comfortable as originally perceived. Hope these break in. Auarugh.
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    @Aishia : next time (if you can get them) get Steel Blue. I swear, so comfy even on first wear. But to help with blisters I find bamboo socks to be the best to help prevent them.

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    However much I love my meds for helping me quit smoking, I just want it to stop now. Every morning when I get up, I take one pill and after 2-3 minutes, I feel like throwing up. After having had stomach problems about half my Life, throwing up is the last thing I want to do, so I suck it up and head off to work. Guess who's the new office Cranky-pants. Yup, I am. Half of the time, people look at me like I'm about to chew their heads off.

    And then we have the dizziness. I have low blood pressure to begin with, so I do get Dizzy from time to time. This medicine is not helping. And don't even get me started on the Dreams! The other night, I felt like Jensen. I bought Brains in bulk and used as minced meat, but it seems like I bought them on the black market and people were murdered so I could get my Brain meat. So my nights are pretty screwed too.

    Just two more months of this... but at least no more nicotine! Right?


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    Wow @konnorn, I'm suddenly very happy I quit cold turkey
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    Big stinkin project at work. People are being completely adverse to compromise and/or problem solving. Their way or... their way? I need a new occupation. At any rate now my time on Aetolia has been limited. A lot. I miss my besties like @Faerah‌, @Ishin‌, @Olethea‌, @Sollace‌, @Jensen‌, @Konnorn‌, @Cardie‌, @Moirean‌ (though I don't think she realizes how much I admire and respect her!), and so on. Blah. Here I am off to work and feeling all sentimental... Raaaage, more raaaaaaaaaage! 

    I miss you too, chicky. THAT IS MY RAGE.

    That, and I just spent four months on a major case just to have it settled by my client... In an exceptionally bad deal for our side. All four months of work... Poofed. Mm.
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    Moirean said:

    My body constantly hurts. My back always feels like I've wrenched a muscle, I get flashing or throbbing pain in my arms and legs, and my joints ache. Waking up in the mornings is really painful. I can't sleep well because I ache and it keeps me up. And I'm weak. Walking is shaky sometimes. I mowed the yard the other day and couldn't find the energy to get out of bed the next day. Some days, lifting a glass of water is a 2-hand job.

    I finally got on health care and had an appointment set to see someone. The soonest they could get me was 4 months out. So it's finally nearly time to see someone and maybe feel better, for once...and then I ended up having to move to another state and I have to start this entire health care circus act over again.

    I hate being like this.

    That sucks, Moi. Are there particular points in your arms, legs and back where the pain is focused? It sounds like (without wanting to commit you to a false diagnosis) that it could be fibromyalgia.

    However, no amount of sympathy will make me not inwardly snigger at '2-hand job'. Sorry.
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    The aching pain is worse around the joints and lower back, but there's also muscle pain, soreness, flashes of random pain, and weakness. My aunt was thinking fibromyalgia or maybe chronic fatigue (I had giardia when traveling in Asia, which is linked to a higher incidence of that). My worry is that it's some long-term effect from a condition I had as a kid, guillain barre syndrome, that left me paralyzed for months and in ICU. I'm probably being a bit hypochondriatic, but I get kinda panicky, worrying if I'm going to get a relapse.

    Just dealing with the waiting game, atm, since I need to start the whole process over to get onto California health care.
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    So this isn't about a physical pain but I'm definitely feeling the stress. Moving to Italy on December 2nd, all well and good except the military flight they have me on from Norfolk to Italy has no room for my two dogs, which is bull.
    They said they're on the priority list so if one does open up they're first on, but that will be around 15 days before I leave, which'll have me stressing till then and there's a chance no spot will open.
    They told me to look into commercial cargo which will take them unaccompanied, but all I can find is to Rome, which is an 8 hour drive from where I'll be stationed. That's not a -bad- drive but its in a country I don't know in a car I don't have.
    I've looked into pet transport services and one quoted me $5,200 from Atlanta to Rome.
    American Airlines quoted me $2500 from Atlanta to Rome but with a random overnight stay in New York, and I don't have anyone to look after them in NY for that long.

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    Look into train, @aren. I've heard that's the way to go around there. But yeah, that sucks. :(
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    You pay for the dogs and the flight and I'd fly your dogs to italy from boston airport
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    @moirean while it might seem like a diffuclt thing when you are sore and achey, have you tried a light jog for about 20min daily? If not, I would. It helps with mine, the only thing really.
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    After getting better for three-four days, my sore throat is coming back with a vengeance, and my ears still aren't clear of fluid. Doc's office doesn't open until Monday, when I was hoping to go back to work, being forced to skip work AGAIN on Sunday anyway. ARGH.
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    The few days I have my daughter here amd I end up with the cold from hell. Wish my head didn't feel like it's filled with fluff, that my b ody would stop aching and that my nose would behave and stop running. I want to have some energy for when the most important person in my life is here. :frowning:

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    @Emelle I believe they land in JFK.
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    Feeling tired and exhausted. Sleeping a lot, far more than usual. Waking up still the same, but with less time to devote to stuff around my work schedule.

    Stupid work schedule. I'm about ready to kick someone. I want more time to do other things, like play Aetolia and get my school paperwork sorted, and work on commissions for once in a blue moon.

    I feel like I'm getting behind and I need to work three times as hard to play catch-up. But what can you do, when you don't have the time, or the energy?

    I'm sorry, guys!
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