Kelki Race.

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The Kelki Race offers very little in terms of Racial Skills, having no unique basis to them. Each of the other races have a unique defining attribute to them which comes in handy in life. These are:

Atavian: Flight, Blood Regen
Dwarf: Endurance regen (hunting), Rock harvest
Grecht: Lunar Regen (admittedly they also are a bit lackluster)
Grook: Fire resistance
Human: Blood Reserves
Horkval: Health Regen, Leap
Imp: Heatsight, Willpower Regen (abilities)
Mhun: Underground Regen, Blood Regen, Rock Crush
Rajamala: Dash, Scent
Troll: Health Regen, Natural Clotting
Tsol'aa: Improved Harvesting, hide, Forest Regen (good for shamans)
Xoran: Enudrance Regen, Fire breath for icewalls

And now Kelki. Their full ability list is: Swimming, Underwater Breath, Water Regen, Fast Swimmer.


Active Abilities: None.

Passaive abilities: Swimming ( very early ability gained in survival)
Underwater Breath (achievable by Treading (early survival ability) or/and eating pear)
Water Regen (not bad but rare to find use for. Has some uses with Flood ability but not much)
Fast Swimmer (slightly faster swimming, not by much)

Kelki are supposedly one of, if not thee most, intelligent and curious races in the game, but this does not reflect at all in their kit. Heck, the Kelki were part of the founding of the modern Mage, even living in a city empowered and centered upon elemental magic.


- Replace Swimming with "Natural Swimmer", this would be a combination of the current Swimming and Fast Swimmer. Natural Swimming would make all Kelki able to swim faster in water rooms, useful for the starting novice.

- Replace Fast Swimmer with "Diving", an active ability that allows the Kelki to Dive in any Ocean environment, having the chance to find a pearl. Same limitations placed as per Rock Crush and Rock Harvest.


- Replace Fast Swimmer with "Magical Affinity", a passive ability that makes all magical and elemental damage cast by the Kelki to do slightly increased damage (10%?). Or make it an active ability that when activated will give a buff for a short moment that will enhance all magical and elemental damage done by the Kelki (20%?).

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    While I like the idea behind magical affinity, giving a race a bonus to damage is probably not the way to go, as it could skew balance.

    I like the idea behind diving, but it seems like a sort of niche ability.

    Looking at their abilities, most of them seem very nichy, but that's the way it is with most racial abilities (except for the rajamala kit which is pretty much better than all of the others). Your best bet as a kelki would be to pick up a flood ring if you aren't a class that can flood. I want to say that it's 50 ic, and flooded environments trigger your water regen.

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    Personally I first went Mage to attempt to benefit from  it, but soon realized that it just becomes even moreso tiring to  keep swimming around, not to mention casting flood over and over.

    Perhaps magical affinity is a bit too much, but I didnt want to suggest something like a passive enhanced resistance to magical/elemental damage because that trait is already being abused by some classes in the game as is (praeneom for one).
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    Hrm. The ideal, to me, is to use fording while mounted to bypass swimming. But that does require an investment in lessons.

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    you should play a race because it fits your character not because of the racial abilities

    the racial skills are just a bit of cherry on the top of the awesome roleplay ice cream (try telling that to the 800000000000000000000 atavian vampires i guess)
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    Agreed, but im mostly trying to give suggestions so that Kelki could be more admirable for the player-base. I really do  wish to see more Kelki players :(.

    I think the Diving niche isnt bad, I could see Mages (especially with the underwater regen and fast swimming) Going kelki more.
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    Well being magically and stuff why not something like the reverse of Troll...

    1 - Underwater Breathing
    2 - Natural Swimmer
    3 - Water Regen
    4 - Mana Regen

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    What's the dominant race among players (excluding endgame)? And what's the dominant race lore-wise on Sapience? I want to say human but I'm not sure anymore.

    Derail aside, I like the 'Natural Swimmer' bit but the magic buff / resistances and what have you are unnecessary. They'd also likely skew with combat balance too much.
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    As Ezrax said, almost every vampire is an Atavian. 

    Blood regen + practically human race + wings = everyone's choice.

    Can't remember the last time I saw a non-Atavian vampire.
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  • CalipsoCalipso Member Posts: 615 ✭✭✭
    Atavian for Vampires.

    Blood Regen takes away one of their negative attributes, that of slowly losing blood amounts. Added with the benefits of Flight and Atavian are they main choice. Other known Vampire choices are Human for Blood Reserves and Mhun for blood regen too.

    Rajamala for non-vampires.

    Dash is an amazingly useful ability, making transversing the continent/areas very helpful. Scent is by thee most effective and useful Racial Skill there is. The ability to sense all the area is just amazing.
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    If you plan on playing the game with the intent of staying Kelki forever, then I don't see why racial skills would even be taken into consideration at all since you likely won't be using them.

    Other than that, you could just get endgame which is absurdly easy, and pick what skills you want.
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    I chose race based on what I thought would be fun to play. Me and Calipso are one of the few. 

    I love the diving idea, though. 
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