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Two fights for the Loch combat tournament thats currently going on.

Trying to figure out if I had my affliction order or whatever messed up or if it was just bad luck due to damage and my lack of balances to speed up afflictions.

Round 1 -

Round 2 -

Any advice would be helpful


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    You're not going to get anywhere with Praenomen if you're not optimized for maximum damage (i.e., artied up the gills). Aff route for Praenomen is shoddy even if you have an eq crown and +eq.

    You got hit by justice and never detected/cured it.

    There's not really any bad luck here, you're just in a low-tier class without endgame and the attendant increase in survivability that grants you, so you were just plain damaged out.
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    I'll add this in a new post, so it doesn't get lost:

    Because of the way Praenomen works, the affliction route is extremely, extremely difficult to work if your target has any sort of decent curing at all, and basically relies on ping/luck or tricks with forcing a restoration (and even then proves vulnerable to lock breakers or shielding).

    So that leaves Praenomen with a damage route that only works if you commit to it 100% (optimal two-hander, high strength, correct choice of venoms and whispers), doesn't offer a lot of hinder, and is really kinda bad if you're not endgame and heavily artifacted.
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    I don't know how tripwire works, but if there is a way to manually tell the system you've gained an aff, your curing against hidden stuff will improve a lot if you add in secondary message detection, ie for stuff like attacking and justice proccing ("Justice is dealt out and your attack rebounds onto you.") - these are more vulnerable to illusions since you can't ansi trigger them, but illusions are rare to see in PK these days (though now I'm going hmm I should write some in for soulmaster/cabbie to help tweaking).

    Also note that he's using tweak. Tweak is pretty impossible to hinder except through eq knock - but it's also fairly easy to cure through. The easiest way is a diagnose now and then, but you can also write in checks and trigger off secondary messages if you want to cover your bases more fully.

    For reference, here are the affs tweak gives:
             SANITY            CONFIDENCE
    1. |    Sadness           Self-Pity
    2. |    Hatred            Stupidity
    3. |    Hallucinations    Dizziness
    4. |    Impatience        Epilepsy
            INHIBITION        IMPULSE
    1. |    Hubris            Fear of Commitment
    2. |    Lover's Effect    Masochism
    3. |    Peace             Berserking
    4. |    Justice           Recklessness
    Vamps can use devastate to raze shield/rebounding now, so that's an option to consider instead of using frenzy. You aren't going to damage-kill a cabalist, as link lets them use both mana and health as a shared pool. TBH, I'm not sure how that functions in regards to annihilate.

    Damage itself is hitting you pretty hard. You want to focus on maximizing your tankiness - use refining shell or a blue orb, buy ylem amulets, make sure your armor is top-notch and consider augmenting it. As a lower-level fighter trying to punch above your weight (Evilo is endgame and trans so he will hit hard and not take as much damage), you need to min-max. More than that...
    You have recovered equilibrium.
    Evilo's mana stands at 5024/5452.   |||||||||||||||||||||||||||--- 92% mana
    [498(12%)|2606(73%)|0|102%|106%|76%|34.7%|R:0|Md:0%] [HMcsdb eb] (-50m, -10w)
    You feel an aura of rebounding surround you.
    You have gained the rebounding defence.
    [498(12%)|2606(73%)|0|102%|106%|76%|34.7%|R:0|Md:0%] [HMcsdb eb]slas
    wipe left
    envenom left with curare
    slash evilo
    ...You need to recognize when to pull back. Attacking when you have 500 health is why you died. Shield, mend, leave the room, spam a hinder attack, etc - tumble chains are a bitchy but soooo effective way to give you room to heal and can even juke someone into giving you a curing window, since tons of people will swap to an impale and suddenly stop aff pressure if you tumble. Knowing when to move or defend, attack or retreat, and in what way is a core part of combat, so focus on being aware of how hurt and afflicted you are and factor that in to the choices you make.

    Yeah, prae offense is problematic, but you can take away things to improve on from these fights.
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    Thanks for the Advice. Fixed the justice trigger. Honestly though, after the first one went the way it did I figured trying to just go all out would be the best bet. I was figuring on losing, and afterwards realized disfigurment may have helped.
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    I'm using ghoul for the damage/bleed it does. Would it be better for me to go ghast for the para or wraith for the mana leeching or is it going to matter much?
  • KrazKraz Member Posts: 36
    Thank you to @serrice for helping me figure out the minion thing.
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